Just Seen It TV Review: Partners - CBS Fall 2012 Pilot [Video]

Salim, Sean and David review this new sitcom about two buddy, one straight, one gay. Starring Aaron Fink, Greg Karber, Liz Manashil. Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Stephen Krystek. Produced by David Freedman(@ShowRunnerDave), Cooper Griggs, Aaron »»

Hot Short Film: Brandon Routh & Bret Harrison Star In BenDavid Grabinski's Cost of Living

BenDavid Grabinski's Cost of Living has gotten some strong buzz since it's debut last year at Fantastic Fest. Now you can watch it below. Plot Summary: A look at the day-to-day life of a pair of security guards who are just about fed up with »»

Blu-ray Deal Of The Day: Superman Anthology For $55.99

Look up in the Sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman for $55.99. »»

Blu-ray Review: Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology (1978 - 2006)

Save for one or two curious omissions, this set is something all Superman fans should have in their Blu-ray collections. »»

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night - Review

Horror styled noir piece doesn’t go far enough »»

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Coming to DVD/Blu-ray on November 9

DVD and Blu-Ray to include two commentary tracks, deleted scenes and plenty of trailers. »»

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Review

Absolutely crazy … but absolutely brilliant »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Hidden Camera

Today in Bad Movies Done Right: Dean Cain stars in Mega Bill vs. Giant Snark »»

Table For Three - DVD Review

tableforthree Funny story about this movie. I was just looking at it one day after watching it a few times, and I noticed it was rated R for nudity. And I was running through the movie in my head trying to remember the nudity. Then the strip club scene starts and I remembered what the nudity was, my cousin was laughing because that was the scene I forgot. »»

"Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies, oh my!"

Producer Gilbert Adler is sinking his teeth into the horror film Dead of Night, which starts production today in New Orleans. And DRAC Studios, whose creative director, Greg Cannom, won the makeup Oscar for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, will be doing the makeup effects. »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#42

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! [Happy New Year, Greg! Sorry for the delay in putting this up everybody, direct the hatemail to me! --The Ever Lovin' Greek Editor] Let me kick this off with a special thanks to those three or four of you who've deci »»

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