Review: Booster Gold Future’s End #1 by Dan Jurgens and his Boosterrific Friends

Booster Gold is back! But which Booster is he? And where is he? »»

Wednesday Comments – Six Dream DC Comics New 52 Titles

This week I’m offering up some titles that DC can use to bolster their shelf real estate. »»

Demythify: Essential Guide To Forever Evil #6 With Nightwing, Crime Syndicate's Hooded Prisoner & More (Spoilers)

The penultimate issue of Forever Evil hits this week promising big reveals. »»

Demythify: The Top 10 DC Comics New 52 Time Anomalies For The New 52: Futures End 2014 Weekly Series

The first few years of the DC New 52 have been building to this? »»

Demythify: A Fourth Justice League DC Comics Title & Five Trinities For 2013's New 52 Trinity War? (Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, R. B. Silva & More)

Fourth Justice League title leaked? Plus we sift through the Trinity War including a bit of a Justice League #16 spoiler. »»

Would You Pay $50 For A New Justice League Unlimited 3-Pack?!?

Yes, an outrageous question, but one Mattel wants us to answer. At this time there are just not enough JLU fans/customers to keep the line going. We tried lots of different combinations from single figures to 7 packs and not one of the JLU items »»

Scott Reviews The New 52: Week 9

Scott Reviews The New 52:  Week 9   Action Comics #3 The awesome run of DC’s flagship comic continues, and I’m going to be sad to see this version of Superman going away in a few issues.   Clark Kent is a bedraggled reporter, »»

Review: Justice League International #2 By Dan Jurgens And Aaron Lopresti

Can Booster and his new team stop giant robots? Is it good? »»

Flashpoint Review: Booster Gold #47 By Dan Jurgens

The final issue of Booster Gold! »»

The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week 7/13/11-7/19/11

Five great moments to cap off the comics week. »»

Flashpoint Spoilers: What Is The Source Of Project Superman's Powers?

How does the United States make their own Superman? »»

Exclusive Dan Jurgens Interview (III): Flashpoint, Booster Gold & DC Comics Relaunch

Our final interview in our 3-part series with comics great Dan Jurgens. Today we talk Booster Gold and Flashpoint. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: New Superman, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold & Other Costumes NOT Final?

So, whose costumes will be changing between now and September? »»

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