Forever Heel: Where Do We Go From Here? PLUS Top 5 Most Ridiculous Military Heels

I'm back this week. I spent last week doing office work, and generally feeling fatigued from staying under florescent lighting. Since Elimination Chamber is over, I'm wondering what's happening to some of these heels? Is Dave Otunga coming bac »»

TOY FAIR 2013 COVERAGE: G.I. Joe Retaliation

Check out the GI Joe Retaliation gallery below. Many new figures are shown, including the new Ultimate versions of many of the characters and well as the Eaglehawk. Keep it here at for all the Toy Fair 2013 Coverage, and follow us »»

Demythify: 10 BIG Questions From April 2013 Solicitations (DC Comics New 52, Marvel Now, Valiant, Dynamite, IDW & Image)

The last comic book taboo is shattered with our #1 spot. Plus a Peter David update & Image United news. »»

Just Seen It: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Hocus Pocus and Cobra - Guilty Pleasures Vol. 2 [Video]

WE LOVE THE 80's! The Hair, the music, the ever-present Sly Stone! Liz just wants to dance with her favorite stars when they were young in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Aaron gets all 'Harry Potter' on us years before J.K. even though of »»

First Look At GI Joe Retaliation Figures On Card

The GI Joe Collector's Club has posted images of Cobra Commander & Duke on card from the upcoming GI Joe: Retaliation line. These figures are due in stores this summer along with the movie. Look for more MOC images soon! [gallery=1682] »»

Dropped in Midstream Review: G.I. Joe #9 by Chuck Dixon & Alex Cal

This book was a surprise, but is that a good or a bad thing? »»

How Does New Cobra Commander Outwit U.N. & Leverage Arab Spring In G.I. Joe #9?

So, the 9-part Cobra Command arc has begun in the pages of G.I. Joe #9 (Cobra Command - Part One). Its probably clear from the preview pages distributed by IDW that the new Cobra Commander, crowned at the end of Cobra Civil War, makes a huge power pl »»

Top 5 1/2 Anticipated Comic Books Of 2012: IDW, Image, Dynamite, DC Comics, But Where's Marvel?

An eclectic Top 5 list of exciting comic book projects in 2012. Agree or disagree? »»

Wednesday Comments – New Year's Resolutions

Since the New Year is upon us, I figured now would be a good time to set some resolutions in stone. And since comics are my hobby of choice, I want to be a better comic fan in the coming year. »»

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Cobra): IDW / Hasbro's G.I. Joe COBRA CIVIL WAR Best Storyline Of 2011!

The DEATH of the original Cobra Commander leads to a leadership contest... with G.I. Joe's body count the key criteria! »»

Concept Art For IDW / Hasbro's New Cobra Commander - Watch Out G.I. Joe!

The original Cobra Commander is dead. All hail the NEW Cobra Commander! »»

Wednesday Comments – The Comics That I Don't Read

Wow. Is it just me or do things look different around here? I don’t know how I feel about it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. »»

Chuck's Reviews: SDCC 2011 GI Joe Zarana

The last figure of the anniversary era is a SDCC exclusive. How does Zartan's baby sister hold up in the post POC world. Am I the only one that feels dirty handling it? Find out below. »»

G.I. Joe: The Movie - Blu-ray Review

No matter how goofy the animated G.I. Joe: The Movie gets, it’s much more entertaining than last summer’s live action G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. »»

Phil Claydon to Helm Badass for Hire

Phil Claydon, director of the U.K. cult hit Lesbian Vampire Killers, sets his sights on a homage to '80s action thrillers. »»

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