Blu-ray Review: Fortress

Fortress is extremely high concept and has a lot of fun elements going on in it. »»

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 3-D - Review

Nic Cage at his most Nic Cagiest! »»

Highlander 2-Film Set: Anniversary Collection - Blu-ray Review

There can only be one...or two in this case. »»

Triggerman - DVD Review

Film is a leisurely paced western tailor-made for retirees to nap along to on rainy Saturday afternoons. »»

Highlander - Blu-ray Review

And you thought Hulk Hogan was the only immortal. »»

Bad Movies Done Right – Highlander 2

Who wants to live forever when bad movies must not die? »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Metamorphosis

Looking at the DVD cover for Metamorphosis, Jenö Hodi’s 2007 vampire movie that has just recently been released on DVD in America, it’s pretty obvious that you haven’t encountered the next Let the Right One In. »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: Ninjapalooza, Part 1

Ninjas, Christopher Lambert, and my Bad Ass of the Month! »»

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