Demythify: Batman & Robin #10 Reveal Last Puzzle Pieces of Batman’s Robins New 52 Relationships

Wow. The New 52 has one ballsy 10 year old as Batman's current sidekick! »»

Demythify: Young Justice Invasion Newest Debut Inspired By Super Friends & Justice League Unlimited?

An interesting & unexpected reemergence of a classic de-aged hero. »»

Demythify: Dan DiDio's 5 Things You Didn't Know About DC's Multiverse (Earth One, Earth 2, Prime)

Flashpoint changed more than we thought... and what about Superman / Batman: Generations 4? »»

DC Universe All-Stars Wave 3 Revealed

The third wave of DC Universe All-Stars have been revealed. -Batman -Batgirl -Hawkman -Steel Batman will be a New 52 version, however no details on what versions of the characters are being released, but it is a pretty safe bet that Steel wi »»

Batman Night Of Owls Watch: Ten Court Of Owls TALONs Covering 350 Years In-Your-Face!

Ten Owlmen... um "Talons"... tangle with the extended Batman Family. From 1660s to 2012! »»

Were Money No Object - The February Previews Edition

So, what would you order from Previews if Money Were Money No Object? »»

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!) - 01.10.12

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!) – 01.10.12 Sorry for the lateness, but life happens.  Another week, another new title to be added to the pull-list. Scarlet Spider #1 Marvel’s Point One special was kind of dogshit, but th »»

The Gold Standard: Top 10 DC Books Of 2011

Bringing you the best of DC in 2011. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #110 With Scalped, The Activity, Northlanders, Pigs, Sacrifice & More

Plus Amazing Spider-man, Batman & Robin, Captain America, Demon Knights, Invincible, Suicide Squad, Wolverine & the X-Men, plus more. »»

Review: Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1 By Grant Morrison

Batman Inc's first season finale! Craziness and Batgirl! »»

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff, Too!) - 12.14.11

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!) – 12.14.2011 Being the generous guy that I am, I figured that I’d give New Avengers (aka Dark Avengers v2) another chance to wow me before I moved on and forgot about it, so we’ll see if a second chance redeems it. And that’s as good a place as any to start… »»

The Weekly Round-Up #106 With The Walking Dead, American Vampire, Blue Estate, Cyclops & More

With Avengers Academy, Batman & Robin, Demon Knights, Iron Man 2.0 and more. »»

DC Comics' Next Sell-Out, A Batman Book, But NOT A New 52 Relaunch Book? (Batman & Robins?)

A hard-to-find recent Batman book, next to sell-out? The kicker: its not part of the DC Comics Relaunch. »»

The Gold Standard: Where Did Marvel's Women Go?

And then there were none. »»

Review: Batgirl #3 by Gail Simone & Ardian Syaf

The art of the guest appearance in a comic book. It's a very subtle thing to pull off successfully. First off, you don't want to make it seem like you're desperate for readers and using a guest star to pull a second fan base into your book. Second, i »»

The Weekly Round-Up #101 With Unwritten, Baltimore, Pigs, Batgirl, Point One & More

A lot of books get the weekly round-up treatement! »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Batman Family Atmospheric Continuity: Detective Comics, The Dark Knight, Justice League, Etc.?

Deliberate New 52 Batman editorial decisions OR the first of major Bat-gaffes in the DC Comics Relaunch? »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: Batman Legacy Action Figures

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Mattel!! Check out the images below of the Batman Legacy figures Many new figures are shown, including the first look at Robin »»

Scott Reviews The New 52: Week 6

Ah, new comics Wednesday. And a whole lot of new Bat-content yet again, some of it decidedly better than others. To the Bat-store!   Batwoman #2 The first one I wanted to read this week, and probably the best one I'll read all week. »»

Review: Batgirl #2 by Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf

How does Babs fare in her second month back in action? »»

New Comics On Sale – Week of October 5, 2011

Nexus's weekly look at what's new in your comic shop. »»

DC Comics Relaunch Reviews Wrap Up

All of our reviews in one easy to find place. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: The Return Of Stephanie Brown?

The fan favorite Batgirl to return soon? »»

DC Comics New 52 Omnibus Review: Week 0 & 1 (Justice League, Stormwatch, Superman, Animal Man & On)

I'm back with my take on the first 14 books released by DC as part of the New 52 including Justice League, Stormwatch, Batgirl, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, & much more! »»

Wednesday Comments - The New DCU - Week One

Mathan gives us his thoughts on the DC Comics Relaunch first week. »»

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