Wednesday Comments – Saying Good-Bye To (Some) Comics

I read a lot of comics. Actually that’s not 100% accurate; I buy a lot of comic books. »»

Were Money No Object - The March Previews Edition

Do you ever get the feeling that reading about which comics are going to be coming out can be more exciting than reading the actual comics when you get them?  Let's see how May is stacking up... Dark Horse A new Mister X mini-series is startin »»

The Gold Standard Top Fifty Books Of 2012: 40-31

The next ten entires on my 2012 wrap up. »»

Demythify Top 5: CW's Arrow & Cartoon Network DC Nation Impact On DC Comics New 52 w/ Young Justice Invasion, GLTAS & Beware The Batman (Updated)

It all makes sense now! (UPDATED with new solicitation images released by DC Comics today!) »»

Review: Birds of Prey #13 by Duane Swierczynski and Romano Molenaar

Checking in with the Birds of Prey a year later. »»

The Gold Standard: The Benching Effect, A Top Five List, And A Weekly Roundup

Because shelving a major character never really goes well. »»

Top 5 1/2 DC New 52 Zero Month Shockers (Green Lantern, Justice League, Earth 2 & More)

Some interesting twists and turns in September 2012. Happy Anniversary New 52... I think... »»

Demythify: Team Seven to Justice League to Seven Soldiers? DC New 52's Secret History?

What does a Team Seven book set in the past of the New 52 have to do with what's going on in Justice League now? »»

Team Seven DC New 52 Series Features Ethnicity Change For Wildstorm Icon?

A who's who guide to the Team Seven #0 cover that leaves questions marks about 2 Wildstorm mainstays. »»

Review: Batman - Night of Owls part 2 (Catwoman #9 and Birds of Prey #9)

RJ brings us a big look at the Night of Owls. »»

Earth 2 Watch: How Does Mister Terrific #7 Set Up Worlds' Finest #1?

Earth 2 #1 and Worlds' Finest #1 can't come soon enough! »»

Batman Night Of Owls Watch: Ten Court Of Owls TALONs Covering 350 Years In-Your-Face!

Ten Owlmen... um "Talons"... tangle with the extended Batman Family. From 1660s to 2012! »»

DC Relaunch's Creative Team Shuffle! PART 2!!

This time it's the artists that are shuffling around! »»

Demythify: Unspooling DC Comics' New 52 Earth 2 Superman, Batman, Multiversity & Watchmen 2 Yarn

The debut of Demythify tackles DC's worlds-building. Are all the pieces of DC's plan falling into place? We explore the Top 5. »»

New Comics On Sale – Week of January 18, 2012

Nexus's weekly look at what's new in your comic shop. »»

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff, Too!) - 12.21.11

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff, Too!) – 12.21.11   Longtime reader Mike Campbell asks… We're four months into the New 52 now, what do you think the best series has been so far? For me, it's Aquaman. They took a character who »»

The Weekly Round-Up #102 With Blue Estate, Morning Glories, Walking Dead & More

Plus Elephantmen, iZombie, Avengers, Batman, Fear Itself 7.3, Wonder Woman & more. »»

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Now Other Stuff, Too!) - 11.16.11

    Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!)  - 11.16.11 I really need a new name for this column, I think. So apologies for skipping last week, but I was out of town with only my phone connecting me to the outside world, and »»

Scott Reviews The New 52: Week 7

Another week of strange mixtures, with one hotly anticipated title and two that probably won't get past "guilty pleasure" but still ended up on my pull list anyway because I'm a glutton for punishment sometimes.  Let's get to it...   »»

Skitch's Top Ten New 52 Characters of DC Comics Relaunch

Skitch's Top Ten Characters of DC Comics Relaunch »»

DC Comics Relaunch New 52 Omnibus Review: Week 3 (Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Red Hood & ALL)

All 12 issues of Week 3 reviewed just in time for Week 4! So, uh, the Ted Kord Blue Beetle never existed in THIS DCU? :( »»

Wednesday Comments – The New DCU – Week Three: Tragedy Strikes

A new week means new DC #1's. Unfortunately there was a mix up at my shop and I didn't get DC Comics Presents or Wonder Woman last week. It was a mistake and they should be waiting for me when I pick up my books today. Honestly this week was full »»

The Weekly Round-Up #94: The Bad Dialogue Edition With DHP, The Big Lie, DC New 52 & More

X-Men Schism, Uncanny X-Men, Spider-Island, Batman #1, Red Wing & Even More. »»

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