Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Chris Harrison Slams Money Concept Of Bachelor Pad, Says Paradise Is Normal Bachelor 'Times 10'

Tonight marks the season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise, and according to the show's host... it isn't anything like Bachelor Pad and that is apparently a good thing. »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 - Season Finale Review - The Grand Finale

Oddly, ‘wowsa' is a phrase that comes to mind.  I really never thought I would use that phrase, yet here I am, still reeling from the effects of last night's finale – the only finale in this show's history that actually warrants the phrase ‘th »»

Bachelor Pad 3 - Season Finale Review - Money is Dirty

Finally, the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Having spoiled the results for myself (it’s hard to resist temptation when you care so little for the show), I was only holding on so I could see all the drama play out in the end. So I fi »»

Bachelor Pad 3 - Episode 3-7 Review - We're in the home stretch, friends…

…can you believe we’re still watching this mess? This show is such nonsense. I do this for you, I hope y’all know that. Four couples are left. I don’t like any of them, and I don’t want any of them to win money. But I c »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 - Episode 7 Review – Who's Nick Again?

You would think that by now I have learned my lesson.  That by now I would understand that editing is a wondrous thing and can make you believe that the most simple of episodes, the most benign occurrences, will be fraught with excitement, tension a »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 - Episode 6 Review – And I Am Kalon You

Sup, peeps. So last night's episode wasn't as exciting and riveting as last week's but it certainly had its moments, no?  I was expecting some light to be shed on certain issues that surfaced, such as Kalon being in love for real for the first ti »»

Bachelor Pad 3 - Episode 3-6 Review - Hope You Don't Have Too Many Bags To Pack…

I've skimmed through last week's episode and am basically caught up. For those of you who didn't see it, here's the gist: Kalon took Lindzi on a date – I don't understand those two as a couple at all. Tony took his new partner Blakely on »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 - Episode 5 Review - An Erica Rose By Any Other Name

Hello dear friends, how I've missed you so!  I managed to survive my week away and I have to admit, coming home and watching last week's PVR'd episode yesterday as a mere fan, without my laptop burning a hole into my uterus, was kinda nice.  Sure, »»

Bachelor Pad 3 - Episode 3-4 Review – Things Weren't Already Ugly?

When Chris Harrison handed the Bachelor Pad contestants some nasty questionnaires to fill out for this week’s challenge, one of the bimbos in the house said “Things are about to get ugly.” About to? What exactly do y’all thin »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 – Episode 3 Review - Fluttering Reid

Okay clearly somebody upstairs does not want me to watch Bachelor Pad.  For the third week in a row, I experienced technical difficulties – this time a faulty PVR recording – which left me missing twenty full minutes of the beginning of the »»

Bachelor Pad 3 - Episode 3-3 Review - A Sick, Deceptive, Place

There are a lot of terrible shows on TV. I mean, I’ve seen a few minutes of that one where Pauly D and other non-celebrities date hot women, so I know what’s out there. But Bachelor Pad is easily the most offensive programming on my sched »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 – Episode 2 Review - Blakeley Or Bust

Okay, I'm just gonna say it.  I'm about as into the Olympics as I'm into the royal family.  If you remember my rants about Kate Middleton's horrific wardrobe (come on, you know it's gotten worse) and my total fascination with, well, the fascination »»

Bachelor Pad 3 - Episode 3-2 Review - Double Trouble

Ready for installment #2 of the grossest show on TV? No? Well buckle up anyway, because I’m about to tell you all about it. We  began with a weird, drunken white trash fight between the twins. From what I can gather, the virgin called the slu »»

Bachelor Pad - Episode 3-1 Review - Let The Humiliation Begin!

Is it true? Am I really back, recapping Bachelor Pad AGAIN? Yes, it is true. And you know what? I do it all for you. That’s right, I am saving you the horror of devoting 10+ hours of your summer to this ridiculous excuse for a show, just to bri »»

Bachelor Pad 2012 – Episode 1 Review - Newbies vs. Vets

The joy that spread across my face last night from the moment I cast my eyes upon the slick, wet driveway of the Bachelor Pad mansion is almost indescribable.  Home at last.  Where the silicone flows like cheap vodka coolers and the tears flow hard »»

Bachelor Pad – Meet Your New Casa Chlamydia Crew

It's with mixed feelings that, every summer, I flip through a gallery of the latest Bachelor Pad. Yes, OK, the strongest of those feelings is always disgust. In almost overpowers all the other feelings. But there's also disappointment – “Oh, her/ »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Finale Episode Review: It's all over but the crying

I feel dirty. No, for reals - I had a shower right before I watched Bachelor Pad last night, and by the end of the episode I felt as though I was covered in filth. Why? Oh, only the most disgusting display of manipulating human emotions I've ever see »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Shocker: Blake Julian Confirms Engagement To Holly Durst, Holly Moving To South Carolina

While it was spoiled earlier, it was officially confirmed tonight. Blake Julian and Holly Durst are engaged. The news is even more shocking as in addition to the announcement on the season finale of Bachelor Pad, Blake also announced that Holly w »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Spoilers: Holly Durst & Blake Julian... Engaged?!

In one of the most shocking stories in Bachelor histories, rumours have now started to surface that Holly Durst and Blake Julian are engaged. The news comes on the heels of Holly voting to send Blake home on the last episode and after her previous e »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Episode 4 Review: Kiss Me Great

Just when you think Bachelor Pad can't sink to a new low, it does! Yes, I'd almost forgotten about last season's wet, sloppy kissing contest. I think the germaphobe in me had blocked it from my memory. But apparently it was not only a popular challen »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Episode 3 Review: Sink or Swim

Hi again, folks! Believe it or not, I'm back with another Bachelor Pad recap. Yeah, it feels like this show should be over by now to me too, but it's only something like week four. So where were we? Melissa was proving was a "fun and awesome" girl »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Episode 2 Review: Target Acquired

Hello again, folks! The second episode of Bachelor Pad was on last night, and whether you watched it or not you'd better read this recap. Let's get started! Egged Do any of you have big summertime BBQs or family reunions coming up? Perhaps a c »»

The Bachelor Pad 2011 Episode Two Review

Let me preface this post by saying that my back is in full spasm.  FULL lock-down.  After sitting at a desk all day working, when I can literally barely walk, the last thing I should be doing, is taking my laptop over to my couch for yet another aw »»

Bachelor Pad 2011 Episode 1 Review: All-American Rejects

It's baa-aaack! Yes, the show that makes you want to spray your TV with Lysol and rinse your eyes out with Purell has returned, skeezier and creepier than ever. You guessed it - Bachelor Pad! For those of you who haven't yet been blessed with seei »»

A Bird's Eye View of Bachelor Pad 2011

  Since we were spared two hours of Ashley last night, I felt rejuvenated enough to blog regardless, this time on something we're all totally excited for – the social experiment that is Bachelor Pad 2.  I have mixed emotions about Season 1, wh »»

Bachelor Pad Cast: The Only Thing Worse Than The Bachelor(ette)...

The cast for this summer's second installment of the raunchy, fame-whore filled, disgusting Bachelor Pad has been revealed, and there are few surprises. So, let's discuss. The Women Gia Allemand - God, really, Gia? I liked Gia when she did The Ba »»

Murtz's Reality Rocks 2011 LIVE Coverage: Exclusive Interview With Bachelor Pad's Natalie Getz

As some of you may or may not know, on one of the episodes of my show, I proposed to Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz in an effort to explore wedding reality shows. The result was quite hilarious and the interview below was the first time I have see »»

Bachelor Pad Spoilers: Who Will Leave the House in Week 3 August 23rd Episode; Who Will the Challenges; and Who Will Hook Up?

The 3rd challenge will be a Kissing Contest. Everybody left must be blindfolded and make out with everyone left of the opposite sex. Ashley Elmore didn't participate because she wanted no part of it. But Gia certainly did. Dave was voted best kisser »»

Bachelor Pad – Episode 1-1 Review

The latest and raciest installment of the Bachelor(ette) franchise debuted last night, and it was really something. It's one part Bachelor(ette), one part Big Brother, one part Temptation Island. And one thing's for sure: it definitely doesn't need t »»

Bachelor Pad Spoilers: Who Gets Eliminated First?

The 1st challenge of Bachelor Pad will be a "Game of Twister". It comes down to Craig McKinnon from Canada and Jessie Sulidis. Craig won. He takes Jessie, Gwen, and Elizabeth on a date. They go to the Greek Theater in LA. He chose to give the rose t »»

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