DVD Review: Prince Avalanche

Prince Avalanche is a slow film that’s not in a hurry to get anyway where, but somehow the film doesn’t drag, which is an impressive feat in of itself. »»

SXSW Film Festival Recap: Day Two - Before Midnight, Prince Avalanche, The Bounceback, Drinking Buddies

Part two of my festival experience including thoughts on new works from David Gordon Green and Richard Linklater, and my introduction to air sex. »»

The Sitter - Review

Jonah Hill deserves better »»

Jonah Hill Stars In New Trailer For The Sitter

A new trailer courtesy of Apple has come out for Jonah Hill's The Sitter. »»

Your Highness - Review

Not the stoner comedy the title suggests, but still an irreverent fantasy. »»

New Red Band Your Highness Trailer Brings More Cursing and Nudity

A washed-up baseball player, an Oscar co-host and a Black Swan get medieval in this new red band trailer. »»

Full Conference Lineup Announced for SXSW

Panelists include Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Michel Gondry, and Danny McBride! »»

James Franco And Danny McBride Are Going Medieval!

James Franco is joining Danny McBride in Your Highness, the Universal Pictures comedy to be directed by David Gordon Green who also directed the duo in Pineapple Express. No, it's not another pot movie. »»

Jump Aboard the Pineapple Express on January 6th!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will give fans the option of owning the David Gordon Green-directed/Judd Apatow-produced stoner action/comedy, Pineapple Express, on either Single Disc Rated/Unrated, 2-Disc Unrated Edition (includes rated cut), or Blu-ray. Pineapple Express stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as ganja-lovin' buddies who go on the run after one witnesses a murder. Also starring Rosie Perez, Gary Cole, and Danny McBride. Hop aboard the Pineapple Express on January 6th. »»

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