Can You Survive A WWE Tryout?

You think you're tough enough to handle this? »»

Quick Hits: WWE Total Divas - Episode 12 (w/MJH)

John & Nikki are rehabbing together. Brie is out on her own. Ariane wants to be a rapper and Vinny wants to be a wrestler... »»

The Stomping Ground: Old School Nitro Recap 6.2.97 (Ric Flair, nWo)

Remember a time when Scott Hall was a great wrestler? »»

Tough Enough Is Coming Back Soon

Bill Demott stated on his twitter account that there is some news going on that makes him believe a new Tough Enough will be up and running. Kyle's Take: Maybe they pick a wrestler with decent potential this year? There aren't any confirmations o »»

Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Tough Enough, 06.06.2011

This is it. The last episode where we learn who gets to be tough enough. Lets get started shall we? As always we start with a look back and are reminded about injuries that have happened in the competition that have taken people out. Andy’s br »»

EXW Xtreme Measures 05.29.2011 -- Bill DeMott, Giant Bernard, Val Venis

For their biggest show of the year, EXW has some surprises tucked up their sleeves! »»

EXW Preview -- Adrenaline Rush, Xtreme Measures

A look at the Adrenaline Rush leading up to EXW's big event, Xtreme Measures! »»

Bill DeMott, Tommy Dreamer to appear for AZ promotion

Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott and TNA star Tommy Dreamer head to Arizona. »»

WWE Tough Enough Recap 4.11.2011

This week we saw the second episode of WWE Tough Enough and once again, it delivered. The training has not been easy for the contestants and as the weeks go by, it will only get tougher. Last week we saw Ariane get sent home after she could not convi »»

WWE Tough Enough Recap - 04.04.2011

This week we saw the return of Tough Enough, and boy was it good. The last time we saw the show was in 2004 and featured current WWE Champ, The Miz. This time around, Stone Cold, Booker T and Trish Stratus are all a part of it as well as a returning »»

10 Thoughts on Tough Enough 04.04.2011 - First Elimination, Stone Cold, Trish, Booker, Bill DeMott

Miss Tough Enough? Shame. But here is my 10 Thoughts on this Monumental New Show! »»

10 Thoughts on Elite Xtreme Wrestling -- The Company, The Talent, The Future

You've heard what I think of their shows, but now I break down why I can't stop shouting "E-X-DUB!". With direct quotes from Ryan Castellucci, Frenchy Riviera, Rexx Reed, and Val Venis himself. »»

This Week in 'E - Welcome Sin Cara, Welcome Back Rock, Austin, HHH, Undertaker and Trish Stratus

WWE reminds everyone of their awesomeness, NXT is nearing its end and international superstar Mistico is about to become a new megastar for the company. »»

EXW Bad Intentions 01.15.2011 -- Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, Bill Demott, Rellik

If you miss what WWE and TNA aren’t giving you, find out what EXW has to offer. The Wrestlemania of EXW, Bad Intentions delivered matches from Val Venis, Derick Neikirk, Bill Demott (Hugh Morris), Rellik (Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli), and all the other favorites. Be sure to catch up on the storylines here, and tune in on Tuesday for the aftermath! »»

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