The SmarK DVD Rant for SmackDown! The Best of 2009-2010

Pretty disappointing set in a lot of ways, but then there's not really much that happens on this show anyway. »»

Images of WWE Elite Series 6 By Mattel

Here are the images of WWE Elite Series 6: -Batista -CM Punk -Goldust -Shad -JTG -Matt Hardy These are due in stores in October. [gallery=1176] »»

Images of Mattle WWE Basic Figures Series 5!

Here are the images of WWE Basic 5, due in stores in August. -Mike Knox -The Hurricane -John Cena -Batista -Melina -R-Truth [gallery=369] »»

Images of WWE Mattel Elimination Chamber Series

Here are the images of the latest PPV series from Mattel, WWE Elimination Chamber! These figures will be in stores in July! -Batista -Chris Jericho -Drew McIntyre -John Cena -Rey Mysterio -The Undertaker [gallery=361] »»

Mattel Announces WWE WrestleMania 26 Assortment, Exclusive to Toys R Us

Mattel announced today that they will be releasing a WWE WrestleMania 26 line of figures, exclusively to Toys R Us, this August. Basic: -Chris Jericho -Drew McIntyre -Kane -Christian -Matt Hardy -Shelton Benjamin Basic 2-Packs: -The Miz & Big Show »»

Mattel Announces WWE Elimination Chamber Poll Results

Drew McIntyre Undertaker Batista John Cena Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho The 3 that did not make the cut were CM Punk, Ted Dibiase, & Triple H. »»

WWE Mattel Elimination Chamber Poll

Head on over to the Mattel WWE Facebook Page to vote on who you would like to see in an Elimination Chamber figure assortment. You have 9 choices, the top 6 will be produced. -Chris Jericho -Triple H -John Cena -Batista -Drew McIntyre -CM Punk -The »»

Upcoming Mattel WWE Release Schedule

Now that the first assortments are In Stores Now, here is the next few months of WWE releases coming from Mattel. Not all pics are available, but I have included what I have below. Basic Figures Series 2 (Feb 2010) -Kane -Mark Henry -CM Punk -Rey M »»

In Stores Now: Mattel's WWE Figures!!!

OK, so today, 1.1.10, is the official street date for Mattel's WWE figures! Many have found them early (including myself), but Mattel is expecting most retailers to put these figures out TODAY!! However, this is only the beginning! Check out Matte »»

Images of WWE Basic Figures from Mattel!

With New Year's just over a month away, Mattel has finally shown off their WWE figures that they plan to have on store shelves 1.1.10! We here at Pulse Figures have images of the first few waves of figures, and we are going to start off this update »»

Images of Mattel WWE WrestleMania Heritage

Next on our Mattel WWE coverage is the WrestleMania Heritage assortment. This assortment includes some of the biggest WWE SuperStars in their attire from their biggest WrestleMania moments! These figures feature the Basic Figures articulation, and »»

Images of WWE Ruthless Aggression 43

Here are the images of RA43: -Batista -John Cena -Rey Mysterio -Randy Orton -Triple H -The Undertaker What a terrible set, as it looks like Jakks has decided to just toss out figures of the most popular characters to finish out the contract. [gall »»

Images of WWE Deluxe Aggression 22

Here are the images of WWE DA 22: -CM Punk -Jack Swagger -Triple H -Randy Orton -Christian -Batista [gallery=209] »»

In Stores Now: WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 38

If you head out into toy stores today, you'll be very likely to find WWE Ruthless Aggression 38! -The Brian Kendrick -Rey Mysterio -Batista -Hornswoggle -Jesse -John Cena [gallery=69] »»

WWE - Unforgiven 2008 - DVD Review

The WWE has a great way of coming up with new and innovative gimmicks that test the waters as far as what could be considered a wrestling match any more. We've seen ladder matches, TLC matches, hell in the cell, the elimination chamber, hardcore matches, and a number of other types of gimmicks that force the wrestlers to bring their A-games when fighting off their opponents. Unforgiven 2008 brought about a new type of match that didn't see the danger level raised at all or tons of weapons thrown in to make it a free-for-all street fight. The "Scramble Match" would simply give even chances to everyone involved to walk out a champion. »»

Edge: A Decade of Decadence update

Have a "Rated R" Christmas this year! »»

The WWE always has the hottest, wildest summers with tons of red-hot, hard-hitting action. Whether it is just beating the heat or celebrating the stars and stripes of the red, white, and blue; Vince McMahon and company know how to throw a big time party. And there is no better party then the end of the summer spectacular, Summerslam. They always want to go out with a bang and the superstars want to head into the cooler months proving that they are a force to be reckoned with. Summerslams of the past have provided some of the most memorable moments in WWE history; would this year be any different? »»

WWE - The Great American Bash 2008 - DVD Review

On July 20, 2008 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, the superstars from Raw, SmackDown, and ECW came together to fight at the middle of the summer spectacular. The red, white, and blue were ready to fly and the action inside the ring got red hot as all three major championships were on the line. »»

WWE - Night Of Champions 2008 - DVD Review

Rarely do we get to see more then three of four title belts on the line at a single PPV unless we are experiencing the "granddaddy of them all," WrestleMania. Last year that changed as the PPV formerly known as Vengeance would begin to incorporate a trend of producing nothing but title matches for the whole wrestling card. The WWE wanted the champions to either risk everything for the belts around their waists or lose them to someone who wanted it more. This type of event could only go by one name and that's Night Of Champions. »»

WWE - One Night Stand 2008 - DVD Review

Once a year WWE decides to step outside the boundaries a little bit and make things a tad more interesting. There is no longer a hardcore division or title. Mankind aka Mick Foley no longer wrestles on a constant basis so his wild and unique tactics aren't seen often anymore. ECW is no longer the land of no disqualification matches, but its own brand that is a breeding ground for new and upcoming stars. But it's this one night out of the year when the WWE decides to take the...extreme! »»

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