Review: Wolverines #1 by Charles Soule and Nick Bradshaw

Marvel's new weekly debuts, and everyone wants Wolverine's body. »»

The Nexus Top Seven: Worst X-Men Characters

This week is an all X event. »»

New Images of The Return of Marvel Legends Series 2

The official prototype images of The Return of Marvel Legends Series 2 have been released. -Captain America (Bucky) -Daken -Drax the Destroyer -Fantomax -Madame Masque -Spider-Man (Big Time) -Thunderball All figures will come with a pie »»

Marvel Announces New Writer For Daken: Dark Wolverine

Wolverine's son gets a new creative team »»

10 Thoughts on Marvel Comics Solicits for 1/12/11 on New Releases

10 thoughts on Marvel's new releases this week »»

REVIEW: Daken: Dark Wolverine #1 By Daniel Way And Marjorie Liu

Daken in his first #1 issue, how is it? »»

New Daken Ongoing to Replace Dark Wolverine by Daniel Way

Can Daken survive without the Wolverine title? »»

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