So Just How Popular Is WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus? (John Cena, The Rock, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar)

There has been a lot of talk on this website for many months about current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and his "popularity" in WWE. Well, the August 6th Wrestling Observer Newsletter sheds some light on this subject, as they released their »»

Real Steel - Review

Proof that Super 8 Wasn’t the Only Amblin-Inspired Release of 2011. »»

Off Limits - DVD Review

The comedy mixes the boxing and military genre for an enjoyable blend of stiff upper lips and glass jaws. »»

The View From Down Here #125 - 2010 Awards

Who did I think were the best and worst in Australian sport in 2010? And why? Well, you'll have to read to find out, won't you? »»

The Fighter - Review

An emotional roller-coaster ride that packs a punch, with award-worthy performances. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #123 – Brief and to the point… plus AFI Awards

Some sport, some Oprah and a lot of Australian Film Institute. Come in and enjoy the view! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #103– Masterchef!

We have an election coming up so what do Australians do? Watch a cooking show on TV! You’d think it was a sport or something! »»

Boxing News: Manny Pacquiao Admitted To Hospital With Stomach Ulcer

The elite boxer was diagnosed with a mild ulcer during a regular check-up on Sunday. »»


Scores… and a rant about winning. Because that’s all that matters, isn’t it? »»

The View From Down Here #77 - End Of The Decade Special

It's the best of the Noughties in Australian sport! Countdown 25 to 1 and see what I thought was Australia's crowning sporting moment! »»

Monday Morning Critic - 1.11

On tap this week: -- Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler are .... Funny? -- My problem with the Star Wars prequels -- No Mayweather/Pacquiao? No problem And slightly much more! »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #73 – Domestic Cricket & AFI Awards

A shorter view this week with lots of cricket, some more soccer-baiting, and the list of winners from the AFI Awards.ed). A short view. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #72 – Riot City Wrestling & Cricket

Cricket, wrestling and V8s were great! Soccer still infuriates! And this is a day late! »»

WWE Main Eventer in Floyd Mayweather's Corner

Former WWE Champ to be in Mayweather's corner... and Floyd suggests he might move full-time to wrestling once he's done boxing. »»

Big Show in Tax Trouble?

WWE Raw wrestler the Big Show is reportedly in tax trouble and being sued, due to NOT boxing. has all the details. »»

The View From Down Here #46

Scores, rants... you know the drill. And I introduce a new section. That's the view! »»

Former WWE Star to Face Former Boxing World Champ?

The promoters of Roy Jones Jr.'s upcoming mixed boxing/MMA pay-per-view are in talks with Hasim Rahman to take Ken Shamrock's place vs. Bobby Lashley on March 21. »»

The View From Down Here #16

With the US election about to hit everyone in the face like a cream pie thrown by Bozo's kid brother, what better way to escape it all than by reading the raving lunacy of an Australian hack? We've got wrestling, cricket, some YouTube goodies and more scores than you could really care about. All that and... well, not much else really. Hey, come and take in the view! »»

The View From Down Here #7

A brief one today, with the finals series in full force in our football codes, and soccer's season really just starting... and basketball apparently due to start after a quarter of the teams have collapsed... So today I'll look at boxing. »»

The New York Sports Rant 02.06.04

The Carolina Panthers put 29 points up on New England. The team that shut down the highest high-octane offense in the league got twenty-friggin'-nine hung on them by a team that allegedly (by myself among others) would be lucky to put ANY points on »»

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