Detention - Review

A high school movie for Generation ADHD. »»

Dane Cook Intentionally Not Funny In Answers to Nothing Trailer

He can sell out Madison Square Garden ... but can he find a missing child? »»

SXSW '11: Detention - Review

You must be this young to enjoy this movie »»

Dane Cook, Josh Hutcherson Do Horror In Detention Trailer

Teen horror film described as Back to the Future meets Scream »»

Monday Morning Critic - Thanksgiving Edition

On tap this week: -- Newsweek and Sarah Palin make for a target rich environment -- Dane Cook deserves a kick to the groin -- Diane Lane: Original Hotness And slightly much more! »»

Monday Morning Critic - 8.24

On tap this week: -- The differences in British and American comedy -- Are we the princes of the universe? And slightly much more! »»

You Can Date My Best Friend's Girl on January 13th!

My Best Friend's Girl is another R rated comedy starring Jason Biggs, along with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson. Not as much of a winning combination as it sounds. Inside are some early details, stay tuned for the full list of specs coming soon. Date My Best Friend's Girl on January 13th... »»

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