Mattel's SDCC 2012 Exclusives Announced (DC Comics, He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Classics, Ghostbusters, More)

Mattel Released their highly anticipated SDCC 2012 line-up of Masters of the Universe, DC Comics, Cars & More: Masters of the Universe Vykron ($30) If clothes make the He-Man®, then this pitch prototype for the 1982 lineup is destined to be the »»

Cars 2 - Review (2)

Pixar goes James Bond? »»

Cars 2 - Review

The open road has been replaced by spy-movie shenanigans. »»

In Stores Now: Releases For April 15 (Masters of the Universe, Cars, Superman)

Here are the figures going on sales today on Masters of the Universe Classics -Sy-Klone (Club Eternia Monthly Figure) -Panthro (Club Eternia Quarterly Figure) -Moss Man -Weapon's Rack Retro-Action DC SuperHeroes -Sinest »»

Daily Disc Deal: BDs for The Incredibles and Cars $22 Combined

Two Pixar releases on Blu-ray plus two free tickets to Cars 2 for only $22. Way to live up to the name of your store, Best Buy. »»

Cars 2 Trailer Races Online

Sequel sees Mater the Tow Truck and Lightening McQueen embroiled in international espionage. »»

Pixar Developing Straight-to-DVD Cars Spin-off?

Is the famed animation studio planning Planes, an aerial-themed straight-to-DVD movie? »»

Back into the Disney Vault

Capt. Jack Sparrow, Mary Poppins and two Pixar films are some of the titles that will be going back into the Disney vault on January 30, 2010. So get them while you can. »»

Pixar's New Short Film: Unidentified Flying Mater

In a surprising move, Pixar debuted a new short film, not in front of a feature film but on the Disney Channel on November 20th, 2009. Check out the embedded video inside. »»

Top Gear 10: The Complete Season 10 - DVD Review

The cinematography and editing of Top Gear makes this series visually appealing. The show is as sleek as any of the high performance vehicles. The level of sophistication on most of these segments outshines many Hollywood action film. »»

Making Movie History: I Can't Drive...FIFTY-FIVE!

Yet another Fast And Furious film is opening today and I am not really sure I can even take any more of that crap. Whether it's something dealing with racing, cross country driving, or just street cars; movies about vehicles just never end up being that successful or more so...that good. Some of them have been known to be decent or even pretty damn good, but the majority end up sucking for one reason or another. And just let many of you know...movies about NASCAR just plain bllloooowwww! »»

Speed Racer - DVD Review

Insane tracks, outrageous gadgets, and kung fu performed with cars—if Nascar was like this I'd be its biggest fan. »»

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