Skyfall - Review (2)

Bond turns 50, but he doesn’t show his age at all. »»

Bright Star - DVD Review

Perhaps I've seen too many of the Keira Knightley period dramas, but I would like to think that John Keats returned Ms. Brawne's love in reality more than what is portrayed in this film. »»

Jesse Eisenberg To Play Allen Ginsberg

Jesse Eisenberg, star of the upcoming Adventureland will play poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, an ensemble cast film about the murder that helped spawn the Beat Generation. »»

Brideshead Revisited - DVD Review

Brideshead is, like the manor itself, a lush and lavish film. The cinematography is stunning and there are many scenes that could easily be framed as photographs and hung in a museum. Sadly, this is the best aspect of the film. »»

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