NYCC 2011 Coverage: Young Justice Action Figures

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Mattel!! Check out the images below of the new Young Justice figures! This is the first look at a 6" Batman, as well as Sports »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: DC Universe Classics Action Figures

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Mattel!! Check out the images below of DC Universe Classics! Series 20 will include Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Reverse Flash, Haw »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: DC Action League Figures

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Mattel!! Check out the images below of the DC Action League figures on display. For much more NYCC coverage, check out our NYC »»

Review Batwoman #2 by J.H. Williams & W. Haden Blackman

I read and reviewed Batwoman #1 last month, and I really enjoyed it. I was familiar with the character from the 52 mini-series a few years ago, but more familiar with the depiction of Kate Kane from the pen of Greg Rucka. But I was also extremely imp »»

Scott Reviews The DC New 52: Week 3

The one and only Scott Keith weighs in on the DC Comics Relaunch! »» Subscriptions Back on Sale, Now Including Masters of the Universe Classics 30th Anniversary posted the following on their website on re-opening the subscription period: If you haven't yet heard the news, the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription is going forward for 2012, with Metron as the oversized club-exclu »»

Batman Legacy 2-Packs Series 3 Outted by Toys R Us? Ra's Al Ghul & Catwoman?

On the listing for the Batman & Two-Face 2-Pack on, they have the following listed as the description: Celebrating one of the greatest superheroes of all time, the Legacy 2-Pack action figures takes its inspiration from Batman™ films »»

Official Images of DC Universe Classics 20!

Here are the official proto pics of the last of the DCUC! Series 20 is due out in January 2012. -Green Arrow -Hawk -Dove -Red Arrow -Reverse Flash -Flash (White Lantern) -Sinestro (Sinestro Corp) [gallery=1541] »»

New Images of DC Universe Batman Legacy 2-Packs Series 2

Pictures of the new Batman Legacy 2-Packs have started to make the rounds. This time around we will see: -Batman & Honor Guard Joker (The Dark Knight) -The Joker & Robin (Batman: Arkham City) These are slated for November, but then again so w »»

In Stores Now: Batman Legacy Wave 1

The latest extension of the DC Universe line is hitting stores now! Check out the first wave of Batman Legacy. Batman Legacy Wave 1: -Batman -The Joker -Mr. Freeze [gallery=1419] Batman Legacy 2-Packs -Batman & Jim Gordon (Batman Begi »»

In Stores Now: DC Universe 4 & 6 Young Justice

Head on out to your local stores to find the first 2 assortments of Young Justice from Mattel. You will find the first wave of 4" figures, that include pieces of a Collect & Connect Hall of Justice. Also, the first 2 6" figures that include tons of »»

In Stores Now: DC Universe Classics Series 17 (Blackest Night)

Here are the in-package shots of DC Universe Series 17. To me, this is a bit of a bittersweet wave for me, as I would much rather see the heads of the Lantern Corps (Larfleeze anyone?!?) then the Deputies, especially now that DC Universe will be sca »»

SDCC 2011: DC Universe Action Figure Gallery (DC Universe Classics, JLU, Young Justice & More)

Pulse Figures is on the scene at San Diego Comic-Con 2011! Keep it here for all the action figure images from this years event! Check out the images below of the new DC figures, including the end of DC Universe Classics & JLU, and the beginning o »»

SDCC: Mattel DC Universe Panel News (DC Universe Series 20, Young Justice, JLU & More)

Here is the DC Universe figure news from the DC/Mattel Panel at SDCC DC Universe Classics: -DC Universe 20 will be the last DCU Wave at retail (Green Arrow, Hawk, Dove, Reverse Flash, Red Arrow, White Lantern Flash, a TBD Sinestro Corp member wit »»

Mattel Announces DC Universe Classics Subscription For

Mattel has revealed that they will be testing the waters of a DC Universe subscription on With the all-new 2012 Club Infinite Earths, the DC Universe becomes part of the Mattel subscription family for the first time. While yo »»

In Stores Now: Releases For July 15 (Justice League Unlimited, Masters of the Universe)

Here are the figures released today on at Noon EST. DC Universe: Justice League Unlimited -S.T.R.I.P.E. Masters of the Universe Classics -Clawful (Club Eternia Subscription Figure) -Buzz Off MattyCollector All-Star Sale »»

SDCC 2011: Entertainment Earth & Toys 'R' Us Exclusive DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker from Mattel

Toys “R" Us Captures Collectors' Consciousness in Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 at Comic-Con International in San Diego A Special Selection of Official Show Exclusives and First-to-Buy Opportunities Makes Toys “R" Us Items “Must-Haves" »»

Mattel DC Universe Classics Batman Legacy Wave 2 Catman & Bat Mite Images

Since Batman Legacy was announced back at Toy Fair, Mattel has slowly revealed Wave 2. Batgirl & Golden Age Batman have been set for sure, and now it looks like Catman is signed, sealed & delivered. The Batman also looks like it will come packed wit »»

E3 2011: DC Direct & Mattel Batman: Arkham City Figures Shown Off

At this year's E3 in Los Angeles, Batman: Arkham City is a huge topic, as we gear up for the new game. Along with that, DC Direct & Mattel will both have figures based on characters from the game. Below you can see images of Joker, Scarface & Harle »»

Blu-ray Review: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

What makes this movie fly so high is how it strikes that perfect balance for both the new viewer and the long-time fan. »»

First Look At DC Universe Classics Series 19 (Justice Society of America)

The line-up & images for DC Universe Classics Series 19 have been unleashed! It looks like this wave will be centered around the Justice Society of America. -Hawkman -Lord Naga -Magog -Sandman -Stargirl -The Atom Get all 6 figures, you ca »»

In Package Images Of New DC Universe Classics 2-Packs (Joker & Harley Quinn, Black Adam & Shazam)

Japanese sellers, has listings for the 2 newest DC Universe 2-Packs. -Harley Quinn & Joker -Black Adam & Captain Marvel There is no timeline for a release here in the US, but fall would be likely. [gallery=1470] »»

First Look At Young Justice In Package

Here are some of the first shots of Young Justice in the packaging. These are images of the 4" figures 4" Single Figures: -Speedy -Aqualad -Icicle Jr. -Kid Flash 4" Double Packs: -Aquaman & Aqualad -Batman & Robin -Flash & Kid Flash - »»

In Stores Now: Releases For May 16 (Green Lantern & He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Classics)

Here are the figures being released today on Masters of the Universe Classics -Catra (Club Eternia Monthly Figure) -She-Ra (New Legs to use with upcoming Swift Wind) -Stratos -Whiplash (UPDATE: Whiplash's shipment was dela »»

In Package Images Of DC Universe Classics Series 17 Blackest Night

Here are the in package shots of DC Universe Series 17. This wave is themed behind the very popular & successful 'Blackest Night' storyline. Figures will be in stores in late May. -Hal Jordan (White Lantern/Black Lantern 50/50 Split) -Wonder Wo »»

Up Close Look At DC Universe Classics Swamp Thing SDCC 2011 Exclusive

Mattel has released images of their Swamp Thing exclusive for SDCC 2011. This figure features articulation on the inside of the skin (with the obvious exceptions of shoulder & hips). While I think this idea works for Swamp Thing, I can not help but »»

More Details On Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives, Including Young Justice & Masters of the Universe

Over at, Mattel has revealed its entire roster of SDCC Exclusives, including many not shown on Thursday's "Attack of the Show" premier on G4. Hot Wheels Back to the Future Vehicle ($35) We're pretty sure Doc Brown himself would »»

In Stores Now: Releases For April 15 (Masters of the Universe, Cars, Superman)

Here are the figures going on sales today on Masters of the Universe Classics -Sy-Klone (Club Eternia Monthly Figure) -Panthro (Club Eternia Quarterly Figure) -Moss Man -Weapon's Rack Retro-Action DC SuperHeroes -Sinest »»

In Stores Now: DC Universe Classics Wave 16 (Bane, Robin, Azrael & More)

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 has finally hit stores! The basic assortment features: -Azrael Batman -The Creeper -Jonah Hex -Mercury of the Metal Men -The Riddler -Robin (with Varant head) If you get each of the figures, you will have all »»

DC Universe Classics Reveal Of Karate Kid From Legion 12-Pack

Here is an image of Karate Kid from the upcoming Legion 12-Pack, which will only be available on This is the latest reveal, with the announcement that they plan having the entire Legion box set available in November. The ent »»

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