Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition Dated For Blu-ray

Warner Bros. announces release date and special extras for UCE release of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Dark Knight Rises

While the film is far from perfect, the Blu-ray is a must for audiophiles. »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review (2)

Nolan brings his Dark Knight trilogy to a close, but does the film rise to the occasion? »»

The Dark Knight Rises Runtime Is Confirmed

Just how long will the thrilling conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy be? »»

New Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises Changes Tone, More Action-Packed

We already knew the movie was going to be action-packed, but this trailer (after the break) makes this the Batman movie we want to see! »»

New Images of DC Universe Batman Legacy 2-Packs Series 2

Pictures of the new Batman Legacy 2-Packs have started to make the rounds. This time around we will see: -Batman & Honor Guard Joker (The Dark Knight) -The Joker & Robin (Batman: Arkham City) These are slated for November, but then again so w »»

Trailer For Animated Feature Batman: Year One Released

Basis for current Batman franchise gets its own film. »»

Mash-Up Video Examines Dillusional Christian Bale As Batman

Dubbed The Batman Complex, video splices clips from The Machinist, The Dark Knight, Inception and more. »»

Voice Cast And First Images For Batman: Year One

Frank Miller's comic book classic to be released as animated film this fall following Comic-Con premiere. »»

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Role in The Dark Knight Rises is Revealed

It's been a topic of discussion for weeks, but the $50,000 question has finally been answered. »»

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Heading to Gotham City, Confirmed for The Dark Knight Rises

Young actress Juno Temple may also be circling a role in what should be the biggest tentpole release of 2012. »»

Images Of Batman Legacy 2-Packs From Mattel

Here are the official images of Batman Legacy 2-Packs. The 2-Packs of the line will be centered around Batman characters in the mainstream media like movies & video games. This wave will consist of: -Prototype Suit Bruce Wayne & Jim Gordon (Ba »»

The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers: Batman and Catwoman Taking on Whom?

A source near the Batcamp shares some information. »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Batman Legacy Collection

At Toy Fair 2011, Mattel revealed the 'Batman: Legacy' assortments. There will be single packs & 2-packs. The singles will be based on the comic versions, with the first wave having a Superpower repaint of the DC Superheroes Mr. Freeze, Batman (wit »»

Marion Cotillard 'in talks' for The Dark Knight Rises

Or, where the sequel to The Dark Knight starts to look more and more like the sequel for Inception. »»

Nolan Confirms Dark Knight Rises Will Be His Last Batman Movie

The Dark Knight may be rising, but Nolan will be bolting the franchise. »»

Christopher Nolan Looking For Superman Director

As Christopher Nolan writes Batman 3, he shepherds a new Superman project for Warner Bros. »»

Christopher Nolan's Batman 3 Could Film in Louisiana

Oh when the Bat goes marching in... »»

Has The Superman Movie Found A Director?

But does he have what it takes? »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightbreed

Twenty years ago, Clive Barker laid the groundwork for what could have been one of the greatest horror/fantasy franchises ever made. »»

Brendan Campbell's Best of the Aughts

The variety that will be seen out of the IP Movie staff’s lists will be interesting, and tell a little about their personalities, as well as the types of movies they enjoy. »»

...Hope You Survive the Experience #3

How can Batman compete with himself? Not everyone will understand this, but sometimes I enjoy movies more than I enjoy books. It's a rare occasion, but sometimes there's a movie that's done so perfectly, yet altered certain aspects of the book it »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#30

I've sat in many a discussion over this hypothetical superhero movie or that, getting into how Actor A would be GREAT for the role of Comic Character B, so on and so forth. I've developed the opinion that, when it comes to the main roles in a superhero movie, the most important thing is that the actor should be the precise blend of star recognition, facial resemblance and acting ability, that s/he be completely swallowed up by the character s/he portrays...This is where Daredevil fell short. »»

Warner Bros. eyeing new Batman home releases

Warner Home Video will release Batman Begins on Blu-ray Disc July 8 in anticipation of the July 18 theatrical release of its sequel, The Dark Knight. The HD DVD version of the movie is one of the fading format's top sellers, says »»

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