Noah - Review

The Bible Meets “Lord of the Rings” »»

Thor: The Dark World - Review

Christmas has come early for comic book fans. »»

Red 2 - Review

Perfunctory sequel, nothing more »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Hitchcock [Video]

Alfred Hitchcock is the world's most famous director. But when he chooses the controversial Psycho as his next movie, no one will support it. Risking everything, he and his wife Alma fight to get it made. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren a »»

Anthony Hopkins Wanted For Villain Role In Red Sequel, But Will It Conflict With Thor 2?

Hopkins is game to play a thorn in the side of Bruce Willis and the rest of the cast of Red, that is if it doesn't conflict with the upcoming Thor sequel. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 1.9.11 - James Cagney - Mark Wahlberg, Contraband and Gettin' Dat Paper

Every Monday morning, InsidePulse Movies Czar Scott “Kubryk" Sawitz brings an irreverent and oftentimes hilarious look at pop culture, politics, sports and whatever else comes to mind. And sometimes he writes about movies. One of the more amusi »»

Blu-ray Review: Thor

By no means a ground-breaking or revolutionary comic book movie, Thor does manage to be entirely entertaining and enjoyable, if not somewhat predictable and by the numbers. »»

Thor - Review

Kenneth Branagh presents William Shakespeare’s Thor. »»

Thor About To Successfully Break Out In New Movie Clip

New Thor clip asks the question "Did I just see Hawkeye?" »»

Chris Hemsworth's Thor Movie Poster Released Plus Anthony Hopkins' Odin & Loki

The big guns in posters released..... Um, there are quite a lot of Thor movie posters, aren't there? »»

Deal Alert: The Hannibal Lecter Blu-ray Collection is Amazon's DOTW

Better act fast, or Dr. Lecter will eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. »»

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger - DVD Review

Had this not been Allen’s 44th film, it might have been perceived as good. But since he has such a breadth of work, this just comes off as more of the same of what he’s done in the past. »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Marvel's Thor (Basic & Deluxe Figures)

Here are images of the Thor figures coming out this spring! Basic Figures -Asgard Attack Thor -Battle Hammer Thor -Cosmic Armor Thor -Destroyer (Fire Blast) -Fandral -Hogun -Light-Up Battle Thor -Loki -Modern Thor -Odin -Volstaag -Sif »»

Thor Movie Figures Images Leak; Includes Odin, Loki & Role Play Mjolnir

The following image was leaked this week, showing off 5 movie figures from Thor (3 different Thor's, Loki & Odin) as well as Mjolnir Hammer & Thor Helmet role play items. If the past is any indication with Hasbro, these movie style figures are only »»

The Rite - Review

A possession film that doesn’t quite exorcise the demons. »»

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger - Review

He may be tall and dark, but he’s really boring »»

Trailer for Thor shown at Comic Con hits the net

Walk tall and wield a giant god-like hammer. »»

Marvel unveils first five minutes of Thor at Comic-Con: recap within

Is it sad that I got just as excited reading it as I probably would have watching it? »»

New Thor Photo Promises Pointy Loki Hat, Plenty of Cheese

This one's for all the comic book geeks who've been complaining for the last ten years that Wolverine didn't wear yellow in the X-Men movies. »»

Photo: The Gods of Thor

Publicity still for upcoming Thor, plus Marvel's 3D plans »»

Thor Set Footage Shows Off Anthony Hopkins As Odin

Clip also reveals Thor running around in civilian clothes, the fact that star Chris Hemsworth was on Dancing with the Stars »»

Anthony Hopkins to Play Villain in Arabian Nights

Hopkins to play an evil sorcerer in the remake. »»

Anthony Hopkins Set To Play Villain

Being the villain is like a second skin.....oh. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-36 Review

In order to make things more contemporary and youthful, tonight's American Idol is all about Frank Sintara. Each of the five finalists will gets a chance to play it safe with songs that the Chairman of the Board made iconic. You'd figure at this poin »»

Disc News: The Wolfman

The full moon rises this June. »»

The Wolfman - Review

Technically a great film ... but nothing more »»

Casting News: Kat Dennings and Jeremy Renner for Thor?

From learning how to live with a "40-year-old virgin" and surviving a "Hurt Locker" to dealing with a Norse god. »»

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