Jim Ross Talks Undertaker/Brock Lesnar Rumor & More

Wishful thinking or a real possibility? »»

WWE's Jim Ross Talks Raw Ratings Fall

Level-headed again. »»

Video + Paul Bearer's Comments on His Return

Paul Bearer's latest blog entry, new Twitter name and a video of his return! »»

New Ross Report: J.R. Talks WWE NXT

In his latest WWE.com blog post, Jim Ross talks about NXT's Naomi, Daniel Bryan, Cena vs. Orton, Night of Champions and more. As always, a good read. »»

Bret Hart Blogs About WWE Status, Lawsuit & More

"There are a lot rumors out there about me and all I can say is that they're rarely true." »»

Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan Speaks Out! Through Twitter & Blogger & Flickr? Oh my!

"But regardless of what offers come in, I am in no rush to make any rash decisions." »»

Jim Ross Blogs about WWE NXT, Bryan Danielson & More

Jim Ross comments on the latest WWE NXT... »»

JR Blogs: TV Future, Steve Austin Hosting Raw, MMA & More

J.R. talks about WrestleMania dream matches, WWE's recent hiring of Dennis Condrey, Steve Austin hosting the next Raw and his TV future... also: links to his great three-part interview with Heavy.com's Jeremy Botter. »»

Matt Hardy Comments on WWE Releases, JR Kinda Does

Matt Hardy and Jim Ross may or may not have commented on Maria's release... »»

JR Blogs: Twitter, MMA, Raw & More

JR talks about OKC, Mauro Ranallo, Twitter & more... »»

Jim Ross Signs A Contract Extension With The 'E

Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross signs an extension on his contract »»

Jim Ross Health Update

MRI gives "unexpected" results... »»

JR: I Will Back Sooner vs. Later

Jim Ross is upbeat in his latest blog post. »»

Jim Ross Update

He won't be back for Bragging Rights, but wishes he could and thanks everyone for their best wishes... »»

Jim Ross Update: Will He Work Smackdown?

WWE.com, in an article about Jim Ross' latest bells palsy attack, points to a new blog post from J.R. that says he decided not to work Smackdown tonight and instead see a neurologist. »»

Update on Jim Ross & Bells Palsy

Jim Ross has his third bells palsy attack, but intends on working tonight... »»

JR Comments Further on Jeff Hardy

"The less Jeff says about his legal entanglements the better." »»

J.R. Blogs About Hardy Arrest

Jim Ross comments about Jeff Hardy's arrest in his latest blog entry: The news of Jeff Hardy's apparent arrest on drug charges is disturbing. I have spoken to no one about this matter and only know what info that I have read that was distributed b »»

Gabe Talks DGUSA in Chicago

On his MySpace blog, Dragon Gate USA's Gabe Sapolsky has posted a very interesting commentary about DGUSA in Chicago, Bryan Danielson and more. »»

Jim Ross Makes WWE Breaking Point Predictions

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, including his predictions for WWE Breaking Point. Here's what he had to say about the Smackdown main event... »»

Will Taz Wrestle Again?

According to a recent post he made on Facebook... »»

Jim Ross: Be Patient with ECW

In Jim Ross' latest blog post, he asks fans to be patient with the new mix of old and new superstars on ECW (see our exclusive WWE transaction history page for details)... »»

Tommy Dreamer on Title Aspirations, TNA & Tiffany's Crush on Him

In his latest WWE.com blog entry, Tommy Dreamer writes about what he thinks of TNA, if he will stay in WWE after his latest contract is up (even if he doesn't win the belt), and more. »»

Jim Ross Defends Tommy Dreamer/Legend Comments

In a post yesterday on his blog, Smackdown announcer Jim Ross wrote about the new Greatest Stars of the 90s DVD, Hogan's recent remarks, Oscar De La Hoya's retirement and said he was glad he is staying on Friday nights. He also confirmed reports that Matt Hardy had to get some stitches after a recent match in Germany with his brother. On the comments made during the draft about Tommy Dreamer's legend status, he wrote... »»

Jim Ross' New Blog Post Talks Mania

In his latest blog post over at WWE.com, Jim Ross talks about having a final beer with Steve Austin at Mania, Tazz leaving the company, his new role on Smackdown (at least for a day), how great Steamboat looked at Mania, and the following on the diva »»

Jim Ross, Kelly Kelly, Others Blog About Test

On his blog, Jim Ross wrote the following about the late Andrew "Test" Martin... »»

Notes on Rey Mysterio, Best Managers & More

On his Ring Posts blog, Baltimore Sun writer Kevin Eck interviewed Rey Mysterio about the Royal Rumble, talking with him about his 2006 win, asking him if he is surprised at how well Vickie Guerrero has taken to her role as Smackdown GM, his thoughts on Evan Bourne and more. A few days earlier, Eck posted a fun counter to WWE.com's "greatest managers" story. »»

Jim Ross Talks Smackdown, New WWE Show & More

Jim Ross has been updating his blog so often it's hard to keep up with it. His latest posts look at last night's Smackdown and the return of WWE Superstars on WGN (it will tape Mondays before Raw starting after WrestleMania, after which time, ECW ta »»

JR: No More FU for Cena; Hogan vs. Austin Unlikely

According to Jim Ross' latest blog post, John Cena's "FU" finishing move will now be called the "Throwback." »»

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