Demythify: Batman & Robin #10 Reveal Last Puzzle Pieces of Batman's Robins New 52 Relationships

Wow. The New 52 has one ballsy 10 year old as Batman's current sidekick! »»

DC Comics' Next Sell-Out, A Batman Book, But NOT A New 52 Relaunch Book? (Batman & Robins?)

A hard-to-find recent Batman book, next to sell-out? The kicker: its not part of the DC Comics Relaunch. »»

DC Comics Relaunch New 52 Omnibus Review: Week 3 (Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Red Hood & ALL)

All 12 issues of Week 3 reviewed just in time for Week 4! So, uh, the Ted Kord Blue Beetle never existed in THIS DCU? :( »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Batman The Brave & The Bold

Here are the images of Batman: The Brave & The Bold figures from Mattel. Not much new to see here this year, however you can see the figure figures of Superman & Metallo in the line. [gallery=1373] »»

In Stores Now: Batman The Brave & The Bold (Nintendo Wii & DS/DSi)

Batman: The Brave & The Bold: The Video Game Developer: WayForward Technologies Publisher: WB Games Platforms: Nintendo Wii & Nintendo DS/DSi Feel the boldness of adventure and the bravery of justice as you become Batman and His superhero »»

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