Forever Heel: Brock Lesnar is Allowed to be an Absent Champ

Brock is a smart champ. He returned to WWE for with his own agenda. Do these idiots think he came back just to beat up Cena for their pleasure? »»

Forever Heel Reviews the Book The Death of the WWF

I just read RD Reynolds' book about the death of WWF. There's a lot interesting reasons for WWF's failure to keep fans happy, that goes beyond Montreal. Vince Russo wanted to continue his "Gang Wars" storyline, but Vince wanted to focus on Steve »»

Rabblecast #332 Special Guest: Jeff Cannonball, RTF Show

Independent wrestler, Jeff Cannonball joins us in studio on this special episode of, The Rabblecast. Cannonball talks about his humble beginning in the world of independent wrestling and how RTF Wrestling came about. Are you a fan of punk rock? Are y »»

Wallpaper Of The Week: Ryback – “Don't Call Me Goldberg!

I couldn't help myself after seeing Ryback's appearance on Raw last Monday. It's time to give up and just give in to the comparisons.   »»

Creatively Endeavored Thoughts On The State Of TNA Wrestling

Since one of TNA's "big 4" PPVs in live tonight (Lockdown), I figured it was about time I was able to examine TNA Wrestling a little more closely in 2013. »»

Wallpaper Wednesday: The Artwork of Rob Schamberger

After searching the interwebs for more wrestling artwork last weekend, I once again came across the work of Kansas City artist Rob Schamberger. Schamberger made many pro-wrestling & mainstream news sites in 2012 with his idea to paint every NWA C »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw Slammy Awards Edition 12.17.12 (John Cena, Ric Flair, Dolph Ziggler, Triple H)

1. It is absolutely fantastic to see Ric Flair back in the WWE. I haven't been following the news today but his return came as a complete shock to me and a very welcome one at that. And having CM Punk interrupt the Hall of Famer was predictable b »»

Bill Goldberg Opens Up About The Streak, Scott Hall & More

4th & Pain with Goldberg In a rare interview, the hosts of "4th & Pain", Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll, welcomed former World champion Bill Goldberg onto the show where he spoke about the famous "Streak", Scott Ha »»

Creatively Endeavored #16 - Top 5 Stars WWE Dropped The Ball On

I have a 9-month-old boy who just started crawling and therefore destroying the house. I work a full-time job that's anywhere from 40-60 hours a week. I'm the host of Inside Pulse's new radio show the "Wrestling Pulsecast" where I interview someo »»

Bill Goldberg Possibly Coming Out Of Retirement

Could the rumors be true? »»

Full Contents of The Best of WCW Nitro DVD Release

30-plus matches, lots of NWO moments, the "Fingerpoke of Doom" and much more! »»

DR. TNA: February 3rd

February 2nd, the year of our Lord, two thousand and eleven, marks not only the day before the much hyped “February 3rd” episode of iMPACT, but also marks a shift in DR. TNA’s column publishing.  From hence forth, we shall aim f »»

DR. TNA: 5 Guys TNA Must Push Even After They Arrive

Even the haters have got to grant TNA that they are promoting this well. Following the Matt Hardy debut and the Mr. Anderson title match, we heard a lot of criticism over the lack of promotion for these two events. Frankly, that criticism was at least somewhat deserved. The lack of promotion for Matt Hardy’s debut I can attribute to wanting a surprise for the PPV. However, the Heavyweight Title changing hands without fans knowing there would even be a match is not a method for success that this doctor would prescribe. »»

Bill Goldberg Disses Undertaker & Edge

Will Grizzly Bill return at WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta? »»

RabbleCast #206 Bragging Rights, Lesnar Returning(?) and Kevin Sullivan

After a weekend of PPV's(UFC 121 and WWE Bragging Rights), we are left wondering, are WWE and the UFC blurring the lines? This week, Erik Hernandez and Myke Quest cover some quick news and speculate on the ending of the UFC 121 PPV in which Lesnar an »»

Bill Goldberg: Honorary Grand Marshall

For Colorado Speed Festival. »»

WWE Vintage Collection Recap - 1/3/10

Recap of the episode of WWE Vintage Collection that aired on the 2nd of Jan, 2010. »»

Dispatches from the Wrestling Underground: A Lifetime Under the Influence

What is the real value of a legacy in the wrestling industry? »»

WWE Vintage Collection Recap - 10/11/09

WWE Vintage Collection Recap for Oct 11th, 09. Featuring the following matches: Bill Goldberg vs. Glacier (Feb 12th, 1998). Bret Hart vs. The Patriot (Sept 7th, 1997). The Rock vs. Hurricane (March 10th, 2003). Hulk Hogan vs. One Man Gang (Dec 5th, 1987). »»

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