DVD Review: Rawhide (The Seventh Season, Volume 1 & 2)

While there would be another season to go, these two boxsets represent the last cattle drive for one drover. »»

Christopher Walken Joins Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys Musical

Walken, the first notable film actor to join feature adaptation of the Tony-winning stage musical. »»

DVD Review: Spaghetti Westerns and More Spaghetti Westerns

Spaghetti Westerns and More Spaghetti Westerns do a fine job of collecting 8 movies from the height of subgenre's box office glory. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Sixth Season: Volume 1 & 2)

Rawhide: The Sixth Season, Volume 1 & Volume 2 shows a crack unit keeping up the trail action. »»

DVD Review: West Point: The Television Series

West Point: The Television Series is the perfect gift for anyone that went to the academy. »»

Blu-Ray Review: Trouble with the Curve

It’s the best film to cover the fringes of the game of baseball in a long time. »»

Houston Cinema Arts Festival: Casting By - Review

A documentary about an overlooked profession and trailblazer Marion Dougherty. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Fifth Season, Volume 1 & 2)

Before Clint Eastwood got a taste of the Spaghetti Western he finished up his cattle drive on Rawhide. »»

Weekend Box Office: Tight Race Sees End Of Watch and HATES Tied For First

The good news: three movies grossed more than $10 million. The bad news: there's no definitive number one. »»

Trouble with the Curve - Review

The film Moneyball was trying to be »»

Monday Morning Critic - Clint Eastwood, Dusty Rhodes and Trouble with the Curve

Every Monday morning, InsidePulse Movies Czar Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz brings an irreverent and oftentimes hilarious look at pop culture, politics, sports and whatever else comes to mind. And sometimes he writes about movies. You know what’s k »»

Monday Morning Critic - Thoughts on Clint Eastwood's 2012 GOP Convention Speech, Marie Antoinette

At the stupidity of the reaction to Clint Eastwood's GOP speech on both sides ... and Marie Antoinette on DVD »»

Blu-ray Review: Blood Work

Blood Work is crime drama that’s more entertaining and fun than it is dramatic and mysterious. »»

Monday Morning Critic - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Clint Eastwood's Reality Show and the Kardashian Effect

Every Monday morning, InsidePulse Movies Czar Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz brings an irreverent and oftentimes hilarious look at pop culture, politics, sports and whatever else comes to mind. And sometimes he writes about movies. One of the really d »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (Season Four, Volume 2)

The series maintains its charms and excitement as it nears the halfway point of the eight season run. »»

Warner Bros. To Double Dip On Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven Blu-ray

A week after Valentine's Day, Warners to bring Clint Eastwood's Oscar-winning western to Blu-ray...again. »»

J. Edgar - Review (2)

DiCaprio’s performance helps bolster an uneven narrative that’s far too short for the story it wants to tell and far too long for the story that’s told. »»

J. Edgar - Review

Conflicting storytelling approaches sink fractured portrait of complex man »»

Box Office News: J. Edgar Grosses $53,000 In Limited Release Wednesday

Looking to build word of mouth, Clint Eastwood's latest opened in seven markets on Wednesday to strong results. »»

Full Posters For Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Warner Bros. has released the first posters for Clint Eastwood's biopic of J. Edgar Hoover, J. Edgar, to Latino Review: Plot Summary: As America's top cop for five decades, J. Edgar Hoover oversaw the creation of the FBI, helped popularize finger »»

Hot Trailer: Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio Enter Oscar Fray with J. Edgar

Clint Eastwood's examination of FBI head gets trailer »»

Blu-ray Deal Of The Week: Clint Eastwood Collection $52.99 At Amazon

Go ahead, make set part of your collection. »»

First Look: Leonardo DiCaprio In Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar

It's Leonardo DiCaprio looking like...Leonardo DiCaprio. »»

DVD Review: Rawhide (The Fourth Season, Volume 1)

The doggies are moving once more. After a wait of two years, the latest installment of Rawhide has arrived on DVD. »»

Spaghetti Western Double Feature: The Last Gun & Four Dollars of Revenge - Blu-ray Review

Even though Four Dollars of Revenge is a better film than The Last Gun, neither are movies I would recommend to a friend. »»

Jeffrey Donovan Goes From Being Burned to Being a Kennedy

Burn Notice star the latest name to be attached to Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar. »»

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