Disc News: Yankeeography: Pinstripe Legends loads the bases

Even though the New York Yankees wear black and white uniforms, the greatest of the Bronx Bombers are exceptionally colorful on and off the field. These characters are what makes the YES network's Yankeeography compelling viewing even if you despise »»

MLB Baseball: Derek Jeter: Yankees' Mr. 3000

The Captain has done it. In the third inning of the Yankees-Rays game, David Price gave up a home run to Jeter Saturday.  Jeter enters the illustrious 3000 hit club, as its 28th member. Being the 1st ever in Yankee history to attain this incredibl »»

Official Images Of McFarlane SportsPicks MLB Series 27

Here are the official images of SportsPicks MLB 27 from McFarlane Toys. -Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees) -Derek Jeter 5 (New York Yankees) -Tim Lincecum (San Francisco Giants) -Joe Mauer 2 (Minnesota Twins) -Dustin Pedroia 2 (Boston Red S »»

MLB - Hank Steinbrenner: The New York Yankees Too Busy Building Mansions

Hank Steinbrenner continues his feud with live microphones by idly wondering if too many players on the team were too busy building mansions last season to win a title. This also extends the increasingly odd feud between Derek Jeter and the Yankees »»

The Big Orange Guy's Top 5 Things About the South Atlantic League

With another week ahead of us, I have decided to bring another minor league onto your screen.  Last week, I introduced you all to the Carolina League.  The Carolina League is an Advanced A League and this week, I will stay in the same region of the »»

Wild Pitch: The Top Five People

For this week's article I will focus on all of the major sports and their top figures.  It's very similar to one of the Sportscenter summer "filler" features when there is nothing to talk about but baseball and Brett Favre.  And now the top five mo »»

The Big Orange Guy's Top 5 - Remembering Bob Sheppard

Being from New York and having attended well over 200 Yankee games in my lifetime, I know the beauty and grace of the voice known as Bob Sheppard. In a world where the PA Announcers will yell and scream to get your attention, Bob Sheppard used to sa »»

My American League All-Star Team

Note: All statistics were as of 4pm eastern on June 17, 2010. First Baseman – The battle of All-Star first baseman is split between two players, Justin Morneau and Miguel Cabrera. Morneau, of the Twins, is hitting .344 with 13 home runs and 43 ru »»

30 Teams in 30 Days: New York Yankees Roundtable

Our guest bloggers are Matt Seybold from The Sporting Hippeaux, Greg Fertel from Pending Pinstripes, Gregg Snyder from Double G Sports, and Lisa Swan from Subway Squawkers. Question 1 - Who has more upside: Joba or Hughes? Jeff: Personally, I thin »»

30 Teams in 30 Days: New York Yankees Preview

New York Yankees – American League East 2009 Record: 103-59, 1st Place in American League East, World Series Champions, Defeated the Philadelphia Phillies (4-2) 2009 Review: The New York Yankees finished 2009 winning the World Series, winning »»

The Baseball Outsider - Mets, Cubs, Yankees and 36 Points

The Mets have decided that they will lower their centerfield wall from 16 feet to 8 feet. They are assuming that lowering this fence will increase the number of home runs hit at CitiField. However, it is their lineup that needs improvement. More h »»

Team of the Decade: New York Yankees

Earlier in the month, I declared the New York Yankees as the Team of the Decade. Now, I will be presenting to you the Team of the Decade for the Team of the Decade. As the staff at IP have declared our favorite teams to one another, the Yankees hav »»

Baseball Milestones: 2010 and Beyond

One of the most exciting things about the baseball season is seeing which players can reach those big milestones, the ones that can almost guarantee a spot in Cooperstown—or at least, an indelible spot in our memories. 300 wins. 500 home runs. 3,00 »»

MLB: Best Games of the Decade

Looking back upon the last 10 years, there have been a lot of great games.  It was very tough to narrow it down to the list below.  As you will no doubt notice, most of the games had a potentially huge impact on the postseason and changed the outlo »»

2009 World Series Highlight Film - DVD Review

First, a disclaimer, I hate the freaking Yankees. They know why. »»

The Roundtable

Welcome to the Roundtable - a new reoccuring column. The background of this is simple - a group of guys at work e-mailing about various topics, most notably sports. A lot of times, the conversations are comic gold; other times they spark good debat »»

Yankeeography: The Captains Collection - DVD Review

The New York Yankees are considered the elite team in baseball. Every year the Steinbrenner family opens up their vault and grabs the top free agents. Of all the superstars that have entered their stadium, only 7 men have been named captain of the Bronx Bombers from 1935 until today. Yankeeography: The Captains Collection presents 45 minute biographies on the men that led their teammates onto the field. »»

The New York Yankees: The Essential Games of Yankee Stadium - DVD Review

There is no major league ballpark that dominated the post-season more than Yankee Stadium. In the 85 years since the construction of "The House Ruth Built," it's been a playoff destination nearly half of those seasons. Twenty-six World Series titles have been claimed by the Yankees. The dominating structure meets the wrecking ball after this October since it doesn't have enough luxury boxes. Next season a new and improved Yankee Stadium will open its doors. The New York Yankees: The Essential Games of Yankee Stadium lets fans remember the glory of the Bronx Bombers from Thurman Munson to Reggie Jackson to Derek Jeter. There's also plenty of nightmares for players and fans that despised pinstripes. The six games presented in this box set are from Yankee Stadium after the major renovations that took place in the mid-'70s. »»

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