DR. TNA: 5 Guys TNA Must Push Even After They Arrive

Even the haters have got to grant TNA that they are promoting this well. Following the Matt Hardy debut and the Mr. Anderson title match, we heard a lot of criticism over the lack of promotion for these two events. Frankly, that criticism was at least somewhat deserved. The lack of promotion for Matt Hardy’s debut I can attribute to wanting a surprise for the PPV. However, the Heavyweight Title changing hands without fans knowing there would even be a match is not a method for success that this doctor would prescribe. »»

DR. TNA: The Times They are a Changing

by David Roberts It’s been a while since the good doctor checked in and I apologize for that.  Mrs. DR and I recently added a little guy to the family.  Everything is going well with both of them, but I fell behind on the TNA scene an »»

DR. TNA: Five Random Questions

by David Roberts As I was watching this week’s iMPACT, five questions came to mind.  I don’t necessarily have answers for all, or really any, of them.  However, I found them interesting, so I thought I’d share them with »»

DR. TNA: That Ref is SUCH an a**hole

If you follow TNA, by now you have certainly heard that Mr. Anderson is the special guest referee for the Jeff Hardy – Matt Morgan match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I must admit, I was in the same boat as at least one of the doctor’s readers in thinking that Douglas Williams could have been the guy. That said, this is the person who makes the most sense – and by most sense, I mean it is a no brainer. »»

DR.TNA: Final Resolution Results (if I was in charge)

In my most humble opinion, while TNA has not had perfect programming as of late, they have put together what could be some very good rivalries. They have also set up a quality PPV on December 5. One that could set up some of their best young stars in such a manner that they can truly begin to take the reins of the company – one of the few things on which TNA supporters and detractors seem to agree should happen. Given that, I thought we would take a look at what would happen in some key matches if DR. TNA was booking Final Resolution. »»

DR TNA: A TNA Driveby

Rather than dive into one or two topics, I am going to touch on several that I have found interesting as of late. Without further ado.. »»

DR. TNA: Send the Fans Home Happy

Three weeks. Three weeks is the amount of time it took for TNA to do what I, and I suspect others, were afraid they would not be able to do after they shifted so much of their talent to the heel side of the equation – send their fans home happy. »»

DR. TNA: Immortal, but not Invincible - Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy

Admittedly the headline for this week’s column seems a bit odd given that this Thursday’s iMPACT featured the Immortal/Fortune faction winning every match in which they participated. However, before dismissing the notion, hear me out. »»

DR. TNA: The Good, the Bad and the Not so Ugly of Thursday’s iMPACT

I have prescribed patience at times and that other times have called for an outright overall in the creative department of TNA. This week’s prescription is to carefully monitor and if symptoms do not improve, consider treatment. »»

DR. TNA: They’re Heeerrrre - On Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy & Immortal

When last I wrote a DR. TNA column: Abyss was an outcast; Jeff Hardy was loved by nearly all TNA fans; Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan were working together; and Hogan and Flair were feuding. What a difference a week makes…. »»

DR. TNA: Hulk Hogan, Foley, Bound for Glory

While I felt that the last couple iMPACTs were heavily focused on a possible “They”/WolfPac feud, this week’s iMPACT seemed to move several story lines. Because of this, combined with the fact that Bound for Glory is right around the corner, I felt that perhaps a collection of thoughts addressing as many of these story lines as possible would be in order. For lack of a better word, one could call them…musings. »»

DR. TNA: The Groundwork for Bound for Glory

The Chris Biscuiti theory is still in play. Last week I discussed the rumor that Chris brought to my attention which speculated that Hogan and Bischoff were “they” and that the Wolfpac was turning face at Bound for Glory. After watching last week, I was impressed that this could in fact be happening. »»

DR. TNA - Who are “they”? Part II

As you may remember, one of my first columns asked the question: who are “they”?. Recently, one of my colleagues, Chris Biscuiti, shared an interesting rumor with me, as to the answer of that question. When I first pondered it, I became immediately intrigued, but rumors are rumors. One never knows how vested a person should become in a suggestion that cannot be validated. However, as I watched iMPACT this week, I couldn’t help doing it through a lens looking to see if the ground work was being laid for just such a scenario. »»

DR. TNA - No More Shades of Grey (at least in one rivalry)

No not THAT "shades of grey..." »»

DR TNA: The Holding Pattern

I feel that TNA has operated a bit like it has been in a holding pattern these last few weeks. If you doubt this and are a regular watcher, quickly tell me the most news worthy event that has unfolded since EV 2.0 first stormed the ring. »»

DR TNA: The Return

Let me apologize for my absence. DR and MRS TNA had to take some time away, and while my vote was to continue our weekly discussion. MRS TNA was not so keen on the idea. As a friend of mine is keen on saying: “happy wife, happy life.” That said, I have caught up on everything I have missed, which was pre-HARDcore Justice, through this past week’s iMPACT. »»

DR TNA: 4 Life…again?

Was Thursday night the relaunch of the nWo under the Wolf Pack name? Perhaps. »»

DR TNA: Mind the “Seven Ps”

When I was in college I had a professor who was fond of stressing the “seven Ps” – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The lesson of the saying, of course, is that if you put in the proper preparation you will avoid many of the embarrassing short falls that can plague those who do not do that preparatory work. TNA would be wise to hire my former professor to simply follow their creative department everywhere they go and remind them of this fact. »»

DR TNA: iMPACT Makes Me a Day Dreamer

Admittedly, while I like a good hard core match, I’ve never been one to tune in for an entire evening of it. That said, if you read last week’s column, you will remember that I released a public letter asking Dixie Carter to shake up her creative team. Now, I understand it’s only for one night, but I appreciate her giving Dreamer a shot. Consider me officially hoping he makes a strong case for an encore. »»

DR. TNA: An Open Letter to Dixie Carter

As with any organization, if leadership is not looking to grow and improve the product, it will stagnate and eventually fail. You have the ability to ensure that this stagnation does not happen and thus I appeal to you to consider the suggestions that follow. I believe their consideration could improve your overall product, thus improving the fan experience, and ultimately the experiences of your employees. »»

DR. TNA: Maybe we need more Assholes?

I really hate to be that guy who finds a life lesson in scripted entertainment. However, I cannot ignore that Mr. Anderson directly telling Jeff Hardy that if he meant to hit Hardy with a chair, he would tell him because “he’s an asshole,” was happening at the same time that LeBron finally conveyed a decision to Cleveland that few people believe he had not known for some time. »»

DR. TNA: Welcome to the Congregation

The Pope, in my humble opinion, is one of the best young wrestlers out there today, in any organization. He has been absent from TNA in recent weeks and his return is nothing short of a blessing for TNA and their fans. He is the rare combination of athleticism and personality that is not often seen, yet is always in demand. »»

DR. TNA: Who are “they?”

I want to be clear that I do not take exception with Abyss's turn. In fact, I absolutely applaud it. What gives me pause is the way it is happening. »»

DR. TNA: Why I Watch TNA Wrestling (and why you should too)

My favorite segment in Thursday’s show was Jay Lethal on the mic going toe to toe with one of the best mic men ever, Ric Flair. If you haven’t seen these two yet, finish this column, then watch a clip of Lethal imitating Flair. It is spot on and it is hilarious. When the two of them go at it on the mic, you see Lethal, a young guy who just seems to genuinely love his job, matching up with a guy literally twice his age and a wrestling legend. »»

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