Bones - Episode 7-2 Review - The Hot Dog in the Competition

The characters of Bones are generally fun and well-meaning, but boy were some of them mean. The new intern Finn might have a distinctly Texas accent and a juvenile record, but Hodgins and Caroline really overreacted. Maybe that was the drama the writ »»

Bones - Episode 7-1 Review - The Memories In The Shallow Grave

Six season of will-they-won't-they, the final three marred by Hart Hansen's bad decision making. Six seasons of Bones being distant and cold, the last seasons filled with Booth pining for Bones. Then at the end of last season, bam!, it all changes. B »»

Bones 2011 Spoilers: Episode 2 Details Leaked, Finn Abernathy To Make Appearance

In the next episode of Bones, look for the debut of Luke Kleintank playing Finn Abernathy. The character will play a Southerner genius which doesn't really fit with his scruffy look. The character will play off of Hodgins. In addition, the show wi »»

Bones 2011: Season Premiere Spoilers

After screening the first episode of Bones, here's some ideas of what to expect: - There is a reason for Brennan's emotional state and it is because she is holding off on telling Booth something - Booth and Brennan get as close to making out as y »»

Bones Episode 6-23 Review: The Change in the Game

Progress! Bones has been stagnating for so long that significant development is welcome simply because little has actually happened these past few years. There are lots of arguments why this latest development might not be optimal--it results from th »»

FOX Announces New 2011 TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

FOX doesn't have as many holes to fill as NBC. Mainly because it doesn't have any original programming on during the 10 p.m. ET timeslot. But it still sends out 6 new shows this season that it hopes will be loved by viewers and maybe pave way for the »»

Bones Episode 6-22 Review: The Hole in the Heart

"The Hole in the Heart" is a pretty significant episode for a number of reasons. One of them is the death of Vincent Nigel-Murray. He was my favorite squintern, so I'll be sad to see him go. This plethora of random knowledge was always entertaining a »»

Bones Episode 6-21 Review: The Signs in the Silence

The goal of "The Signs in the Silence," it seems, was to pack as much pathos into a single episode of television, all else being damned. Every contrivance, every discovery directly leads into a scene where the characters try to connect with the girl. »»

Bones Episode 6-20 Review: The Pinocchio in the Planter

Sorry for getting this one out late. I had computer troubles and now Friday shows are here."The Pinocchio in the Planter" is one of those episodes which isn't much of anything. Everything is acceptable, but nothing, save the one scene between Angela »»

Bones Episode 6-19 Review: The Finder

I've been far too busy to keep up on the latest Bones news, so I was initially confused about "The Finder." I wondered who these new people were and why they were featured so prominently. Something clicked in my mind and I realized this was the backd »»

Bones - Episode 6-17 Review

"The Feet on the Beach" is a frustrating episode, because it has many funny moments between all the characters. This part of the episode was top-notch, and I had a great time watching it. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode is wholly inadequate, a »»

Bones 2011 Season Finale Spoilers: Will Booth & Brennan Hook-Up In Finale?

Bones fans, you know that emergency kit you've had tucked away all these years? The one with the oxygen mask and the Xanax lollipop? Yeah, you're gonna want to grab that right about now and lay it beside you before proceeding any further. To those »»

Bones - Episode 6-16 Episode

I haven't had many chances to say this since I started blogging, mostly because these past few seasons have been very uneven, but now is the perfect time: Whenever Bones tries to be fun and fresh, it is, in my opinion, unmatched by any procedural--no »»

Bones - Episode 6-15 Review

Hannah who? Now that Bones is past the latest pointless roadblock, it's actually digging into deeper themes that it could have been explored earlier in the season. "The Killer in the Crosshairs" features the return of Jacob Broadsky, the sniper who killed the Gravedigger, and he's killing other evildoers who have escaped serious punishment. »»

Bones - Episode 6-14 Review

How about that final scene? Booth and Brennan at the shooting range, using authentic 20s weapons, is the fun couple I remember, and it's not tinged with romantic overtones that the majority of endings the past couple seasons. »»

Bones - Episode 6-13 Review

We all knew Hannah would go eventually and that episode is "The Daredevil in the Mold." The way in which this is done, however, is as clumsy as could be. Everything is going fine, Booth buys a big diamond ring, but when he proposes, Hannah says no. That's fine, but the explanation is awful. Hannah says she's not the marrying type, which I can understand, given her penchant for dangerous assignments and free spirit. »»

Bones - Episode 6-12 Review

Another episode reinforcing the point that Booth and Bones love each other? Fine... I don't want to say this, but Bones has gotten tiresome with the continual subplot which goes nowhere.

With the polygamist plot of "The Sin in the Sisterhood," Booth comes to the conclusion that everyone has someone they love the most, and of course it's Bones in his case. Unfortunately, about 50 other episode have already gone over this topic thoroughly. »»

Bones - Episode 6-11 Review

As far as plot goes, "The Bullet in the Brain" is nothing special, with a scant amount of forensic work and interviews. It does, however, give us a close look at each character, bringing the Gravedigger, Max, and Caroline back for an emotional episode. »»

Bones - Episode 6-10 Review

Increasingly, Bones has been separated into two kinds of episodes, Booth and Brennan episodes and regular episodes, with stark differences in quality. Booth and Brennan episodes used to be the highlight of the show in the first couple seasons as the cases actually reflected on their characters and they grew through the course of the case. These days, however, Booth and Brennan episodes focus on whatever inertia is holding them back--Hannah in the case of the six season. The case running simultaneously with the relationship problem is given less time and there's a detached feeling to the crime solving. »»

My Lists of the Best of Television From 2010

By and large, numbered list are useful only for entertainment purposes. Without standard criteria, lists reflect authors' personal feelings and tastes. And even if there were a checklist for television show attributes, this is still television where everything is widely varied. My mindset is that lists are immensely fun to read and write. It allows for reflection on the past which is sometimes necessary when episodes continue to be produced and watched. I didn't feel like writing much at the end of the year, but I typed some random lists--no criteria, no quantification, just whatever came to mind (and trying to avoid overlaps). »»

Bones - Episode 6-9 Review

Despite the fact that the first half of the episode has ridiculously clunky dialogue--some of the worst I've ever heard--and frustratingly unsubtle parallels between Brennan and the surgeon, "The Doctor in the Photo" contains the biggest development for Brennan, and Emily Deschanel is fantastic. »»

Bones - Episode 6-8 Review

Bones suffers from an inundation of romantic relationships. There are only three options with them: together (Angela and Hodgins, Booth and Hannah), apart permanently (Booth and Cam), or the weird, dysfunctional UST of Booth and Brennan. Currently, the show is simply juggling too much relationships. »»

Bones - Episode 6-7 Review

I may have said this before, but I'll say it again: Vincent Nigel-Murray is my favorite intern. His unyielding enthusiasm is fun and more tempered than Daisy's, and his wealth of knowledge about every subject is truly impressive. What's not to like a »»

Bones' Fifth Season Dated and Detailed for DVD and Blu-ray

Fox Home Entertainment sends over the official press release regarding the upcoming release of the fifth season of Bones on DVD and Blu-ray. »»

FOX Announces 2010/2011 TV Schedule!

FOX announced today its Fall schedule with a bunch of new shows, but not as many as NBC. Here is a quick day-by-day look at FOX's fall lineup and early midseason Spring lineup as well: FALL LINEUP MONDAY 8 p.m. House 9 p.m. Lonestar (new) TU »»

Inside Pulse TV Madness Sweet 16 Round Voting About To End with Close Matchups Lost/South Park, 24/NCIS, The Office/Modern Family, Chuck/Castle, Mad Men/Burn Notice, Big Bang Theory/Supernatural, Dexter/House, and Friday Night Lights/Bones!

The third round voting has ended and it was the closest voting yet! In the beginning of the week, the majority of the remaining top seeds were in danger of going down, including the #1 overall seed Lost. But by the end of the week, they had all mostl »»

Inside Pulse TV Madness Sweet 16 Round Voting Continues To Heat Up - Castle, Supernatural, Bones, and NCIS All Hope To Pull Off More Upsets

The third round voting has ended and it was the closest voting yet! In the beginning of the week, the majority of the remaining top seeds were in danger of going down, including the #1 overall seed Lost. But by the end of the week, they had all mostl »»

Inside Pulse TV Madness Bracket Tournament - Top Shows Burn Notice, Modern Family, House, and South Park Attempt To Knock Off #1 Seeds Mad Men, The Office, Dexter, and Lost In Sweet 16 Round Voting

The third round voting has ended and it was the closest voting yet! In the beginning of the week, the majority of the remaining top seeds were in danger of going down, including the #1 overall seed Lost. But by the end of the week, they had all mostl »»

Inside Pulse TV Madness Continues With Sweet 16 Round Voting Including Top Seeds 24, Friday Night Lights, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, and More!

The third round voting has ended and it was the closest voting yet! In the beginning of the week, the majority of the remaining top seeds were in danger of going down, including the #1 overall seed Lost. But by the end of the week, they had all mostl »»

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