DVD Review: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Stingers and Zingers

The recent roast of Justin Bieber was a let down since what's the point of roasting a performer whose already a burn out case? A roast should catch fire on someone in their prime. When Dean Martin roasted guests, they were on the verge of historic mo »»

DVD Review: Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection

If the Supreme Court had approved people getting to marry DVD sets, I'd be Mrs. Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection. »»

Disc News: Clips from Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection

Back in the '70s and early '80s, people didn't have to wait all year for a disappointing celebrity roast. They popped up every few weeks with Dean Martin as the host of these all-star festivities. Major stars found themselves being lovingly mocked by »»

The Lucy Show (The Official Fourth Season) - DVD Review

The Lucy Show: The Official Fourth Season gives us a streamlined show with a woman not held back by family issues. »»

Disc News: Dean Martin Sways Back To DVD

The very best of The Dean Martin Show heading to DVD courtesy of Time-Life. »»

Ocean's 11: 50th Anniversary - Blu-ray Review

The film is pure macho. The talk between the Rat Packers about what they’ll do with their fortunes won’t go over well with sensitive ears. »»

Vega$: The Second Season, Volume 1 - DVD Review

Vega$: The Second Season, Volume 1 confirms what makes this series so addictive. Dan Tanna is the greatest character Michael Mann (Heat) has ever created. »»

The Lucille Ball Specials - DVD Review

Lucille Ball was a regular fixture on TV from 1951 to 1974. Her broadcasting dynasty included three different sitcoms (I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show and Heres Lucy) with her playing a crazy redhead named Lucy. After wrapping up her last series, she ma »»

Top 10 Least Irritating Jerry Lewis Films - Lounge List

There are few actors that create a pure schism in viewers than Jerry Lewis. Critics declare his comedies as a form of torture that even a hardcore neocon wouldn't approve. Fans view him as a comic genius. Odds are high that the folks in the second category speak French. Jerry was an innovator in cinema with his work in video assist and portable Nagra sound recording decks. Where would independent film be without those two tools? The man deserves a little respect. In honor of the comedian's tireless work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon, the fine folks at The DVD Lounge's Department of Polling figured out the Top 10 Least Irritating Jerry Lewis Films. »»

Money From Home - DVD Review

There are few people who truly captured the colorful underworld characters that populated Manhattan better than Damon Runyon. He understood their lingo, rackets and dreams. His stories became the basis for Guys and Dolls and The Lemon Drop Kid. The sports reporter knew the game, the players and the hustlers when he arrived at the race track. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were at the top of their game when they hit the stables with a script based on Runyon's material. Money From Home was sure thing for the duo. »»

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