Disc News: Fast & Furious 6 Detailed For Blu-ray

The $788 million worldwide hit to be released in limited edition collectible Steelbook packaging. »»

Disc News: Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Sparkles In September

For the Team Edward or Team Jacob in your life that has everything Twilight. »»

Disc News: Bonus Features For MST3K: 25th Anniversary

Shout! Factory reveals the extras for the upcoming MST3K: 25th Anniversary Tin collection. »»

Disc News: Complete Dean Martin Roasts Collection In Sept.

This holiday season keep grandma out of the kitchen. Let Dean Martin do the roasting instead! »»

Disc News: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Launches 25th Anniversary Collection

Four new to DVD titles comprise the MST3K 25th Anniversary Collection! »»

Disc News: Final Season Of The Dick Van Dyke Show Out On Blu-ray

Press release for today's release of The Dick Van Dyke Show. »»

Disc News: Check Into The Bates Motel In September

A&E's hit show will have vacancies on DVD and Blu-ray this fall. Full details inside. »»

Disc News: Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk Pounds September

Can you feel the pounding and the slicing already? »»

Disc News: Warner Bros. Announces Extended Edition Of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Warner Bros. prepping extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for November. »»

Disc News: Twilight Zone's Last Two Seasons Up Ahead

For those who thought the complete Twilight Zone box set was too expensive, click inside to see when you'll be able to own the season that features the famous William Shatner/"There's something on the wing" episode. »»

Disc News: Under the Dome Covers Home Video In November

CBS Entertainment prepping DVD and Blu-ray releases of Stephen King's Under the Dome. »»

Disc News: Dexter Wraps Up With A Complete Set This November

Everyone's favorite serial killer with a conscience to get two different elaborate box sets in time for Thanksgiving. »»

Disc News: Scream Factory Wows San Diego Comic-Con With New Title Announcements

Genre label of Shout! Factory has some big titles in store for late 2013 and 2014. »»

Disc News: Pee-wee's Playhouse Coming to Blu-ray

Big news from the San Diego Comic-Con, Shout! Factory releasing a digitally restored Pee Wee's Playhouse. »»

Disc News: Power Rangers Legacy Boxed In December

Shout! Factory plotting to box up the first 20 years of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers just in time for Christmas. »»

Disc News: Curse of Chucky Unboxes In October

The Good Guy doll is back yet again to be your friend to the end. Full press release inside. »»

Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition Dated For Blu-ray

Warner Bros. announces release date and special extras for UCE release of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga. »»

Disc News: The Bruce Lee Legacy Collection Brings Bruce to Blu-ray

Arriving this August, this collection should be the center piece of any home dojo. »»

Disc News: Dobie Gillis Finally Finds DVD Love

Shout! Factory to release one of the most wanted TV shows to DVD this summer. »»

Disc News: Cheech and Chong Get Animated For 4/20

Cheech and Chong might as well get credited for turning April 20th into an unofficial holiday. »»

Disc News: Identity Thief Swipes Onto Blu-ray This June

The first big hit of 2013 coming to Blu-ray this summer. »»

Disc News: Titles Leaked Out For 27th Volume Of MST3K

Hope you like slime people and giants. »»

Side Effects Announced For Blu-ray

Steven Soderbergh thriller coming to DVD and Blu-ray May 21st. »»

Lincoln Blu-ray Dated and Detailed

Steven Spielberg's historical drama coming to Blu-ray March 26th. »»

Jack Reacher Blu-ray Announced

Tom Cruise's latest action heroics arriving to Blu-ray this May. »»

Disc News: Futureworld Blasts Onto Blu-ray

Shout! Factory going to the weird, wild west this March. »»

From the Inside - 10 Questions With Alpha Males Experiment Star Paul Alessi

It'd been so long since I'd thrown Knuckle Draggers into my DVD player that I nearly forgot that I still owned the screener.  Oddly enough I had to track it down from the handful of friends who I'd loaned it to over the years; it was with my buddy N »»

Press Release - Alpha Males Experiment, Formerly Knuckle Draggers, Finds Its Way To DVD Tuesday

A movie I reviewed several years ago finally gets an official DVD release. »»

Disc News: Scream Factory Scares April With Vampires And Comets

Info on the upcoming releases Lifeforce and The Vampire Lovers. »»

Warner Bros. Announces Argo Blu-ray

Ben Affleck's third directorial effort to arrive the day after President's Day in 2013. »»

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