Wednesday Comments – Dan Didio attacks, Kevin Smith spoils, Jeff Lemire convinces, Paul Cornell entertains, Wildcats 3.0 and Allison Mosshart rocks

Want to read about the San Diego Comic Con from someone who wasn't there? Who wouldn't? Read, rinse and repeat. »»

Weekly Round-Up #34 with Hot Wire, American Vampire, Hellboy, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne, & more

Best Comic of the Week: Hotwire: Deep Cut #1 by  Steve Pugh I loved the first Hotwire mini-series, Requiem for the Dead, and am very happy to see that the title has returned for another three issues. Alice Hotwire is your typical smart-ass recalci »»

Awesome extended DCU Online trailer - Two words: "Just Wow"

I'm NOT a gamer, but this trailer is AMAZING! DCU Online fans rejoice. "Who Do You Trust" debuts in November. »»

Countdown to Final Crisis comments by Sean McKeever

So, editorial had a heavy hand in this maxi-series? :) »»

The Gold Standard Shopping List 7/28/10

Check out my list for the week »»

Aaron Lopresti takes on art AND writing chores on DC's Weird Worlds?

DC gets weird... and another "new" artist-writer takes on a DC project. So, uh, what exactly is Weird Worlds? »»

Weekly Round-Up #33 With Scott Pilgrim, The Walking Dead, And More!

There was never going to be any doubt what my choice for the best comic of this week (if not this half of the year) was going to be, even in a week with an entry as strong as the 75th issue of The Walking Dead.  It truly is Scott Pilgrim's Finest Ho »»

Swamp Thing return to DCU linked to Brightest Day, Weird Worlds, or ???

When and where do YOU think Swamp Thing will return in? »»

R.E.B.E.L.S. and Jonah Hex "safe" at DC despite low sales

More R.E.B.E.L.S. and Hex books for fans. But, how does DC make these decisions anyway if sales aren't always the golden rationale? »»

Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns to team-up in 2011

Two DC powerhouses collaborate in 2011.... and the internet quaked! But what could this MYSTERY PROJECT be? »»

Geoff Johns hints at upcoming Aquaman themed event

Green Lantern. Check! Flash. Check! Aquaman? Check back soon? »»

This Week In The Forums: DC's Real Trinity

What's went on this week? »»

Spoiler Warnings: Who Dies in Brightest Day #6 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi?

Of all the aliens to get rid of it had to be a cute one, didn't it? »»

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