The Bachelor 2012 – Season Finale Review - After The Final Rose

I set two goals for myself before last night's finale began.  Do not feel bad for Courtney by the time this is all over and do not snack.  Wine obviously not included. I'm proud to say that I accomplished both of my goals.  Yes, of course there w »»

The Bachelor - Season Finale Review - Courting Courtney

Yawn. Man oh man. I knew the two hour long finale of The Bachelor would be a snooze - after all, didn't we all know Ben would choose Courtney in the end? - but I really expected the After The Final Rose show to have more juice than it did. What a b »»

The Bachelor - The Women Tell All Recap - Courtney On Trial

I always find I don't have a lot to say regarding The Bachelor: The Women Tell All episode because, really, all it is is a bunch of women sitting around and talking. It's fun to watch and laugh at, but there isn't much to write about. Last nig »»

The Bachelor 2012 – The Women Tell All Recap & Review - Courtney, Blakeley, Crazy

Let's be honest here, people.  There isn't that much to say about The Women Tell All.  Yes, there were moments when I had the pause the TV every three seconds to make sure I captured every last detail of this madness, but there were other times, wh »»

The Bachelor 2012 – Episode 9 Review - Kacie Returns, Nicki Gets Dumped

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to Me-EEEE, Happy birthday to me! Ok, now that that's out of the way, I have something else I need to get off my chest.  I never thought this would be the forum to express these feelings, a »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-9 Review - It's A Suite, Suite Fantasy, Baby

Oh, the fantasy suites. There's nothing like 'em to remind you of just how gross The Bachelor is. Sleep with three women (or men), make each one of them believe they're special even though they know you'll be doing THIS EXACT THING with two other »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-8 Review - A Visit to Blandsville, USA

I think it's time I admit what I've always known: This season of The Bachelor is a dud. In fact, it's so boring that I'm almost thankful Courtney is on the show, because without her the season would have been a complete snooze. Ben is nice enough, bu »»

The Bachelor 2012 – Episode 7 Review - Did He Seriously Get Rid Of Emily?

So of course this being episode # Lucky 7, I'm wondering if we'll be lucky enough to rid the world of the virus that is Courtney within a two hour span.  Or if we'll be lucky enough for the cameraman to run out of tape just as Ben leans in to kiss t »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-7 Review - Can you Belize This Crap?

I want you to know that I came up with that blog post title before the started making all kinds of Belize/believe jokes on last night's episode of The Bachelor. With hometown dates on the horizon, we're in the home stretch of this season of Th »»

The Bachelor 2012 – Episode 6 Review - Two On One

Usually I have the night to sleep on the episode…to absorb it in all its glory and let my analysis fester inside me until it explodes at an ungodly hour the next morning at work before anyone trickles in. But, a commitment downtown early tomorrow »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-6 Review - Getting The Kiss Off

The journey of The Bachelor continued this week, as Ben and his girlfriends headed to Panama for some exotic fun and some classic drama. That came courtesy of Casey S., as well as the dreaded two-on-one date. Cast Away The first date we »»

The Bachelor 2012 – Episode 5 Review - Courtney, Courtney, Courtney

Warning:  This blog may suck balls. Honestly, I have nothing.  I think it's fair to say at this point, five episodes in, that Ben might just be the worst bachelor in bachelor history.  I sat there last night in a panic, wondering what the hell I' »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-5 Review - Rude/Nude

This week on The Bachelor Ben and his 11 girlfriends traveled to Puerto Rico, and he said hasta la vista baby to two women. There's a lot to talk about, so let's get to it! Kiss The Rain First Ben had a one-on-one date with Nicki, the d »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-4 Review - Hook, Line and Sinker

Oh, The Bachelor. Is it possible that you're taking a page out of Sweet Home Alabama's book this week in going to Park City, Utah? It was awfully rural, and by Bachelor standards those dates were down-to-earth. Sure there was the occasional helic »»

The Bachelor 2012 - Episode 3 Review - Shawntel & Mean Girls

Wow.  Was anyone else completely spent last night? I mean seriously, there were moments where I just sat there transfixed, fingers hanging precariously above my keyboard, wanting to type but powerless to move as I sat mesmerized by the sheer uglines »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-3 Review - Death At A Rose Ceremony

Wow, what an episode right? On The Bachelor this week, Ben went on two one-on-one dates in San Francisco, one group date, AND had a surprise visit from the mystery gal we've all been waiting to see. Don't read on unless you a) Already saw the show, o »»

The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers: Host Chris Harrison Chooses Courtney & Kacie B. As Top Picks For Ben

In a recent interview, Bachelor host Chris Harrison revealed his picks for who will win this season of The Bachelor. "There's always the dark horse and there's always the front-runner. We always spin it and twist it," he said. "Obviously, right no »»

The Bachelor 2012 - Episode 2 Review - For Blakeley, Bloggers & Ben

So my first thought last night was that wow, we're steppin it up a bit here peeps.  Going on a little vaca right off the bat instead of holding the girls hostage in Liberace's playground for a few weeks before jetting off to some exotic locale. And »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-2 Review - California Whine Country

Have you ever noticed that on The Bachelor the dudes always want girls who are willing to move to their hometowns, yet so often on The Bachelorette the leading lady is willing to relocate to the hometown of her selected beau? Just an observation. Any »»

The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers: Who Is The Mystery Woman? It's Shawntel From Last Season!

Who is the mystery woman, teased to return on next week's episode of The Bachelor? It's Shawntel Newton from last season of The Bachelor. Apparently the mortician who tweeted about her crush on Ben during The Bachelorette and lives close to the w »»

The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers: Episode 3 Sees One Contestant Faint, One Quit, And A Former Bachelorette Return For Ben?

The most-talked about episode of the season will air next week, and episode 3 of The Bachelor promises to bring the drama to a whole new level. Reality Steve is reporting that Brittney (the contestant who brought her grandmother with her on Episod »»

The Bachelor 2012 Episode 2 Recap: Ben Flajnik Sends Jenna Burke and Shawn Reynolds Home

In what has become a prerequisite for The Bachelor, tonight's second episode featured 'the meltdown.' As expected (and reported by Reality Steve), blogger Jenna Burke and Shawn Reynolds were sent home. Jenna's exit was perhaps one of the most memor »»

The Bachelor Spoilers: Full Episode 2 Details Revealed, Ben Flajnik Eliminates A Pair

In tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Kacie wins the one-on-one date and shows off her baton skills to Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Reality Steve reports that the group date will consist of the women auditioning for roles in a play put on by children. »»

The Bachelor 2012 - Episode 16-1 Review - Season Premiere Recap

Oh hey there.  Remember me?  The girl who promised that despite Bachelor Pad ending, I would still find the time, the discipline and the commitment from deep within to continue writing in between seasons?  To enter into unchartered non-reality-TV- »»

The Bachelor - Episode 16-1 Review - Season Premiere Thoughts - Gimme A Gimmick!

Good news, folks - I made a few New Years resolutions on January 1st, but none of them were to stop watching terrible TV with ironic distance and a strong sense of schadenfreude. So here I am again, reviewing the latest season of The Bachelor, for wo »»

The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers: Episode 2 Details Revealed, Who Will Be Eliminated?

Hot on the heels of The Bachelor season premiere, it appears details about next week's episode are already available. According to perennial spoiler, Reality Steve, on next week's show Courtney and Kacie B will get the one-on-one dates (pretty obv »»

10 Thoughts On... The Bachelor - Season Premiere Review - Maybe We Should Share A Tampon

1. Very good premiere episode. It really had it all. I thought the limo entrances were completely over-the-top and unbelievable but what I like the most about The Bachelor is that it celebrates the fact that it is trainwreck television. 2. I h »»

The Bachelor 2012 Spoilers: Grandmother To Come Out Of Limo And Surprise Ben Flajnik Tonight?

Another season of The Bachelor kicks off tonight, and despite the controversy, Reality Steve has all the details once again. Apparently a grandmother will get out of the limo to surprise Bachelor Ben (as he is obviously expecting just contestants) »»

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