Blu-ray Review: Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig is mostly known for her very quirky characters. So what happens when she plays a leading role a little more subtly? »»

Ruby Sparks - Review (2)

Endearing film tainted by unearned ending. »»

Ruby Sparks - Review

The perfect woman is but a few keystrokes away »»

The Social Network Dominates 68th Annual Golden Globes

The Kids Are All Right and The Fighter also pick up multiple awards. »»

2011 Film Independent Spirt Awards Nominations

The Kids Are All Right leads all nominees. »»

The Kids Are All Right - DVD Review

Everything that everyone wanted to say about marriage but was too afraid to put onscreen »»

American Beauty - Blu-ray Review

A worthy Best Picture winner that deserves a better transfer, but is still, without a doubt, a classic. »»

Mars Attacks! - Blu-ray Review

Mars Attacks! is an adaptation of a 1950s trading card series. And in my opinion, it is one of Burton's most underrated films. »»

The Kids Are All Right - Review

Strong writing supported by the best actresses not named Meryl Streep »»

The Women - Blu-ray Review

Remakes of popular films are really tricky to pull off. In fact, you could probably count the number of successful modern remakes of classic films on one hand, and maybe not even need one or two fingers. They usually get made by people who obviously love the original work, but also think they can do it better. But as the old adage goes, "if it's not broke, don't fix it!" The latest film to get a remake was The Women, originally a much-loved 1939 film that was based on a much-loved stage play of the same name. Would it actually join the rare remake success status or would it just be another remake that probably shouldn't have ever been made? »»

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