Blu-ray Review: The Producers (Collector's Edition)

Those who missed seeing this title in the Mel Brooks Collection on Blu-ray will be justly rewarded. »»

DVD Review: Mel Brooks: Make A Noise

A great little companion to The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection of Unhinged Comedy. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Howling (Collector's Edition)

While some '80s horror films have lost their power to scare an audience, The Howling's jolts remain solid. »»

Disc News: Richard Pryor Gets Massive Boxset in June

For those who remember him from feature films, be prepared for a comic force that took no prisoners on stage. »»

DVD Review: The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection of Unhinged Comedy

Over the course of 5 DVDs, every element of Mel Brooks is exhumed, exposed and examined. »»

DVD Review: The Carol Burnett Show (Carol's Favorites)

Originally found in The Carol Burnett Show: The Ultimate Collection, these 16 "favorites" cover the show when it was at its creative prime. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Warrior (2011) Review (Kind of), Blazing Saddles

A glance over the new MMA film Warrior and a glance at Blazing Saddles on DVD »»

Daily Disc Deal: Mel Brooks Collection is Amazon's Deal of the Week

A great deal for those who have high anxiety, wear tights, or love to eat beans around a campfire. »»

Obscuricon: When White Men Drank Malt Liquor

Nothing says malt liquor like having a magician as a spokesman. »»

The Mel Brooks Collection - Blu-ray Review

This box set manages to be both amazing and frustrating. »»

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