IPTV Best Show Bracket Tournament - Second Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Lost, Dexter, Mad Men, The Office, Glee, Survivor, 24, Friday Night Lights, and More!

The first round voting has ended and there were plenty of upsets to go around. In fact, the ABC Region could be described as "upset city". Only 3 top seeds made it to the next round. With the exception of #11 Parks & Recreation #12 Monk, and #15 Ugly »»

Inside Pulse TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament- First Round Voting Continues

Go vote for your favorite TV shows to advance in the best show on television tournament! »»

2010 Inside Pulse Best Television Show Tournament - First Round Voting

It's that time again! It's the month of March and that could only mean one thing...time to drink green beer! Oh yeah, and it's March Madness time! The biggest and most talked about tournament is the NCAA Basketball championship tournament. It kicked »»

Bones: Season Four - DVD Review

Bones is one of those series that has a lot of qualities from different crime dramas thrown in together but does an excellent job of adding in some humor and great chemistry between the two lead characters. »»

Zooey Deschanel Joins Her Sister on Bones

Bones is giving its fans double the Deschanel for Christmas. (500) Days of Summer star Zooey Deschanel will join her big sister Emily on the Dec. 10 episode of the FOX series. The episode will mark the first time Emily and Zooey have appeared togeth »»

News and Notes From Bones Comic-Con Panel

Here are the highlights from Bones Comic-Con panel: - The creators talked about the disapproval of the fans for the hookup of Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) during the season finale. "I hope in retrospect the seaso »»

More Comic-Con Panels: 24, Futurama and Maybe Glee; Plus Comic-Con TV Panel Schedule

Jack Bauer is coming to Comic-Con -- and he's bringing Starbuck with him. The stars of 24 -- including Kiefer Sutherland and new cast member Katee Sackhoff, late of Battlestar Galactica -- will be part of a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, Ju »»

Bones: Season Three - DVD Review

The writers' strike has come and gone, but its effects are still being felt months after everyone returned to work. As we all enjoy our favorite television series each day of the week, we long for the days that they will come out on DVD so we can relive reruns without commercial interruptions. The only problem is that the writers' strike has dwindled certain seasons down on the number of episodes we get shorting us all by three, five, or sometimes even seven or more. Betcha they still charge us the same price as a full season, though. »»

Bones - Episode 4-10 Review

I have zero experience in the realm of parenting, so I found this week’s episode of Bones to be very informative. For example: - You’re not a bad parent if you can’t afford to buy your kid a private education; you’re only a bad parent if you »»

Bones - Episode 4-9 Review

It’s off to Shanghai for Booth and Brennan in Bones’ "The Passenger in the Oven", where unfortunately for the crime solving duo a mile high murder keeps them from stepping onto Chinese soil. Forced to solve the mystery before landing and losing »»

Bones - Episode 4-8 Review

For those of you who’ve long wondered what happens when tear gas meets a meth lab, the answer is summed up in six letters: K-a B-o-o-m. And it’s on that premise that Bones' "The Con Man" in the Meth Lab centers, after State Police discover a bod »»

Pre-Black Friday Giveaway or: The Biggest DVD Lounge Contest of the Year!

With the state of the economy today, The DVD Lounge feels your pain. We know that there are those who are hesitant about making huge purchases this holiday season, or going from shop to shop, burning gasoline, looking for presents. So I tell you what, let us lend a hand. Well, "us" and some generous PR firms. They've given the Lounge plenty of DVDs and Blu-rays to give away. »»

Bones - Episode 4-7 Review

Returning after a three-week absence due to the World Series, it’s fitting that this newest installment of Bones would reveal one of its characters is, as they say, batting for the other team. While Grey’s Anatomy makes headlines for suddenly bo »»

Bones - Episode 4-6 Review

It isn’t often a television show creates for itself the opportunity to offend both the transsexual community and the Pope, all in one episode. But Bones did just that, dabbling in topics widely considered touchy without skipping a beat. Not to wor »»

Bones - Episode 4-5 Review

It’s workplace romance and Cubicle Farm country taken on in this week’s Bones, as Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Dr. Temperence Brennan (Emily Deschanel) search out the killer of a beloved office manager from amongst her coworker »»

Bones - Episode 4-4 Review

Oh, the unequivocal joy felt when a favorite television character returns to your small screen. It’s as if they never left. That’s right, Zack (Eric Millegan) is back on Bones, for an episode at least. Until now the former cast regular has been »»

Bones - Episode 4-3 Review

Of all the things to find in a bird’s nest, it had to be a finger. A phalange, actually. A singular, partly flesh-covered phalange, which is usually an indication nineteen other phalanges will be found nearby, attached to a very singular corpse. Th »»

Bones - Episode 4-2 Review

The Hollywood writers strike may have ended after 14 weeks back in February, but there’s no getting around it: ramifications are still rippling through our favorite returning TV shows like pesky little waves on a normally glassy pond. Case in point »»

Bones - Episode 4-1 Review

It's always a sketchy bet when your favorite television show jumps locations. Think Weeds post the Agrestic neighborhood fire. Or how about how much less homey it felt when those Dawson's kids traded in their angst-filled bedrooms for the booze-soake »»

Future Fox releases, Hancock, and more

Details on a number of titles, including: Hancock, The Simpsons, Bones, The Pink Panther, and a massive 61-disc box set!! »»

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