CBS Announces New 2011 TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

CBS has best the top rated network overall for the last decade. The majority of their new shows become "hit" shows and stick around longer than they would if they were on any other network. Therefore, CBS didn't have a lot of holes to fill, but they »»

CBS Announces 2010 Fall TV Schedule!

CBS announced today its Fall schedule with only 5 new shows, but some interesting day and time moves for some of their higher rated returning shows. Here is a quick day-by-day look at CBS's fall lineup: FALL LINEUP Monday 8 p.m. — How I Met Y »»

CSI:NY - Episode 6-5 Review

I loved the point-of-view shot that began this episode. Was I the only one who felt as if I was the girl coming out of the elevator? The blurred vision, the stumbling around, and the bloody hand reaching out to ring the bell in the hotel lobby felt r »»

CSI:NY - Episode 6-4 Review

Opening scene: a woman sitting on top of a man assumed to be her husband and stabbing him. We next see the team processing the scene and as they are doing so, Flack brings in Mrs. Carter who has just confessed to killing her husband because she found »»

CSI:NY Episode 6-3 Review

I loved this episode for so many reasons and I will tell you those later, but let's get on to the recap of the episode. The opening scene shows a man pacing around what may be an old hotel room or a beat up house with a sliding glass door completely »»

CSI:NY - Episode 6-2 Review

  Ok first of all, there is something that I completely forgot to mention in my post last week. This may just be me, but I am very excited about the fact that they have decided to make Flack a little more casual. In last week's episode and this we »»

CSI: NY - Episode 6-1 Review

Holy cow!!! There was a lot going on in this premiere episode! The thing that was best about it was that it picked up exactly where the season finale left off. We see the entire team looking for cover as a gunman opens rapid fire on a bar where they »»

2009 Fall TV Season Preview: Thoughts on New Shows and Season In General

The Fall TV Season officially kicks off tonight, Monday, September 21, and that means all your favorite shows should be returning. If not, they will in January, unless they were canceled of course. But the new Fall season also means plenty of new sho »»

The Countdown To CSI: NY Season 6 Begins!

Hey guys! Being that September is closing in, the countdown to the new fall season has begun. And no one is more excited for the return of CSI:NY than me. I'll be with you every step of the way this season and I look forward to discussing the show wi »»

CBS Lays Out Premiere Schedule For the Fall

CBS will take the concept of "premiere week" very seriously this fall, launching nearly its entire lineup the week of Sept. 21. The only outliers on the Eye's launch schedule are Survivor: Samoa, which will debut Thursday, Sept. 17, and the new medi »»

CSI: NY - The Complete Second Season - DVD Review

Available at Creators/Executive Producers: Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn and Jerry Bruckheimer Cast: Gary Sinise .......... Detective Mac Taylor Melina Kanakaredes .......... Detective Stella Bonasera Carmi »»

My Early Take on Fall TV 2006

I was expecting very little from 2006's crop of new shows. And it's beginning to look like my low expectations will be met. More than any other network, let me be the first to credit Fox - for another season of new garbage. Last year, it was The W »»

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