A Penny For Your Thoughts On The Joker & Batgirl's Really Awkward Week At DC Comics

This past week our favourite merry mirthful madman of mayhem The Joker made news twice... »»

Wednesday Comments – Cyborg: One Step Forward…

On the surface Vic Stone came out pretty well with The New 52, but.... »»

A Penny For Your Thoughts on Arrow 03x15 - Nanda Parbat Review With Spoilers; This Week On Batman, Er, I Mean Arrow...

What little in this episode that irked me was heavily outweighed by all the awesomeness. »»

A Penny For Your Thoughts On Gotham 1x17 Red Hood Review With Spoilers; HOLY (insert expletives here)

This episode of Gotham includes a ridiculously graphic scene of Jada Pinket-Smith as Fish Mooney gouging her own left eye out with a goddamned teaspoon and then stomping on it. »»

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