My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: The WWE's Greatest Opponent (Vince McMahon, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan)

Hello all and welcome to My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  I am typing this from my first new laptop since 2008.  Poverty sucks.  To celebrate, I am doing an extra-long column.  Think JRR Tolkein, George RR Martin length.  And none of this "spli »»

Interesting News on WWE Locker Room Reaction To Darren Young Coming Out

Former WWE wrestler Brodus Clay discusses it... »»

FH: The Full Heel Rundown with Unharshed Mellow

So something strange happened on Monday. I enjoyed Raw, and enjoyed TNA's NYC show from last week. I know there's alot of people who still found a way to hate the TNA show, but I can't be against a whole Fed. The only feds I won't watch are WXW (the »»

Darren Young Suffers Major Injury, Off WWE TV

How long will Darren Young be out? »»

Rasslin' Roundtable - WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

What did our staff think would happen at Elimination Chamber? And the results for the Pulse Polls! »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for February 21st 2014: It's Chamber Time

We've got six superstars facing the Elimination Chamber on Sunday; what last acts will they perform before the chamber door shuts behind them? »»

THE RAGER! Chambering Expectations (Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro)

It's chamber time! Let's throw the traditional pasta and confetti all over the neighbors! »»

The Pulse Polls - WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Who do YOU think will win at WWE Elimination Chamber 2014? »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for February 14th 2014: Good God, I'm Actually Doing This On Valentine's Day

In this week's Report, your noble scribe is alone on Valentine's Day and drinking martinis and occasionally flashing through some wrestling. Some other stuff probably happened as well. »»

NFL Prospect Michael Sam Announces He is Gay, WWE Superstar Darren Young Offers His Support

Darren Young comments on Michael Sam's announcement... »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for February 7th 2014: Nobody's Friends With Anyone

With the Elimination Chamber looming in the distance like a...big looming...thing, how will our WWE World Heavyweight Champion deal with the most dangerous Christian? What? No. No. Randy Orton is not fighting Jesus. »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for January 31st 2014: Solid Week, Guys.

In the wake of literally everything that the WWE have managed to accomplish over the past seven days, let's see if SmackDown will be either a saving grace or the final, smoking crater of this week. »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for December 27th 2013: And A Happy New Year!

On our final SmackDown of 2013, the Shield are all in singles action, Bray still has his creepy crush on Daniel Bryan and Cena and Rollins steal the show. »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 29th 2013: A Post-Colonial Reading

As shoppers all across America wrestle for discounted goods, the WWE crowd are engaging in heated rivalries, tag-team matches and...*sigh* eating contests. »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 15th 2013: God Save The Queen

The SmackDown experience comes at you tonight from the disappointing city of Manchester as the rivalry heats up between the Wyatt Family and Punk and Bryan. »»

Spain's WWE SmackDown Report and Results for November 1st 2013: Has It Been Two Months Already?

Welcome to the first SmackDown with Cena as our champion, plus tag-team matches and perhaps even a new feud for Miss AJ Lee? »»

No Chance - Where Are They Now? Nexus Edition (Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Skip Sheffield / Ryback)

Want to know where the Nexus members are today? Say it with me then: Yepyepyep what it do! »»

Video: Darren Young Appears On Ellen To Talk About Coming Out

Young sits down with Ellen to talk about the crazy last two months. »»

THE RAGER! - With Many Happy Returns (Goldust, Edge, Night of Champions)

Chris returns from the mountaintop with insight on Night of Champions. »»

Rabblecast #331 Summer Slam Results, Brooke Hogan Leaves TNA

WWE's Summer Slam 2013 left quite an impression with many wrestling fans. "The Wrestlemania of the summer" came off like a big event thanks in part to the two main event matches, Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs John Cena. But how did the »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 8.19.13 (Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H)

10 Thoughts on the night after the "biggest party of the summer" »»

The View From Down Here – SummerSlam and News Reviews

A look at SummerSlam, some news bits and... well, that's it, actually. »»

Video: Darren Young Appears On The Today Show w/Matt Lauer & Vince McMahon Finally Comments

Very good interview for Young; not the best Tweet from the CEO. »»

Darren Young Comments On The Support He's Received Today

Young speaks for the first time since his interview was released. »»

Bret Hart, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Others Comment On Darren Young

The world of wrestling voices their support for Darren Young. »» Acknowledges Young's Coming Out On The Main Page

WWE remains classy in their handling of their first active, openly gay wrestler. »»

WWE Superstar Reveals That He's Gay (WWE & John Cena Comment)

Just a few days before SummerSlam, WWE Superstar "comes out". »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.22.13 (Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk)

Welcome to RAW.....IS......BRYAN! Yea, definitely doesn't have the same ring to it. »»

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