Olympus Has Fallen - Review (2)

Yippee ki-yay, Mr. President. »»

Olympus Has Fallen - Review

Die Hard in the White House »»

Fox Celebrates Die Hard's 25th Anniversary With New Blu-ray Release

Die Hard series gets a new Blu-ray set that ties in with the theatrical release of A Good Day to Die Hard. »»

Video Of The Day: Twi-Hard: With A Vengeance

Sorry, Ambassador, John McClane has too much on his mind to save your ass. »»

Official U.S. Trailer For Sleepless Night Sports Action, Kick-Ass-a-tude

Described as a mix of Die Hard and Taken, Sleepless Night makes its American theatrical debut this summer! »»

Fantastic Fest '11: Sleepless Nights - Review

Stolen drugs lead to a long night in a nightclub »»

John Moore Selected To Helm Die Hard 5

A mainstay for the 20th Century Fox already, Moore beat out several contenders including one surprise. »»

Liam Neeson Agrees to Reprise Role for Taken 2

"Liam Neeson: action star" continues »»

Deal Alert: Die Hard Collection Blu-ray Only $25

A deal that will make you go Yippee-Kay-Yay. »»

I Am Number Four - Review

The Last of the Loriens. »»

Movie Poster Of The Week: Tim Doyle's Apocalypse Now

Austin-area artist Tim Doyle gets the spotlight in this week's column for his Australian-released movie poster. »»

Disc Deals and Steals: Machete and Predictions for 2011

A good week if you're a Robert Rodriguez fan. »»

DIE HARD Director John McTiernan is Going to Jail

Well that's what he gets for making Rollerball »»

Bruce Willis Discusses Red and the next Die Hard

Is 55 too old to know what a TV dinner feels like? Let's find out. »»

The Expendables - Review

Wussies not allowed. »»

Family Matters: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

Urkel became a geek version of The Fonz on Family Matters, except he had no game with the ladies. »»

Bruce Willis In Negotiations For Die Hard 5

Well at least they're not doing Rambo 5. What, they are? Damn. »»

John McClane to Die Hard Again

How can the same thing happen to the same guy twice, no three times, no four, wait how many times has it been again? »»

Monday Morning Critic 3.15.2010 - My continuing adventures in offensive hilarity, four star endings and a getting shoved into a Locker.

On tap this week: My continuing adventures in offensive hilarity, four star endings and a getting shoved into a Locker. And slightly much more! »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Hulk smashes the iPhone of Cops

A new Hulk movie? I'd buy that for a dollar! »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Mafia Wars and Marines

Bad Movie of the Week — The Marine 2 »»

Making Movie History: Christmas Favorites Revisited

Merry Christmas to all...and to all an I'm baaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! »»

The SmarK DVD Rant for 12 Rounds

I'll just say that if you can get over the plot ripped out of Die Hard with the villain from Speed and the Big Twist Montage from Saw and John Cena's brutally wooden acting style, this is an enjoyable enough use of two hours that probably won't feel like a total waste of time. »»

12 Rounds - Review

Proof that there’s a Die Hard for Dummies book out there »»

Making Movie History: I'm Dreaming...Of Christmas Favorites

Yeah yeah, so the holidays are over and this is a Christmas list, but it's being done for a reason. My sporadic column is now going to be done on a weekly basis and you'll be seeing me here every single Friday. A lot of my favorite holiday films didn't make so many of the "Top Christmas Films" lists I saw throughout the month of December and that bugged me so it's only right that I stand up for them. It's probably because some of them don't fit the criteria of a Christmas, but I know they at least put me in the spirit. »»

The Lounge List - 8 Laws of Science, Nature and Common Sense Broken by the Die Hard Franchise

Now, I love John McClane as much as the next guy. The original Die Hard trilogy formed an indelible part of my movie-going experience in my teen years, like Back to the Future or the Star Trek movies. And heck, I even really enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard, which I picked up for $10 from Future Shop and felt I had underpaid after seeing it, because it's a tremendously entertaining movie »»

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