2016: Obama's America - Review

Strong start, weak finish »»

President Obama Sings Call Me Maybe?

President Obama, already known for singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together", is adding to his pop music catalog.  Sort of.  DJ "Barackdubs" has mixed together sound clips of Obama's speeches and set them to the music of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me »»

Bob Dylan Receives Medal Of Freedom

In a ceremony at the White House, Bob Dylan received the country's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. During the ceremony, President Obama said: "There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music," adding that the " »»

Mariah Carey Hanging Around Lesbian Bars?

Mariah Carey has been seen hanging out in a lesbian bar as of last night.  Don't worry, though, she was just celebrating President Obama's announced support of gay marriage.  Although Nick Cannon was nowhere to be seen, so you never know... »»

Barack Obama Officially Declares Kanye West To Be A Jackass

It's official:  Barack Obama thinks Kanye West is a jackass.  In an interview with Atlantic Monthly magazine, the president was asked to choose between Jay-Z or Kanye, and picked Jay-Z because Kanye is a jackass.  This marks the second time that O »»

Barack Obama Boosts Sales For Al Green By 490%

Al Green got a sales boost from an unlikely source:  President Obama.  Obama used the opening line for Green's "Let's Stay Together" at a January 19th fund-raiser, which triggered a week where the song sold 16,000 copies on ITunes.  Obama sang a b »»

Mike Gojira's Not-So-Live WWE Tribute to the Troops Report 12.13.11

It's Tribute-tastic! (Lame, I know.) »»

Korn Singer Doesn't Like Obama

Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis called President Obama "a puppet for the Illuminati" in a recent Billboard interview.  He also says that Obama has dragged the country down to the worst level it's ever been.  So, uh, go out and buy their new CD, I g »»

Sneak Peek: President Obama Appears On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tonight

President Obama is set to make his 4th appearance on Leno TONIGHT! This time he is coming back to join Jay for a very exciting sit-down that includes some hard hitting topics, like the death of Gaddafi, his feelings on Republicans opposing withdrawa »»

Barack Obama Confirmed To Appear On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno On Oct 25

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA IS SET TO MAKE HIS FOURTH APPEARANCE ON NBC'S 'THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO' TUESDAY (OCTOBER 25) October 20, 2011 7:10 AM Tags: Barack Obama, Jay Leno, President, Tonight Show BURBANK, Calif. - October 20, 2011 - Pres »»

Hank Williams Jr. Clarifies That Obama Might Not Be Hitler After All

Now that ESPN has pulled his song from Monday Night Football, country superstar Hank Williams Jr. has pulled back from his initial stance that Barack Obama is as bad as Hitler, claiming that his remarks were merely misunderstood.  In comparing the P »»

Lady Gaga Vows To End Bullying With Barack Obama

Lady Gaga is planning on meeting Barack Obama to discuss ways to end bullying over sexuality once and for all. The suicide of a 14 year old New York City boy, who was bulled for being gay has pushed Lady Gaga to do more than just sing about love who »»

CB's World: On Osama Bin Laden's Death, including Live WWE Crowd Reaction from Extreme Rules PPV

At times, there are stories that just transcend everything else. Last night was one of those times. »»

NBA Jam Trailer Shows Off Barack Obama, Sarah Palin & More In Game!

Check out this new trailer for NBA Jam, featuring many pominate politicians such as Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John McCain, George W. Bush & Dick Chaney. NBA Jam is now available for Nintendo Wii, and will be o »»

President Obama, Sarah Palin, Beastie Boys & More Revealed As Hidden Characters In NBA Jam

EA has confirmed a list of hidden characters for NBA Jam. Beastie Boys -Mike D -MCA -Ad-Rock Democrats -President Barack Obama -Vice President Joe Biden -Bill Clinton -Hillary Clinton -Al Gore Republicans -George W. Bush -Dick Chen »»

Barack Obama: Original Karate Kid?

Indonesian movie promises to show the untold story of how the President trained as a kid to be a bully's worst nightmare »»

SXSW Film '10 — 11/4/08

Filmmaker Jeff Deutchman has crafted the definitive documentary chronicling the hours leading up to and following the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. The only question is, is the film really necessary yet? »»

Obama Policies To Change Wrestlers Employment Status?

President Obama's budget may settle the 'independent contractors vs employees' issue for wrestlers... »»

Week of September 28, 2009 News

Here are a few interesting news stories and my views on them. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 9.7

On tap this week: -- Holy Crap on a stick -- Societal changes through cinema -- Once upon a time . . . with Jet Li And slightly much more! »»

All Star Diaries: Day 3

The big day - The All Star Game. It was a long day with many activities and autographs. I was able to go to the Fan Fest first thing in the morning, but I thought it was kind of lame. Maybe it was because my kids were not there (even if they were, »»

Monday Morning Critic 4.6

On tap this week: -- Spending your hard earned cash at the cinema -- Making fun of the President of the United States -- Back to the 1990s and Cuba Gooding Jr’s attempt at acting credibility And slightly much more! »»

WWE News On Santino's Obama Inspired Sign

If you watched No Way Out, you may have noticed a Santino Marella sign that looked very similar to the Barack Obama "Hope" poster. Vince McMahond did, too. »»

Details on Recent WWE Layoffs

The writing team managed to avoid the recent spate of WWE cuts as it was already down to a skeleton crew »»

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