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Rhett Davis is buying into both Ponder and Cam Newton: “A battle of the beaten.  This fight was a slow beat-down with both team taking blows and trading leads.  However, the Vikings came out in the end despite a last minute field goal attempt by the Panthers that missed far left.  Ponder looked good in the game and didn’t have any picks and threw for over 200 yards.  However, Cam Newton still threw for almost 300 yards and had three TDs despite fumbling the ball twice for two defensive TDs in the first half.  Adrian Peterson ran for over 160 yards and also had 2 TDs.  With hardly any defense, it only made sense that the Vikings scored as well as they did.  Neither of these teams will be contenders this year, but Cam and Ponder could be threats if their teams’ drafts go well.”

While Daniels keeps his focus to Ponder:  “It’s pretty clear that the Vikings didn’t know what they had with Christian Ponder, right?  Or did they know and they just signed McNabb to take some heat for a couple weeks to lessen the pressure on Ponder.  Regardless, I kind of wish this game aired nationally because I’m relatively certain I’m not going to have any real chances to watch either Newton or Ponder this season and it looks like this was a fun game.”

My Take: Ponder is decent, but being propped up by an unsustainable 3rd and long conversion rate.  I’m not seeing the huge deal in his leading a far more talented team to victory.  The Panthers, meanwhile, do have a real stud, as Cam destroys everyone and every indicator is he’s a star.  Peterson was the real difference here, as a big day on the ground and catching took care of one of the worst run and tackling defenses in the league.×120.jpg

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Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons: NFL Week 6 Thoughts Tue, 18 Oct 2011 21:00:36 +0000 Carolina Panthers 17 – Atlanta Falcons 31

Jonathan Kirschner notes that Michael Turner > Cam Newton, for now: Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers can’t seem to catch a break. They marched into Week 6 ready to pick up just their second victory of the season, but were stopped dead in their tracks by the Atlanta Falcons defense and Michael Turner. While Newton racked up a nice amount of yards (237 passing, 50 rushing), he seemed to be trigger happy, throwing for 3 interceptions. Newton is going to be an amazing quarterback in the future, but he hasn’t figured out exactly what his role on the offense is. Getting labeled as a franchise quarterback in your rookie year is no easy task to take (just ask Vince Young), but he is having an impressive season. The impact player of the game was on the other side of the field as Michael Turner ran for over 120 yards and found the end-zone 3 times.


Rhett Davis is likewise impressed with Turner: Yet another close defeat for the Panthers.  I’m convinced that next year the Panthers will be somewhat of a threat, but this year it just isn’t happening.  Cam Newton still had an over 200 yard game and a run-in touchdown, but the Panther defense just couldn’t contain the fierce Michael Turner who ran for 139 yards and 2 TDs.


And Daniels only cares about his wallet: Cam Newton finally didn’t cover a spread.  It had to end sometime.  Atlanta’s going to be good at home this year, which isn’t a big surprise, but boy I can’t wait to bet against them on the road.


My Take: The Panthers have the worst run defense in football, so everyone needs to calm down with the Michael Turner stuff – he’s having a bad year.  The Falcons are still a team that wins when they don’t make mistakes and their opponent does, so the Cam Newton interceptions are no real shock.  More to the point though, this division is fairly ridiculous already and as the Panthers get better?  The Saints have a case as the second best team in the NFC, while the Buccs match their record and the Falcons had the best record in the NFC last year.  With Cam on the Panthers, all they really need now is a run defense (doable in the draft and free agency) and then this is suddenly yet another really good team.  For now my pick is the Saints for the division with Tampa competing for a wildcard, but this should be tight for years to come.×120.jpg

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Carolina Panthers Top Jaguars for Cam Newton’s first Win: NFL Week 3 Commentary Tue, 27 Sep 2011 16:00:19 +0000 Jacksonville Jaguars 10 – Carolina Panthers 16


The story, to Grey Scherl at least, is Cam Newton’s first win: Cam Newton finally gets a win, but it’s over the still ailing Jaguars. These are two of the three teams to take first round quarterbacks, but while Cam has been the starter more or less since they announced he was drafted, plenty of people expected Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker to sit this season and start next year. Well, the Mizzou alumni started his first NFL game today and…to be honest, neither quarterback was very productive. Gabbert had an INT, Newton couldn’t even rush 30 yards. Jacksonville gave up a SAFETY. I’d call this a defensive game, but that’s really just due to neither team having an offense worth speaking of.


And Daniels piles on with a tweet-style thought: At this point, the only question is if Cam Newton or the Bills are getting the cover of Sports Illustrated first.  I vote Cam.


My Take:  I’d love to talk about Gabbert, but he played like you’d expect a rookie to, but the story is really, clearly Newton. He’s among the best looking rookie QB’s I’ve ever seen.  He wasn’t great this week, but he played well enough to get his team the win and well enough that I really, really wish his team were in the AFC away from my Packers.  The Panthers defense, which everyone constantly forgets, is not bad at all.  They’ll be covering for Newton’s mistakes this year and maybe next, but as he gets it, they are not far from contention.×120.jpg

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First Look at McFarlane SportsPicks NFL Cam Newton Figure Tue, 27 Sep 2011 15:53:56 +0000 has revealed the first look at Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers first round breakout star Quarterback.

McFarlane Toys has a tradition of including one NFL rookie in our SportsPicks lineups dating all the way back to 2006. Some have turned out better than others, but our collectors are always eager to find the short-printed (used to be surprise figure, and now evolved into a Collector Level figure) rookie each fall. This NFL season was widely considered to be a tough year for rookie quarterbacks. With the summer work stoppage forcing the cancelation of rookie camps and mini camps, the Class of 2011 has a tall order to fill. None of that seems to bother top overall pick and NFL 28 member Cam Newton.

The Heisman Trophy and National Championship winning quarterback from Auburn went to the Carolina Panthers with the first selection in this Spring’s NFL Draft. Newton turned heads in the pre-season, winning the starting job outright, but no one predicted the immediate impact he’d have on the Panthers’ offense. He debuted at Arizona, and piled up an NFL record 422 yards passing with two touchdowns versus one interception. No rookie had ever thrown for that many yards in his first NFL start. Returning home, Newton piled on the numbers again – throwing for 432 yards and one touchdown while rushing for 53 yards and a score as well. Granted, the defending champion Green Bay Packers intercepted Newton three times en route to a 30-23 victory, but the impact of Newton’s arrival was recognized league-wide.

So far, so good – and it’s going to get even better, as Newton is part of our upcoming NFL 28 series. As a Collector Level –Only figure, there are only three thousand Newton figures randomly inserted into our NFL 28 cases and making their way to a store near you. Check out the image of Cam Newton in his new SportsPicks packaging:

Look for Cam Newton and the rest of NFL 28 (Clay Matthews, Ben Roethlisberger, Dez Bryant, Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Andre Johnson & Barry Sanders) in stores near you early this November.

Click for Larger Image×120.jpg

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NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: Green Bay Packers 30, Carolina Panthers, 23 Tue, 20 Sep 2011 08:00:36 +0000 Rhett Davis: Cam Newton… does it again!  He had yet another 400+ yard game.  Despite those accolades, the Carolina Panthers still lost to the mighty Green Bay Packers who looked great for a second week with Aaron Rodgers scoring 2 TD’s and over 300 yards in passing.  If Carolina had a decent running back, they would be a force to be reckoned with.


Daniels: Not a lot to go with here.  The Packers defense showed itself kind of weak in a second consecutive win.  Cam Newton is going to break a ton of Fantasy Leagues this year simply by going to the guy who had first waiver priority last week.

Grey Scherl: Cam Newton did what? He threw how many yards two weeks in a row? And with the Panthers? Really? Alright, dude is a beast, I was wrong when I said he’d wind up being a bust. Or maybe even this statement is a bit premature. Then again, 432 yards against the Packers and another 50 on the ground? At the same time, the one touchdown to three picks speaks for itself. Cam Newton is going to be huge if he stays healthy, and even bigger if his team can work around him. The Packers, on the other hand, continue to look impressive doing things their way. Aaron Rodgers continues to steadily build up his numbers, his receivers are productive, the running backs are productive, and their defense is dominant. Four hundred receiving yards against them isn’t a great sign, but again, one touchdown to three picks; two of them to Woodson. Packers are looking like the best team in the NFC North.

Glazer: Let’s begin with the simple fact that at this point, Cam Newton is real.  If he were experienced enough to simply avoid Charles Woodson, the Panthers win this game thanks to Cam and a really impressive defense.   Cam is going to own this league one day, and that day really may not be that far away. That said, after a very rocky start where they didn’t appear to take the Panthers seriously, much like Dallas against SF, the Packers had to rally to win and looked hugely impressive.  James Starks continues to show he changes the entire offense for the better, but the Packers insisting on being so conservative is going to bit them against a superior team.×120.jpg

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Cam Newton’s Stellar Game Earns Praise of Carolina Panthers’ Coach Mon, 12 Sep 2011 19:42:43 +0000 Associated PRess

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Questions regarding Panthers rookie Cam Newton have turned from if he’ll be a good NFL quarterback to how good he’ll be.

At least for now.

In his NFL debut, Newton ignited a Carolina offense that finished last in the NFL in total offense, passing yards and scoring last season by throwing for 422 yards — the most ever by a rookie quarterback in his first career start. His passing total was one yard shy of the team record set by Chris Weinke and the fourth-highest opening day total in NFL history.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Monday that Newton “exceeded expectations” on Sunday, but cautioning that there will be tougher times ahead for the Heisman Trophy out of Auburn.

“We still have some things to work on,” Rivera said.

Newton threw touchdown passes of 77 and 26 yards to 32-year-old Steve Smith and ran for another score, although his bid for a game-tying drive in the final minute fell a yard short and the Panthers lost 28-21 to the Arizona Cardinals.

“He’s just one of those guys when he gets in the game, there’s just something about him,” tight end Greg Olsen said. “There’s some guys that have it, and some don’t.”

Newton had it on Sunday.

He completed 24 of 37 passes, answering lingering questions about his accuracy issues. Newton completed just 40.4 percent of his passes during the preseason.

Smith said Newton answered a lot of questions.

“He did everything everybody didn’t expect him to do. He was on point,” Smith said. “He made some great runs, some great reads and some fantastic throws. He made some throws out there that, honestly as a receiver, it made it easy to catch them.”

It’s clear the Panthers’ offense won’t look like it did last year under offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson.

The Panthers weren’t afraid to go to the air on third downs and regularly took shots down the field, one resulting in Newton’s 77-yard hookup with Smith, who finished with 178 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

Newton may have made a believer out of some of this critics, but his teammates have always been in his corner.

“Everybody believes in him,” two-time Pro Bowl left tackle Jordan Gross said. “We’re never looking around wondering who’s going to make the play. I know our receivers believe in him as well. He’s our quarterback and he’s taken that by the reins and led the charge.”

Newton downplayed his own success after the game, continually turning questions about his success into talk that he needs to improve.

“There’s going to be a lot more things I can look back on … after I watch the film,” Newton said. “One thing I know right now is you have to capitalize. When you’re in the red zone you can’t take a sack, you can’t digress. You have to capitalize and get points when it matters.”

Smith said this is just the beginning of what the Panthers can accomplish as an offense in Rob Chudzinski’s new scheme.

“I think it could be better,” Smith said. “We were off at some times. This is the disadvantage of having a lockout.”

Added Gross: “I mean he did all of that and he didn’t even really scramble and do anything with his legs. That will come. I’m excited to be on a team with him. Our offense is much improved and I expect us to get a lot better next week.”

That’s a strong statement about Newton and the Panthers, who host the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers in their home opener at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday.

But Gross said he was impressed, but unlike some others, not surprised with Newton’s early success.

“He’s had the world on his shoulders for a year now and I think he’s sort of getting used to it,” Gross said. “It was a tough game. He got hit a lot and there was a lot of crowd noise. He had incredible composure against all odds. He was as advertised.”

Despite all the excitement about Newton’s performance, the Panthers lost. And the rookie QB will face a complex scheme led by Packers defensive coordinator and former Panthers head coach Dom Capers.

“We performed well, but not well enough to win. That’s a stinger, but we have a lot to build on,” Smith said. “You don’t want to be hangdog, but you also don’t want to walk around and strut your stuff.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press×120.jpg

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NFL: Team Transactions From August as of August 8, 10:00 PM ET Tue, 09 Aug 2011 22:00:25 +0000 Arizona Cardinals:
Aug. 2, 2011: Re-signed S Matt Ware. Waived OT Brad Thorson.

Atlanta Falcons:
Aug. 8, 2011: Agreed to terms with RB Jason Snelling.
Aug. 7, 2011: Waived PK Jacob Harfman and OT Rob McGill.
Aug. 3, 2011: Waived-injured TE Robbie Agnone.

Baltimore Ravens:
Aug. 8, 2011: Agreed to terms with RB Ricky Williams.
Aug. 5, 2011: Released FB Jason McKie.
Aug. 5, 2011: Agreed to terms with S Bernard Pollard on a two-year contract.
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with C Casey Rabach on a two-year contract.

Buffalo Bills:
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed WR Craig Davis.
Aug. 2, 2011: Activated CB Reggie Corner from the physically-unable-to-perform list.

Carolina Panthers:
Aug. 8, 2011: Clamed G Bryant Browning off waivers from St. Louis. Waived-injured LB Kelvin Smith.
Aug. 7, 2011: Waived WR Brandon Smith.
Aug. 5, 2011: Agreed to terms with WR Legedu Naanee.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed QB Derek Anderson.
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with DT Terrell McClain.

Chicago Bears:
Aug. 3, 2011: Waived TE Draylen Ross.
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with TE Desmond Clark. Signed TE Matt Spaeth. Waived S K.J. Gerard.
Aug. 2, 2011: Waived P Richmond McGee and DT Sean Murnane.

Cincinatti Bengals:
Aug. 8, 2011: Waived S Brian Lainhart and G Mark Wetterer.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed TE Bo Scaife. Waived OL Ryan McKnight.
Aug. 5, 2011: Claimed TE John Nalbone off waivers from Philadelphia. Waived RB Steven Robinson.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed RB Cedric Benson, LB Brandon Johnson and LB Manny Lawson.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed G Max Jean-Gilles to a one-year contract. Waived LB Keith Darbut and LS Neal Dahlman.
Aug. 2, 2011: Acquired WR Andrew Hawkins off waivers from St. Louis. Signed CB Nate Clements.

Cleveland Browns:
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed LB Eric Gordon, LB Archie Donald, DB Dimitri Patterson and P Richmond McGee. Placed P Reggie Hodges on injured reserve. Waived LB Derrick Addai and LB Alex Wujciak.
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with DT Phil Taylor.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed DE Jayme Mitchell. Sent an undisclosed 2012 draft pick to St. Louis to complete an earlier trade for G John Greco.

Dallas Cowboys:
Aug. 7, 2011: Signed QB Tom Brandstater and WR Dominique Edison.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed DT Jimmy Saddler-McQueen. Waived WR Jeff Moturi and DT Lawon Scott.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed Pee Wei Herman to play QB (just a joke).

Denver Broncos:
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with DE Derrick Harvey. Re-signed DE Marcus Thomas. Signed TE Daniel Fells and TE Dante Rosario. Waived S Nick Polk, CB James Rogers and WR Marshall Williams.

Detroit Lions:
Aug. 8, 2011: Released LB Daunte Akra and DB Jamal Robinson. Signed DE Keyunta Dawson and DT Montavious Stanley.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed LB Bobby Carpenter, CB Chris Houston, DE Cliff Avril and T Isaac Sowells. Released CB Branden Bufford, G Pat Illig, WR Michael Moore and CB Brandon Stephens. Claimed WR Nate Hughes off waivers from Jacksonville and G Greg Niland off waivers from Arizona.
Aug. 3, 2011: Released LB Zack Follett, LB Korey Bosworth and DB Jack Williams. Signed DE Greg Banks.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed WR Maurice Stowell. Released WR Jared Jenkins.

Green Bay Packers:
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed LB K.C. Asiodu. Re-signed WR James Jones.

Houston Texans:
Aug. 7, 2011: Signed LB Tim Dobbins.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed FB Lawrence Vickers. Signed P Brad Maynard.

Indianapolis Colts:
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed OT Anthony Castonzo and LB Ernie Sims.
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with DL Jamaal Anderson.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed TE Marcedes Lewis to a five-year contract.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed G Wade Grayson. Waived WR Nate Hughes.

Kansas City Chiefs:
Aug. 8, 2011: Removed TE Tony Moeaki from the phyically-unable-to-perform list.
Aug. 6, 2011: Signed DL Amon Gordon.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed FB Le’Ron McClain, CB Brandon Carr and S Sabby Piscitelli. Agreed to terms with DE Justin Houston on a four-year contract.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed DB Javes Lewis and CB Mario Ruussell. Signed WR Chris Manno.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed OT Barry Richardson to a restricted free agent tender and LB Brandon Siler.

Miami Dolphins:
Aug. 7, 2011: Waived T Micah Kia.
Aug. 6, 2011: Signed OT Ray Willis.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed QB Kevin O’Connell, Signed T Micah Kia. Re-signed OL Nate Garner, RB Lex Hilliard, T Lydon Murtha and RB Kory Sheets.
Aug. 3, 2011: Terminated the contract of LB Tim Dobbins.
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with OT Marc Colombo. Signed LB Jason Taylor and LB Mark Masterson.

Minnesota Vikings:
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed OT Ryan Cook.
Aug. 3, 2011: Released OT Bryant McKinnie.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed OL Charlie Johnson. Placed OT Bryant McKinnie on the non-football injury list.

New England Patriots:
Aug. 8, 2011: Signed DE Shaun Ellis and DE Andre Carter.
Aug. 7, 2011: Signed DE Mark Anderson. Released DL Marlon Favorite and CB Thad Turner. Placed OL Kyle Hix on injured reserve.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed OL Nate Solder.
Aug. 3, 2011: Re-signed T Matt Light. Signed C Chris Morris, CB Ras-I Dowling, RB Shane Vereen, DE Christian Cox, RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis, OL Jonathan Compas and RB Richard Medlin. Released RB Thomas Clayton, OL Mike Berry and QB Jonathan Crompton.

New Orleans Saints:
Aug. 7, 2011: Waived DE Curtis Johnson.
Aug. 5, 2011: Agreed to terms with C Olin Kreutz on a one-year contract, DT Aubrayo Franklin, OT George Foster and OT Alex Barron. Placed LB Jeremiha Hunter on injured reserve. Waived PK Jacob Rogers.
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with DE Cameron Jordan, TE Tory Humphrey and CB Terrraill Lambert. Waived-failed physical G Carl Johnson. Waived-injured CB Josh Gatlin.
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with LB Clint Ingram. Signed G Carl Nicks and C Cecil Newton. Re-signed OT Zach Strief.

New York Giants:
Aug. 6, 2011: Re-signed DE Dave Tollefson.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed CB Prince Amukamara to a four-year contract, CB Darnell Burks, and DT Rocky Bernard. Waived-injured DT Martin Parker and CB Bruce Johnson. Agreed to terms with CB Prince Amukamara.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed RB Andre Brown, WR Michael Clayton, OT Stacy Andrews, DT Gabe Watson, and RB Ahmad Bradshaw.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed QB David Carr and TE Ben Patrick. Waived-injured RB Martell Mallard. Waived/non-football injury S Chad Jones.

New York Jets:
Aug. 7, 2011: Signed WR Derrick Mason to a two-year contract and LS Wilson Raynor and TE Keith Zinger. Waived LB Cody Brown and TE Collin Franklin.
Aug. 5, 2011: OL Damien Woody announced his retirement. Re-signed S Brodney Pool. Signed G Trevor Canfield and T Pete Clifford. Waived CB Jeremy McGee, G Tom Ottaiano and T Jeff Wills. Released WR Jerricho Cotchery.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed LB David Harris to a four-year contract. Signed S DaJuan Morgan. Waived RB Carlos Brown.
Aug. 2, 2011: Re-signed CB Antonio Cromartie to a four-year contract. Signed CB Donald Strickland. Placed WR Jerricho Cotchery and G Brandon Moore on the physically unable to perform list.

Oakland Raiders:
Aug. 7, 2011: Signed WR Derek Hagan, WR Chad Jackson, WR Shawn Bayes and FB Bryson Kelly.
Aug. 6, 2011: Re-signed RB Michael Bush.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed TE Kevin Boss to a four-year contract and LB Darryl Blackstock.
Aug. 3, 2011: Re-signed C Samson Satele. Signed OL Seth Wand, OL Justin Smiley and OL Stephon Heyer.
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with LB Kamerion Wimbley on a five-year contract.

Philadelphia Eagles:
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with OT Ryan Harris, RB Ronnie Brown, S Jarrad Page, DT Anthony Hargrove and DT Derek Landri to one-year contracts and WR Cordario Calvin. Signed WR Brandon Caleb. Waived LB Terence Thomas and TE John Nalbone.
Aug. 2, 2011: Agreed to terms with OL Danny watkins on a four-year contract. Traded DT Brodrick Bunkley to Denver for an undisclosed 2013 draft pick. Waived WR Keith Carlos.

Pittsburg Steelers:
August 5, 2011 Signed LB LaMarr Woodley to a six-year contract.

San Diego Chargers:
Aug. 8, 2011: Waived WR Giovanni Stanley. Signed RB Dean Rogers to a three-year contract.
Aug. 7, 2011: Waived FB Kenny Younger. Waived-injured FB Patrick DiMarco.
Aug. 5, 2011: Agreed to terms with DE Corey Liuget on a four-year contract and WR Malcom Floyd. Signed RB Shawnbrey McNeal and S Nick Polk to two-year contracts.
Aug. 2, 2011: Placed TE Antonio Gates and LB Larry English on the physically-unable-to-perform list.

San Francisco 49ers:
Aug. 8, 2011: Placed WR Dontavia Bogan and CB Curtis Holcomb on injured reserve.
Aug. 7, 2011: Signed S Donte Whitner to a three-year contract.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed C Jonathan Goodwin to a three-year contract and LB Blake Costanzo and WR Braylon Edwards to one-year contracts.
Aug. 3, 2011: Signed CB Carlos Rogers and S Madieu Williams to one-year contracts, and CB Phillip Davis to a three-year contract.

Seattle Seahawks:
Aug. 5, 2011: Agreed to terms with DE Raheem Brock.
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with DE Jimmy Wilkerson and TE Zach Miller. Signed PK Jeff Reed, CB Kelly Jennings, LB Michael Johnson, TE Zach Miller, RB Chase Reynolds and DE Jimmy Wilkerson. Released DT Ladi Ajiboye, PK Wes Byrum, G Michael Huey, QB Zac Lee and LB Blake Sorensen.

St. Louis Rams:
Aug. 6, 2011: Resigned OL Adam Goldberg and T Quinn Ojinnaka. Activated FB Britt Miller from the physically unable to perform list.
Aug. 3, 2011: Agreed to terms with RB Jerious Norwood on a one-year contract.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Aug. 2, 2011: Re-signed LB Adam Hayward to a three-year contract. Released RB Deonte Jackson.

Tennessee Titans:
Aug. 5, 2011: LB David Thornton announced his retirement. Agreed to terms with CB Frank Walker and S Jordan Babineaux. Placed CB Ryan Mouton on injured reserve. Waived WR O.J. Murdock.
Aug. 2, 2011: WR Randy Moss announced his retirement. Agreed to terms with DE Dave Ball and FB Ahmard Hall. Signed DE Jacob Ford.

Washington Redskins:
Aug. 6, 2011: Signed OT Sean Locklear, C Donovan Raiola and P Sav Rocca. Released LB Robert Henson, DT Joe Joseph and LB Kyle O’Donnell.
Aug. 5, 2011: Signed S Reed Doughty, DL Kedric Golston and LB Rocky McIntosh.
Aug. 3, 2011: Re-signed QB Rex Grossman.
Aug. 2, 2011: Signed OT Jammal Brown, LB Horatio Blades, WR Isaac Anderson, LB Obi Ezeh, LB Eric McBride, DB Devonte Shannon, TE Joe Torchia, QB Marc Verica and DT Thomas Weaver.

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NFL News: Ron Rivera Hired By Carolina Panthers Tue, 11 Jan 2011 20:30:54 +0000 The former San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator is heading to the other coast.

The Carolina Panthers have reportedly reached an agreement with defensive guru Ron Rivera to be the fourth head coach in the history of the team.

The Panthers were looking for a new coach after the team fired John Fox after a 2-14 season.

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NFL News: Carolina Panthers WR Dwayne Jarrett Arrested For DWI Tue, 05 Oct 2010 16:37:35 +0000 This is Jarrett’s second DWI arrest in less than 3 years.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Jarrett was pulled over on I-77 in Charlotte shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday. They didn’t announce what his blood alcohol level was, just that he was released on $2,000 bond.

Jarrett pleaded guilty to DWI after a March 2008 arrest in a Charlotte suburb.

The Panthers said they were aware of Tuesday’s arrest and were in the process of gathering more information.

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NFL Preview: Carolina Panthers Fri, 20 Aug 2010 13:00:04 +0000 Home: Bank of America Stadium – Charlotte, North Carolina

Owner: Jerry Richardson
Head Coach: John Fox
Offensive Coordinator: Jeff Davidson
Defensive Coordinator: Ron Meeks
Special Teams Coach: Jeff Rodgers


Sunday, September 12: @ New York Giants
Sunday, September 19: Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, September 26: Vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday, October 3: @ New Orleans Saints
Sunday, October 10: Vs. Chicago Bears
Sunday, October 24: Vs. San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, October 31: @ St. Louis Rams
Sunday, November 7: Vs. New Orleans Saints
Sunday, November 14: @ Tamp Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, November 21: Vs. Baltimore Ravens
Sunday, November 28: @ Cleveland Browns
Sunday, December 5: @ Seattle Seahawks
Sunday, December 12: Vs. Atlanta Falcons
Sunday, December 19: Vs. Arizona Cardinals
Thursday, December 23: @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday, January 2: @ Atlanta Falcons

Projected Offensive Starters

Left Tackle: Jordan Gross
Left Guard: Travelle Wharton
Center: Ryan Kalil
Right Guard: Mackenzy Bernadeau
Right Tackle: Jeff Otah
Wide Receiver 1: Steve Smith
Wide Receiver 2: Dwayne Jarrett
Tight End: Jeff King
Fullback: Tony Fiammetta
Running Back: DeAngelo Williams
Quarterback: Matt Moore

Projected Defensive Starters (Base 4-3 Defense)

Left Defensive End: Tyler Brayton
Left Defensive Tackle: Ed Johnson
Right Defensive Tackle: Louis Leonard
Right Defensive End: Everette Brown
Weakside Linebacker: Jon Beason
Middle Linebacker: Dan Connor
Strongside Linebacker: James Anderson
Left Cornerback: Chris Gamble
Strong Safety: Charles Godfrey
Free Safety: Sherrod Martin
Right Cornerback: Richard Marshall

Projected Special Teams Starters
Kicker (FG and KO): John Kasay
Punter: Jason Baker
Long Snapper: J.J. Jansen
Holder: Jason Baker
Kickoff Returner: Tyrell Sutton
Punt Returner: Captain Munnerlyn

Key Offseason Pick-Ups

Much like the Bucs, the Panthers surely didn’t do a lot to help their cause in the free agent market. I guess you could count linebacker Jamar Williams as the one decent offseason acquisition, but nothing else of note.

Key Offseason Losses

Have you got as minute? Quarterback Jake Delhomme, defensive end Julius Peppers, linebacker Na’il Diggs, wide receiver Muhsin Muhammed (retired), fullback Brad Hoover, defensive tackle Maake Kemoeatu, defensive tackle Damionne Lewis, and safety Chris Harris. Some of these can be gotten around such as Delhomme’s departure since he’s been a shell for about two years now, but the loss of Peppers is going to hurt. When that guy had his mind right and actually “wanted” to play, he was and is a beast. He’s going to be hard to replace.

Rookie Watch

Two really stand out in the class and they really do stand out. If Matt Moore doesn’t play up to par and the Panthers end up at 3-3 or maybe 2-4 after six games, then you can bet that Jimmy Clausen will get his shot. The rookie out of Notre Dame has a lot of talent and plenty of potential. Moore better make sure that he has his team in check and gets some early victories, but that could be a problem. The Giants, Saints, Bears, 49ers, and Bengals are five of their first six and it’s going to be difficult for this team to pull out at least two from this stretch. Clausen better stay warmed up on the sideline.

Now the next rookie to watch is wide receiver Brandon LaFell, and no this is not because of my LSU bias. I’ve watched him in every single collegiate game he has ever played in and he can fly. Once he finally learned how to hold on to the easy passes (what is with former LSU receivers and easy drops? See: Devery Henderson), LaFell was hell to cover. Once he gets out into open space, you can forget about it because he’s going to show that SEC speed and he’s gone. Dwayne Jarrett needs to step up his game much like Moore and finally show his worth or the rookie is going to race right into the number two wide receiver slot opposite Steve Smith.

Season Expectations

So there is a little bit more out of Charlotte that is positive than out of Tampa Bay, but still not a lot. John Fox has got to do everything in his power to squeeze a winning season out of this team and most likely a playoff spot in order to keep his job. His main thing here is making the offense more balanced because Delhomme got them in such a hole last year that everything hinged on running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Moore looked much better in the pocket and threw a lot less interceptions so as long as the pass and rush balance is sort of equal then they won’t be playing from behind as much all season.

One of their strong points is the defense and it ended up finishing ranked eighth overall in the league even with all the injuries they suffered. They’ve really got to show that exact kind of fortitude and production, but if they stay healthy than it can be even greater. Dan Connor leads a tremendous team of linebackers that would instill fear into the hearts of any opposing running back or quarterback. Carolina needs to have their defense play as one solid unit though and that especially holds true with explosive offenses like the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints sitting right in the NFC South with them.

Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to seeing the special teams of the Panthers maybe more than anything. Rookie quarterback Armanti Edwards is going to be a transplanted wide receiver/kick returner who could provide a giant spark. He’s a fast kid with great agility that was shown while he was playing quarterback so he could be a lot of fun to watch. I have but one question though for the Panthers, how old is John Kasay now??

The talent really is there for the Carolina Panthers, but Foxy better hope that it shines through and the players play to their potential or else he’ll be inquiring about new cities next year. If the offense can get full production out of their starters and the defense can stay healthy, the Panthers are a team that will contend big time for at least a wild card spot. I almost want to go out on a limb here and give them a ten win season, but that is not the easiest schedule in the world. If they can squeeze out that tenth victory, then they’ll be in the playoffs. Time to play it safe though and go with my gut.

Record Prediction: 9-7

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