DVD Review: You Think You Know Me? The Story of Edge

You Think You Know Me? is a wonderfully put together tribute to the career of one of the most underrated superstars in WWE history. »»

First Look of Mattel WWE Basic Series 18 (Superstars Wave 6) & Battle Packs Series 4

Check out the gallery below for the new images of Basic & Battle Packs from Mattel. Superstars Wave 6 (Basic 18) -CM Punk -Kelly Kelly -Sin Cara -Sin Cara Black (Hunico) -Cody Rhodes -John Cena Battle Packs Series 4 -Christian vs. Randy »»

WWE Mattel Battle Packs Series 4 and Basic SuperStars Wave 6 Line-ups Revealed

The line-ups for Battle Packs Series 4 and Basic SuperStars Wave 6 have been released. Battle Packs Series 4: -David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty -Randy Orton & Christian -Alberto del Rio & Big Show Basic SuperStars Wave 6: -CM »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: WWE WrestleMania Action Figures

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Mattel!! Check out the images below of the Toys R Us Exclusive WWE WrestleMania figures. These figures have been in stores for »»

In Stores Now: WWE PPV Series 10 (Extreme Rules 2011)

Check your stores for the latest (and probably last) PPV wave of figures. This one is based on Extreme Rules 2011, which features the 2nd Alberto Del Rio, Mysterio with blue mist stained lips & Sheamus in his killer US Champion attire! -Alberto D »»

Images of WWE Basic 2-Packs Series 9

Here are the images of WWE Basic 2-Packs Series 9. These will be in stores by the end of February. -Heath Slater & Christian -The Hart Dynasty -Sheamus & Triple H [gallery=1345] »»

Valhalla Rising - DVD Review

It’s hard to imagine a Viking warrior story that could put you to sleep, but here it is. »»

Images For Mattel WWE Basic Series 8

Here are the images of WWE Basic Series 8. These are due in stores in late November. -Christian -Maryse -Kofi Kingston -Chris Masters -Kane -Finlay [gallery=1256] »»

Images of WWE Royal Rumble Heritage Figures From Mattel

Here are the images of WWE PPV 6: Royal Rumble Heritage. These are due in stores in December. -Rey Mysterio -Sheamus -The Undertaker -John Cena -Randy Orton -Christian [gallery=1255] »»

Mattel Announces WWE WrestleMania 26 Assortment, Exclusive to Toys R Us

Mattel announced today that they will be releasing a WWE WrestleMania 26 line of figures, exclusively to Toys R Us, this August. Basic: -Chris Jericho -Drew McIntyre -Kane -Christian -Matt Hardy -Shelton Benjamin Basic 2-Packs: -The Miz & Big Show »»

Images of Mattel WWE Basic 2-Packs Series 4!

Here are the images of Mattel WWE 2-Packs Series 4, due out in June, according to Mattel's WWE facebook page. -Chavo Guerrero & Hornswoggle -Christian & Tommy Dreamer -David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd [gallery=352] »»

TOY FAIR 2010 COVERAGE: Mattel WWE Elite Collection

Here are the images from the WWE Elite Collection from the Mattel Showroom. [gallery=294] »»

Images of Mattel WWE Elite Collection Wave 3!!

Here are the images of WWE Elite Collection Wave 3, due in stores April 2010. -John Cena -Santino Marella -Shawn Michaels -The Miz -Cody Rhodes -Christian [gallery=278] »»

Upcoming Mattel WWE Release Schedule

Now that the first assortments are In Stores Now, here is the next few months of WWE releases coming from Mattel. Not all pics are available, but I have included what I have below. Basic Figures Series 2 (Feb 2010) -Kane -Mark Henry -CM Punk -Rey M »»

Images of WWE Ruthless Aggression 42!

Here are the images of RA 42: -Christian -Jack Swagger -Shawn Michaels -The Great Khali -Triple H -CM Punk Figures are due in stores in October. »»

Images of WWE ECW Series 5

Here are the images for ECW Series 5: -Evan Bourne -Jack Swagger -Christian -Mark Henry -Finlay -Tyson Kidd [gallery=208] »»

Images of WWE Deluxe Aggression 22

Here are the images of WWE DA 22: -CM Punk -Jack Swagger -Triple H -Randy Orton -Christian -Batista [gallery=209] »»

Edge: A Decade of Decadence update

Have a "Rated R" Christmas this year! »»

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