Blu-ray Review: Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie

An appropriately titled animated movie of Cheech & Chong's stoner shenanigans. »»

Disc News: Cheech and Chong Get Animated For 4/20

Cheech and Chong might as well get credited for turning April 20th into an unofficial holiday. »»

Machete - Review

His blade may be sharp, but his movie is dull »»

Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This - Blu-ray Review

This had some good laughs but not great ones. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Oliver and Company

In pre-9/11 New York, it was not uncommon to see dogs driving taxis. How times have changed. »»

Nash Bridges: The Third Season - DVD Review

Nash Bridges: The Third Season truly allows us to embrace Nash and the ‘Cuda as a crack unit. »»

Race to Witch Mountain - Blu-Ray Review

If all you're looking for is more of that mindless entertainment that is already so plentiful, then Race to Witch Mountain is great. Just don't go expecting much else. »»

Oliver and Company: 20th Anniversary Edition - DVD Review

Oliver and Company is one of those Disney films that will never be in the animated classics' category because it just doesn't belong there. It has some catchy tunes and a decent story, but it's not something that will ever really touch my heart or sink into my soul much like Pinocchio, Snow White, or even Tarzan. »»

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