Blu-ray Review: Howl's Moving Castle

Miyazaki doesn't disappoint his new fans (after Spirited Away) with Howl's Moving Castle. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Parental Guidance [Video]

Over-protective parents Marty and Alice must leave town for work. So they ask Alice's Mom and Dad to watch the kids for a few days. But Diane and Artie find lots has changed since they were calling the shots in Parental Guidance. Starring Billy »»

Four Teaser Trailers for Monster University [Video]

Four new teaser trailers for Monster University have been released. You can watch them below. Plot Summary: Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn't always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monste »»

Monday Morning Critic - 2.27.2011 - 10 Thoughts on The 2012 Academy Awards, Billy Crystal & Running Scared

Every Monday morning, InsidePulse Movies Czar Scott “Kubryk" Sawitz brings an irreverent and oftentimes hilarious look at pop culture, politics, sports and whatever else comes to mind. And sometimes he writes about movies. I had absolutely nothi »»

Billy Crystal Tweets That He's The New Host Of The Oscars

Sorry, Muppets. It's time to light the lights with Billy Crystal as host of the Academy Awards. »»

The Zookeeper Gets Trailer

Paul Blart: Zookeeper? Anyone? »»

Hamlet (1996) - Blu-Ray Review

Kenneth Branagh directed and starred as the titular character in the definitive version of the time-honored story for one reason: he filmed every single moment of the play and put it on screen. »»

Tooth Fairy - Blu-ray Review

This is a good film for kids, since it has a lot of jokes aimed directly at them, but doesn't lower the bar with gross-out humor. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant for Tooth Fairy (Blu-ray)

Man, the Rock is lucky he's awesome enough to survive these questionable movie choices. »»

Monsters Inc. - Blu-ray Review

So it may not be my favorite Disney film or even my top pick from Pixar, but Monsters Inc. is everything it is cracked up to be and then some. »»

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