Chris Brown Tests Positive For Smoking Pot

Chris Brown is back in court yet again, this time facing a possible probation violation for smoking pot.  His defense came in the form of a medical marijuana card, but the judge isn't having any of that.  A further hearing will determine whether Br »»

Chris Brown Ordered Back To Court, Again

What a buzzkill for poor Chris.  Just days after getting that sweet neck tattoo, Chris Brown has been ordered to return to court amidst concerns that he didn't actually do the community service that he promised.  Although his probation and communit »»

Chris Brown & Drake Sued Again Over Brawl

Both Drake and Chris Brown can't seem to get out of the hot water that their night club brawl is causing. Male model Romain Julien says that he was hit with flying glass, which cut his hand, causing cosmetic deformity and mental distress. There is no »»

Drake And Chris Brown Sued By Nightclub For $16 Million

Drake and Chris Brown are the subjects of a new lawsuit from the owners of the nightclub where they brawled recently.  The owners of the nightclub are suing for $16 million in damages total, claiming that they lost a licensing deal over the bad pres »»

Drake And Chris Brown Offered $1 Million Each To Duke It Out

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman says that billionaire Alki David is prepared to spend big bucks to see Drake and Chris Brown duke it out in the ring. David has offered each performer $1 million to enter a boxing ring, with another $1 million going to c »»

Rihanna's Collaboration With Chris Brown Strictly Business, She Says

Rihanna says that her recent work with Chris Brown is only due to him being one of the hottest singers in R&B.  During her appearance on Ryan Seacrest's show, she noted that Brown was the only one who made sense to help her with "Birthday Cake". »»

Chris Brown Accused Of Stealing An IPhone

Amidst all his other personal issues, Chris Brown is now accused of stealing a phone.  Brown allegedly snatched the phone from a fan who was trying to take his picture with it.  If he's convicted, he faces jail time for violating his original proba »»

Jim Ross Blog: JR Talks WrestleMania 28, Chris Brown vs. CM Punk, Ric Flair's Birthday and John Cena vs. The Rock

Jim Ross answered readers' questions and had plenty to say about WrestleMania 28, John Cena vs. The Rock, Bobby Heenan, Vader, CM Punk and Chris Brown, Triple H and The Undertaker, and a whole lot more: Q.."How's Bobby Heenan?" It's tough for Bobb »»

Rabblecast #263 CM Punk on Twitter, Kurt Angle's Chances

WWE's Elimination Chamber PPV, the following Monday night RAW, and a Special Tuesday night SmackDown have all come and gone. And it's only Wednesday. We have the quick Elimination Chamber PPV rundown as well as the fallout. One of the bigger things b »»

THE RAGER - 3 Nights of Live WWE Shows plus CM Punk vs. Chris Brown (CM Punk, Elimination Chamber, Big Show, Wade Barrett...)

This week, Chris takes a look at all 3 WWE broadcasts. Also, he addresses the story that made the internets go INSANE! »»

Wednesday Morning Backlash: WWE's CM Punk, Chris Brown, and Stone Cold

Punk could have handled this far closer to home. »»

CM Punk vs. Chris Brown Twitter War: Punk Posts Explosive Video Response to Brown's Steroid Allegations

CM Punk and Chris Brown have been sparring over Twitter, and it has now become a nasty war of words. Earlier this week, Brown accused Punk of taking steroids and having defective "man junk", and last night Punk replied with the following video res »»

Jim Ross Blog: JR Discusses the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV and Tonight's Monday Night Raw Episode

Jim Ross posted a Monday blog post update discussing the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV and tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw: Ross on the Raw Elimination Chamber Match: The Raw Chamber match kicking off the PPV surprised me and in a good way. »»

Chris Brown To Remain On Probation

Despite months of good behavior and not beating a single girlfriend since his initial arrest, Chris Brown must still be supervised by a probation officer.  The judge noted that despite making good strides towards being a better human being and compl »»

Rihanna Likes It On Top

And who wouldn't want her on top? Rihanna's new release We Found Love has reached the number one spot on the Billboard chart for the third week. This was the first release off of her new album Talk That Talk, her second release You Da One came up 73 »»

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, & Kelly Clarkson Added To AMA Lineup

This years American Music Awards are set to air November 20th on ABC. The list of artists added to the performance lineup is growing quickly. So far the list includes Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, LMFAO, Pitbull, Chris Brown, and Marc An »»

Chris Brown, Beyonce Lead Soul Train Awards

Chris Brown and Beyonce lead the nomination list for the upcoming Soul Train Awards.  Each artist has five nominations, as does Kanye West.  The awards will be taped on November 17 and shown on BET 10 days later. »»

Chris Brown And Bow Wow Love Them Some Strippers!

Last Wednesday, Chris Brown and Bow Wow took their entourage to the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. They gave several women working $5000 a piece for entertaining them. They also spent a ton of cash on booze for their friends, and stayed for ho »»

Rihanna Now A Fan Of Chris Brown?

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Rihanna said that hating Chris Brown was "taking up too much of her time" and she has moved past it, and now listens to his music again.  Brown was sentenced to five years' probation after beating Rihanna »»

Rihanna Already Prepping New Song, Album For Fall

Rihanna's new single will be called "We Found Love", reports  Her sixth album, still untitled, will be released before the end of the year, and the single will drop on October 11.  Rihanna made the announcement on Twitter in response »»

Takers - DVD Review

Is this a good movie? All signs point to it. »»

Takers - Review

A poor man’s L.A Takedown »»

Chris Brown Earns Approval From Judge

WENN reports that "Chris Brown has won the approval of a Los Angeles judge after working hard to complete his required domestic violence classes stemming from his brutal attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna." Read the full story here. »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: Optimism 2010

Being the music fan that I am, I’ve compiled a list of artists that I expect to see albums from this year. For some of them, I’m just being greedy. For others, I think that something new is due. And for still others, albums have been announced, so I’m well within my rights to have expectations. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: Roc-A-Falter

As much as I want to remember Roc-A-Fella in its prime, anytime I hear the name I just think about how ugly things got over the years. I think about Kanye planting that knife in Dame's back. I think about Dame being petty and not giving Jay what he wanted. I think about Jay letting nonsense overshadow friendship. ... »»


While ex-flame Chris Brown is busy pretending to break a sweat while serving his community service sentence, Rihanna is wasting no time getting out on the town to show off that pierced nipple that was such a hit last year. ... »»




I can't imagine that Cassie was particularly happy when her nude photos (leaked last week, quite possibly by her) ended up getting overshadowed by a subsequent crop of nude photos, allegedly of fellow R&B/pop singer and Chris Brown punching bag Rihanna. ... »»


Lily Allen's latest scuffle with paparazzi has prompted her to file a court injunction barring them from following her, while Radiohead's Thom Yorke fights back against a couple of the music industry's spoiled brats... »»


Apparently not happy with only spending 90 days in prison, rapper DMX is still bringing the shenanigans, and is now being charged with assault after throwing a tantrum, and a tray of food, at a corrections officer, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. ... »»

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