Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-22 Review

 If “Walker Down the Aisle" does turn out to be the series finale, I wouldn't really mind. Sarah's wedding could end the series perfectly, with the Walkers for the most part living happily ever after. What I personally loved about the episode w »»

Brothers & Sisters Episode 5-21 Review

Sarah deals with an identity crisis, and Nora unsuccessfully tries to get over Brody in “For Better or For Worse." This episode features an important flashback, one that reveals why Brody left Nora, knowing the baby could be his. Despite Sarah's »»

Brothers & Sisters – Episode 5-20 Review

 After a lackluster season so far, Brothers & Sisters follows up the great episode “Wouldn't It Be Nice," with the equally fantastic “Father Unknown." While Kevin and Scotty try to find their baby, Nora and Justin must confirm Sarah's questi »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-19 Review

 In “Wouldn't It Be Nice," Justin finds out that Brody's been keeping a huge secret from...okay, I can't do this. I have to start out this review by saying how fantastic this episode is! Best one of the season by far, and as a bonus, it has a Beac »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episodes 17 and 18 Review

 After a month-long hiatus, Brothers & Sisters returned this week with two episodes in a row. Since they have separate titles, Olivia's Choice and Never Say Never, I'm thinking they're just individual episodes that happened to air in one night, »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-15 Review

 As indicated in the preview after the last episode, “Brody” is a fun, hilarious episode that reunites Nora with her old flame, Nick Brody (Beau Bridges). The only real conflict in this episode of course comes from Tommy, who decides to move away from the family once again. »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-14 Review

After the changed anniversary date discovery last episode, Sarah's paternity is questioned in “The One That Got Away." Meanwhile Saul resists his budding romance with his old friend, Nora must decide if she wants to reconnect with Brody, and Luc tr »»

Brothers & Sisters 2011 Spoilers: Who Will Die?

With rumors of a character's impending death on Brothers & Sisters, we can now confirm who it will be. Nora and Saul's difficult mom Ida Holden (Marion Ross) will die later this season and it will be a Jewish funeral which will prompt Justin to go »»

Brothers & Sisters – Episode 5-13 Review

 Brothers & Sisters celebrates its 100th episode by bringing home a long-absent sibling, and welcoming a couple new members in the family. Tommy returns for good, but he's bringing her strange fiance with him, while Nora and Saul look forward to meeting Olivia. »»

Brothers & Sisters – Episode 5-12 Review

After a decent episode last week, Brothers & Sisters causes confusion with this week's “Thanks for the Memories.” While Holly's exit was fairly expected, Kitty's trip to DC is a bewildering twist doesn't make much sense. »»

Brothers & Sisters – Episode 5-11 Review

 After a two-week-long hiatus, Brothers & Sisters returns with a break up for one relationship and quick progress for others. While I did miss Sarah, this episode was fairly decent compared to some of its recent predecessors. »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-10 Review

 The Walker siblings' predictable Christmas dinner at Nora's is turned upside-down when Nora says she's no longer hosting the holiday. Petty sibling rivalry, The Grinch as played by Sarah Walker, and one surreal dream sequence make for one of the season's most hilarious episodes. »»

Brothers & Sisters – Episode 5-9 Review

While it's not a high point of the series, Brothers & Sisters' latest episode “Get a Room” does manage to have some comedic charm. »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-8 Review

Brothers & Sisters deviates from it's typical structure and takes on a more sitcom-like format. With many characters MIA, "The Rhapsody of the Flesh" sticks to humor and only two story lines. While not a particularly bad move, since it is actuall »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-7 Review

A good follow-up to the fantastic previous episode, "Resolved" not only continues Kevin and Scotty's issues, it also updates Holly's condition. Ever since Rebecca left, Justin has been taking Holly to her therapy sessions. Naturally, she's been im »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-6 Review

After the disappointing episode "Call Mom," Brothers & Sistersbounces back with the fantastic episode "An Ideal Husband." Kevin and Scotty drama takes center stage for once as the family reacts to the shocking news of Scotty's affair. Of cours »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-5 Review

As a rule, I generally don't like to start reviews with a note from me, but I feel in this case I have to apologize. This review is more than a week overdue. While I'm sure you don't care about excuses, I just want to put in that between not having m »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-4 Review

The Walkers say good-bye to Rebecca in this week's episode, "A Righteous Kiss." »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-3 Review

While admittedly the writing could be better, Faking It is still enjoyable and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Of course there's still the drama of Rebecca's return and Holly's inability to remember her, but the episode focuses on Nora and Kitty trying to »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-2 Review

After bringing the Walker family back together in the pilot, Brothers & Sisters returns to form in the second episode of the new season, Brief Encounter. When confronted with her children's various issues, Nora takes charge once again at a cele »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 5-1 Review

After a lackluster season four finale, Brothers & Sisters bounces back with a decent premiere that gives hope for better episode to come this year. Though this premiere is filled to the brim with "here's what you missed in the time jump" dialogue, th »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 4-24 Review

Though supposed to be an intense, devastating finale, "On the Road Again" was full of predictable, forced non-drama. Despite spoilers, like knowing that Rob Lowe's character was dying, I'd hoped I would still be glued to the TV from beginning to end. »»

Brothers & Sisters - 4-23 Review

Ojai closes its doors in this week's emotional episode, "Lights Out." Sarah takes the process especially hard, while Nora's attempt to save the building from demolition reveals more puzzling information about the mysterious Narrow Lake. While Kitty »»

Brothers & Sisters To Skip Forward In Time Like Lost & Desperate Housewives

ABC really likes the flash forwards. Just like it did with mainstay hit, Desperate Housewives, it appears the network will also have Brothers & Sisters skip a year ahead after this season's finale and the premiere of the next. Executive producer, D »»

Brothers & Sisters - 4-21 Review

After exclusively focusing on season plot lines for weeks now, "Where There's Smoke" introduces some new drama in a great episode. While I appreciate the shake-up, leaving out the entire Ojai/Narrow Lake ordeal was way too abrupt, and incredibly irr »»

Brothers & Sisters News: Gilles Marini Promoted To Series Regular, Luke Grimes Dropped

Gilles Marini has been promoted to series regular on Brothers & Sisters just as Rob Lowe prepares to exit the series. Joining Rob Lowe, Luke Grimes will also not be returning next season. Credit: »»

Brothers & Sisters Season Finale Spoilers: Justin & Rebecca Separate?

ABC has just released a preview for the May 16 finale of Brothers & Sisters: On the Road Again" – As the Walkers try to cope with the sadness and financial ruin that lingers as a result of the closure of Ojai Foods, they discover a small ray of ho »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 4-20 Review

 After a sequence of fairly decent episodes, "If You Bake It, He Will Come" fell a little flat this week thanks to disjointed story lines that weren't even that interesting. The episode's forced theme of positive thinking could not hide the mess of »»

Rob Lowe Leaves ABC's Brothers & Sisters For NBC's Parks & Recreation

In a major story, it is being reported that Rob Lowe is set to join the cast of Parks & Recreation. This comes right on the heels of the announcement that he was leaving the rival ABC drama, Brothers & Sisters. The move to comedy would definitely b »»

Brothers & Sisters - Episode 4-16 Review

After Justin and Rebecca's tragedy last week, Brothers & Sisters brought back the comedy in "Leap of Faith." Several laugh-out-loud moments and a mad dash through a court house lighten up the episode, though new twists don't fail to leave viewers han »»

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