Emily Maynard Confirms Bachelor Breakup

Another Bachelor couple hits the skids »»

Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Have Officially Broken Up

Just in time for the season premiere of the new season of The Bachelorette, comes the news that the last Bachelor, Brad Womack has officially ended his engagement with Emily Maynard. That news should only surprise the handful of "true believers" left »»

The Bachelorette 2011 Spoilers: Does Drunk Dude Tim McCormack Make It To Final Four or Not Past the First Episode

Anyways that guy is Tim McCormack. Many have wondered how far Tim wil go in this season? Will it be another Chantal "slapping" Brad fakeout by the producers, and Tim will stick around to the end? »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack & Emily Maynard Say They Will Try Things Out For '3 Months'

In a recent interview, Brad Womack admitted that things haven't exactly been a fairytale with romance since the show ended. While Womack said that he has "never been happier" and is "so happily engaged," he also admitted that they have also consid »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Chantal Confronts Brad & Asks 'When Did You Know It Wouldn't Be Me?'

On the After The Final Rose Special, Chantal asked Brad Womack when he knew that it would be Emily and not her. Brad said that early on he had feelings for Emily, but admitted he had 'instant chemistry' with Chantal and kept her around. He said t »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Bachelor Finale Recap - Brad Officially Picks Emily Maynard

Well, it's all over and in the end, we all kind of knew it. RealitySteve ended up proving all of his detractors wrong with his adjusted pick. Brad selected and proposed to Emily Maynard on The Bachelor finale. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack Picks Emily Maynard Tonight... But Are They Still Engaged?

Well, the night that Bachelor fans have been waiting for is here. Tonight, Brad Womack will finally make his decision between Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien and as RealitySteve has reported, Brad will pick Emily. The real question is what wi »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Details On Chantal's New Man, Confirmation Of Ashley Hebert As New Bachelorette?

No one could really understand why Ashley Hebert will be announced as the new Bachelorette, until now. RealitySteve has now confirmed details on Chantal's new boyfriend, further confirming that Brad Womack will pick Emily Maynard next week and tha »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Is Emily Maynard Lying To Brad Womack About Her Past?

Is Emily Maynard not as sweet as we think she is? The rumoured winner has been presented as completely soft-spoken, but apparently Cori Kurek (who was briefly engaged to Emily's late husband Ricky Hendrick) says that Maynard is a liar. Accordin »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Reality Steve Retracts... Emily Maynard Reportedly Engaged To Brad Womack?

In a stunning turn of events, it appears that everyone can make a mistake. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Who Will Say Yes To The Fantasy Overnight Dates With Brad Womack?

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, all three girls (Ashley, Emily and Chantal) will accept the overnight stay with Brad. As for the dates themselves: - Ashley and Brad will take a helicopter ride - Chantal and Brad will go on a safari - Em »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: The Women Tell All Revealed, Michelle In Hot Seat, Brad Defends Shawntel

In next week's episode of The Bachelor, the women will return to tell all. According to RealitySteve, Chris Harrison will call four women up to the hot seat and they will be Melissa, Ashley Spivey, Michelle and Ashley Hebert. Melissa and Raichel »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack Explains Why He Didn't Kiss Emily Maynard

In a recent column, Brad Womack explained why he didn't feel comfortable kissing Emily Maynard. "I want to explain why I didn't kiss Emily while sitting on her couch. It's no secret that I'm brand new to a lot of this. I've never dated a woman wit »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Ashley H The Obvious Next Elimination? Will It Come Down To Emily vs. Chantal?

So far, everything has gone exactly as predicted. If the pattern holds true, RealitySteve will have successfully spoiled another season with Ashley H being the next girl eliminated by Brad Womack setting up the Chantal/Emily final two that has bee »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Bachelor Fans Rejoice As Brad Eliminates Michelle Money

Fans of The Bachelor are probably celebrating just as much as Cheeseheads did in Wisconsin after the Packers won the Super Bowl. Brad Womack finally eliminated the controversial Michelle Money on last night's episode. Michelle was the subject o »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack's Text Proposal To Ex Laurel Kagay Revealed

With the story recently breaking about Brad Womack's ex Laurel Kagay claiming that this season's Bachelor proposed to her right before he went to film the ABC show, the text messages are now available and as the saying goes, the proof is in the puddi »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack's Ex Claims He Proposed To Her Before Bachelor Filming Started

In the time we have known Brad Womack, we have learned that he isn't the best decision-maker, has a criminal record under an alternate name, and he took Emily Maynard on a controversial NASCAR date. Couldn't get much worse right? Wrong. Brad's e »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Final Four Revealed, Sexy Swimsuit Photo Shoot, Who Will Brad Choose?

Another all-episode of The Bachelor airs tonight and the final four will be revealed as six ladies will be cut down to a quartet. According to RealitySteve, Britt Billmaier will be eliminated after her one-on-one cliff diving date with Brad. Th »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photo Shoot Up Next For Brad's Ladies

The next episode of The Bachelor will feature a special treat for three of Brad's remaining hopefuls (and male fans of the show, although there don't seem to be that many). Brad Womack surprises Ashley Hebert, Chantal O'Brien, and Michelle Money t »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Another One-On-One Date With Chantal O'Brien & Waterfalls Ahead For Brad Womack

For all the ladies who are happy that there will be no more football talk around the house, it's time to talk about what's important. What's going to happen on tonight's episode of The Bachelor? »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Ashley Spivey Reveals Why Brad Womack Really Eliminated Her

Could one innocent comment have been the real reason Brad Womack eliminated Ashley Spivey on Monday? »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Even The Controversial Vienna Girardi Wants Brad Womack To Pick Emily Maynard

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the controversial Vienna Girardi sided with America when she said that she was rooting for Emily to win The Bachelor. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack Admits He Feels 'Like A Jerk' For Taking Emily On NASCAR Date

In tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack admitted that he felt like a jerk for taking Emily Maynard out on the NASCAR date. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack Takes Girls To Vegas, Which Ashley Will Go Home?

In tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Brad takes the girls to Vegas. Shawntel Newton will get the one-on-one date which involves (what else) a helicopter ride and dinner. Lisa and Marissa will get matching small rose tattoos at some point in th »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack To Take Emily Maynard On Controversial NASCAR Date Tonight, Provides 'Closure'

In tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack will take Emily Maynard on a controversial NASCAR group date which has obviously raised quite a lot of controversy. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Chris Harrison Admits Michelle 'Playing' Brad Well, Confirms Final 3?

In a recent interview, Chris Harrison shed more light on Brad's relationship with Michelle and admitted that the show's resident villain is doing a great job at keeping the Bachelor interested. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack's Ex Reveals Dirty Little Secret... He Isn't There To Find Love!

When Bettina Bell (a contestant on Brad's first season of The Bachelor was eliminated, who knew that the pair would pursue a romance... and then dump her when he was offered the chance to do the show again. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Chantal O'Brien & Emily Maynard Top Contenders

After an exciting episode of The Bachelor yesterday, it's clear that Brad has his favorites just like we have ours. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Chris Harrison Admits Brad Womack Date Was A 'Big One' With Chantal O'Brien

As is now heavily rumored, Chantal O'Brien will be Brad's final pick this season and now the theory may even have some backing from the show's host, Chris Harrison. »»

The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack To Give Possible Winner Chantal O'Brien Solo Date Tonight

Tonight marks the fourth week of the Bachelor Brad adventures and we should see the first glimpses of why Chantal O'Brien has been rumored to be this season's winner and Brad's final choice. According to RealitySteve, Brad and Chantal are picked u »»

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