Weekend Box Office: Skyfall Scores #1, Playing For Keeps Bombs

James Bond's twenty-third outing on the big screen is closing in on one billion worldwide. »»

Skyfall Becomes UK's Highest-Grossing Release Of All Time

James Bond's 23rd adventure continues to break records. »»

Weekend Box Office: Twilight Narrowly Defeats Skyfall To Finish #1 Again

No difference in the top three and Brad Pitt has his worst opening weekend in more than a decade. »»

Box Office: Twilight Glistens More Than A Thanksgiving Turkey, Takes #1 During Record-Breaking Weekend

Breaking Dawn Part 2 faces three new releases (and a second round of James Bond) as part of the most profitable Thanksgiving box office on record. »»

Weekend Box Office: Skyfall Shaken As Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 2 Opens Huge

The Twilight Saga concludes with strong opening numbers, while the top 10 combines for $240 million overall. »»

Weekend Box Office: Skyfall Has Best Opening Ever For A James Bond Film With $87.8 Million

After becoming the biggest Bond in U.K. history Skyfall scores the best November debut for a film that doesn't have Twilight or Potter in the title. »»

Weekend Box Office: Wreck-It Ralph Powers Up To #1, Flight Soars In Low-Theater Count Debut

On the heels of its acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney's animation wing has its biggest opening ever. »»

Weekend Box Office: Argo Rockets To #1, Cloud Atlas Falls To Earth To Finish Third

Weak offerings finds Ben Affleck's latest gunning for that number one spot. »»

Weekend Box Office: Paranormal Activity Wins But Loses, Argo Remains Solid In Second Week

Paranormal Activity 4 easily wins the weekend, but stiffer competition prevents it from having an opening as big as PA3. »»

Weekend Box Office: Taken 2 Dominates Weekend Worldwide, To The Tune Of $117 Million

Liam Neeson shows off his very particular set of skills again, and families skip Frankenweenie. »»

Weekend Box Office: Sony Scores Pair Of Hits With Hotel Transylvania And Looper

Typically not expected, Sony Pictures sits atop the box office with two new releases. »»

Weekend Box Office: Tight Race Sees End Of Watch and HATES Tied For First

The good news: three movies grossed more than $10 million. The bad news: there's no definitive number one. »»

Weekend Box Office: Resident Evil Takes #1 While The Master Breaks Arthouse Records

A franchise and an animated hit from 2003 top the list, but The Master shows impressive numbers at just five locations. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Possession Repeats In One Of The Worst Box Office Weekends Ever

No film grosses more than $10 million, and the top ten combines for less than $47 million. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Possession Takes Control Of Labor Day Weekend With $17.7 Million

Audiences don't confuse The Possession with The Apparition, and The Avengers sets a new milestone. »»

Weekend Box Office: Weak Offerings Favor Expendables And Conservatives

Last weekend of the summer blockbusters goes out with a whimper, not a bang. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Expendables 2 Takes The Weekend But Can't Outperform First Expendables

Weekend Box Office: The Expendables 2 Takes The Weekend But Can't Outgross First Expendables »»

Weekend Box Office: The Bourne Legacy Scores $40 Million Opening, Knocks Dark Knight Rises From #1

A sequel and a political comedy dethrone The Dark Knight's three-week reign as number one. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Dark Knight Rises Drops 60%, Remains #1

Newcomers The Watch and Step Up Revolution fail to excite; act as sacrificial lambs to the dark knight. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Dark Knight Rises In Wake Of Tragedy To $161.1 Million

Box office totals now updated with weekend actuals. »»

Weekend Box Office: Ice Age 4 Drifts To #1, Spider-Man's Web Frays - Drops To #2

One last monetary calm before The Dark Knight Rises. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Amazing Spider-Man Swings Its Way To #1

Also, Disney is the first studio to have a domestic box office of $1 billion. »»

Weekend Box Office: Pixar's Brave Dominates With $66.7 Million Opening

Pixar makes it a baker's dozen with its thirteenth straight #1 opening. »»

Weekend Box Office: Madagascar Repeats While Audiences Put That's My Boy Up For Adoption

As for Rock of Ages, it was a Jukebox »»

Weekend Box Office: Madagascar 3 Tops List With $60.4 Million, Prometheus Also A Big Success

Animation and science-fiction were big hits over the weekend with an estimated $110 million in combined earnings. »»

Weekend Box Office: Snow White And The Huntsman Bucks The Weak Opening Trend; The Avengers Continues To Break Records

Universal breathes a sigh of relief with Snow White as The Avengers surpasses a certain milestone once held by the Caped Crusader. »»

Weekend Box Office: Men In Black 3 Takes Memorial Day Holiday, The Avengers Drops To #2

It took three weeks for a movie to unseat The Avengers from the top spot, yet Disney is laughing all the way to the bank. »»

Weekend Box Office: The Avengers Sinks Battleship, #1 For Third Straight Weekend

The Avengers dominates for a third straight weekend, while Battleship bombs away - and not in a good way. »»

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