DVD Review: The Beverly Hillbillies (The Official Fourth Season)

Even with its fourth season all in color, The Beverly Hillbillies remains a brilliantly absurd sitcom. »»

Eclipsed by Trinity War Spoilers: Cliffhangers for Catwoman #23 and Supergirl #23 Are Huge (Villains Month Prelude)

Two books eclipsed by Trinity War, but worth checking it. BIG things afoot! »»

Open Mike Night: Catwoman (2011) #0 & Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #9

One bad comic, one weird comic, and a whole gallery of cool covers. »»

Justice League Spoilers: A Member Dies! But Will It Last?

A character dies without spoilers in USA Today? Blasphemy! »»

Wednesday Comments – Saying Good-Bye To (Some) Comics

I read a lot of comics. Actually that’s not 100% accurate; I buy a lot of comic books. »»

Demythify: 10 BIG Questions From April 2013 Solicitations (DC Comics New 52, Marvel Now, Valiant, Dynamite, IDW & Image)

The last comic book taboo is shattered with our #1 spot. Plus a Peter David update & Image United news. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Dark Knight Rises

While the film is far from perfect, the Blu-ray is a must for audiophiles. »»

Demythify: Scott Lobdell & Kenneth Rocafort Usher In Silver Ageish Fantasy & Fun For DC New 52 Superman? Plus... Mr. and Mrs. Superman, Bruce Superman Wayne, Superman 2020 &... Vartox?

Lobdell & Rocafort are just the guys to right Supes' ship! And, remember Mr. & Mrs Superman, Bruce (Superman) Wayne, Superman 2020 & Vartox? Well... »»

Demythify: The Dark Knight Rises Ending & Sequel, Total Recall 2012, 1990, 2070 & NASA Mars Mission (Spoilers)

A Dark Knight, an elusive Red Planet, a Rekall "reality" & NASA's real life mission to Mars! »»

Two Guys Talking About Comics: Shaking Up DC Comics' New 52

Two Guys talk about how they'd reshuffle five books each. »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review (2)

Nolan brings his Dark Knight trilogy to a close, but does the film rise to the occasion? »»

SDCC 2012: Images From Mattel's The Dark Knight Rises Display!

We are at SDCC, and firing away a multitude of pictures! Check out the gallery below from the Dark Knight Rises display! Keep it here at InsidePulse for more image galleries by refreshing our SDCC 2012 Index Page! [gallery=1747] »»

New The Dark Knight Rises Poster Gives Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) a Little Leg Room

The latest poster for The Dark Knight Rises has been released. You can view it below. »»

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