Official Poster For Angelina Jolie's Directing Debut In The Land of Blood and Honey

After a fairly engaging trailer, the first poster for Angelina Jolie's directing debut In The Land of Blood and Honey has been released. Plot Summary: "In the Land of Blood & Honey" is set against the backdrop of the Bosnian War in the '90s. This »»

Billy Bob Thorton's Daughter To Face Jail Time

Amanda Brumfield, the estranged daughter of Billy Bob Thorton has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. She has been convicted of aggravated manslaughter in the death of a child she was to be caring for. »»

Kung Fu Panda 2 - Review

Energetic animation carries film over emotional sinkholes »»

R0BTRAIN's Badass Cinema: The Badasses of 2010, Part III

The final nine. Think you're bad-ass enough to finish the list? »»

Cleopatra Circling Around David Fincher

Project with Angelina Jolie would add to Fincher's hectic work schedule already. »»

The Tourist - Blu-ray Review

Is The Tourist full of international intrigue or is it just another charade? »»

GK Films Rebooting Tomb Raider Franchise

Lara Croft to be brought back to the big screen in 2013. »»

The Tourist Travels to DVD and Blu-ray in March

The movie that became a running punchline at the Golden Globes coming to home video this spring. »»

The Tourist - Review

A glamorous but remarkably flawed action thriller »»

Teaser Trailer Smashes Online For Kung Fu Panda 2

Jack Black returns as a butt-kicking bear next May. »»

James Cameron in Talks to Direct Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra?

This could be one incredibly high profile team. »»

Darren Aronofsky to Finally Work with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

It's going to happen this time. Really. Well, maybe. »»

The Trailer for The Tourist with Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie

Thriller is a remake of the French film Anthony Zimmer. »»

Angelina Jolie Kills Another Film Production?

First she didn't want anything to do with a sequel to Wanted (the project died quickly thereafter), now Angelina is putting a halt to a $80 million sci-fi project. »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Inception Tries to Withstand The Other Guys, Step Up 3-D

Would Inception's dream schemes work on audiences this weekend or were people eager to see the new Will Ferrell comedy? »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Salt Tries to Unseat Inception

This week the audience weighed its options: To see a movie about a food condiment that looks and sounds like Angelina Jolie, or to enter Christopher Nolan's Dream Theater. »»

Salt - Review

Proof that women can make the same sloppy action films that men can. Yay equality! »»

Angelina Jolie Says Brad Pitt Completes Her

And they're not even related! »»

Angelina Jolie "Not Against" Marrying Brad Pitt

I assumed they were married. »»

Rumor: Brangelina Breakup Caused By Jennifer Aniston?

With news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split spreading like wildfire, reports are starting to circulate that it was because Pitt had an affair with his famous ex, Jennifer Aniston. This has been confirmed to be just a rumor. »»

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Break-Up Shocker: Who Gets Custody?

The Sunday Times of London is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have filed the papers necessary to separate. The paper goes on to say that the couple will share custody of their six children but that they will live with Jolie. Both Pitt »»

Brangelina Blowup: Brad Pitt, Angelina Split Up, Children To Live w/Jolie

The Sunday Times of London is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have filed the papers necessary to separate. The paper goes on to say that the couple will share custody of their six children but that they will live with Jolie. Both Pitt »»

Johnny Depp in Talks for The Tourist

Johnny Depp is packing his bags and is on his way to being a Tourist. »»

Teaser Trailer for Angelina Jolie's Salt

Sony debuts the teaser trailer for Salt, starring Angelina Jolie and arriving in theatres next July. »»

Ridley Scott and Jolie Teaming Up for Gucci

Can Scott start a trend of fashion mogul biopics like he did with sword-and-sandals epics? »»

Wimmer to write Recall remake

Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium and the upcoming Salt) has been tapped to write Total Recall, the remake of the 1990 sic-fi actioner that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant: Based On A True Story!

I've always found "based on a true story" to be an odd phrase, as normally things are either true or false, whereas it is a uniquely Hollywood proposition to proclaim something as factual while still fudging details to make it more entertaining. Even stranger to do so when the true stories in question are sometimes more unlikely than anything that the overworked screenwriters could have thought of.


George Wallace - DVD Review

This is a fascinating character study of a very dark time in US history. It's interesting to watch once, but I'm not sure who would want to watch it again. »»

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