Dallas IFF 2012 Review: Bringing Up Bobby

Famke Janssen's directorial debut is a solid story about the biggest sacrifice a mother can make for her son »»

Dallas IFF 2012 Review: Teddy Bear

Dennis may be built like a Mack truck, but he's still a mama's boy at heart »»

Dallas IFF 2012 Review: Kid-Thing

Remember the Herdmans from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever? Well this kid could be one of them. »»

Dallas IFF 2012 Review: Liberal Arts

Josh Radnor's sophomore film is a keeper with a great cast, effectively examining life at all stages »»

Brotherhood - DVD Review

A favorite at both the South by Southwest and the Dallas International Film Festival, Brotherhood had a limited release in Dallas outside of New York and Los Angeles but never caught on like one imagines the film-makers wanted it to. »»

Dallas IFF '11: Boy Wonder - Review

Despite the title, this is not a comic book movie »»

Dallas IFF '11: Beautiful Boy - Review

This will be the film to remember from the 2011 Dallas International Film Festival »»

Dallas IFF '11: The Ward - Review

A disappointment from master of horror John Carpenter. »»

Dallas IFF '11: Robot - Review

Big budget Bollywood flick a cinematical roller coaster. »»

Jenny Rushing Alme's Top 10 of 2010

Inside Pulse Movies' lone female staffer brings her opinion on the year cinematica! »»

SXSW Winner Brotherhood Gets US Distribution

How bad do YOU want in? »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Solitary Man Review

Solitary Man mirrors what could be Michael Douglas’s life, if his film characters were real. »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Obselidia Review

The Encyclopedia of Obsolete Things. And about just as exciting as reading one. »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Cyrus Review

Better classified as dramedy, but with more dra than medy. »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Waking Sleeping Beauty Review

A candid behind the scenes look into the Disney Company from 1984-1994, during their less successful years. »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Winter's Bone Review

These ain't Jeff Foxworthy's rednecks. »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Brotherhood Review

Like an extended episode of The Shield, but with frat boys instead of cops. »»

Dallas IFF '10 - Wake Review

A confusing film, that even when it is all explained in the end, is lacking in logic. »»

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