Drug Charges Dropped For El DeBarge

R&B singer El DeBarge has had drug changes against him dropped, due to insufficient evidence. Police had arrested DeBarge after catching him and another man doing a hand to hand narcotics transaction. DeBarge was released from police custody on $ »»

El DeBarge Arrested For Possession

R&B star El DeBarge was arrested for possession of drugs this morning, TMZ reports.  DeBarge was caught in the act of selling narcotics by undercover police officers, and was charged with possession with intent to sell.  He is currently out on »»

Snoop Dogg Arrested For Possession Of Weed

Here's a shocking development:  Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas for possession of medical marijuana.  Although he has a prescription for it in California, that bird don't hunt in Texas.  If convicted, he faces 180 days in jail, fo shizzle. »»

ATF Catches 70 In Phony Rap Label Sting

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have caught 70 bad guys by posing as a rap label in Washington, DC.  The authorities opened a phony record company office and put out word that they were looking for drugs and weapons for their rising star »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #118 – I Hear Motion

Sport happened. Horses ran. Cars crashed. Balls were hurtled. Marijuana was taken. A musician died. A dog was sexually abused. It’s been just another week here in Australian sport. »»

THE VIEW FROM DOWN HERE #116 – Rainy Day Women

Lots of sport results and then there’s the latest drugs in sport scandal. Just another week in the heady world of elite physical endeavour, I guess. »»

Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Charges, Will Avoid Jail Time

In the continuing legal issues of various Hollywood starlets, Paris Hilton has reportedly pleaded guilty to two drug bust-related misdemeanors this morning. Hilton was arrested on August 27 with possession of cocaine in her purse, which at the time s »»

Shocking Results Of Corey Haim's Autopsy!

Personally I'd request a second opinion, but whatever. »»

The View From Down Here #77 - End Of The Decade Special

It's the best of the Noughties in Australian sport! Countdown 25 to 1 and see what I thought was Australia's crowning sporting moment! »»

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Review

Being a Bad Lieutenant brings out the good in Nic Cage… »»

Pride and Glory - DVD Review

Talk about a new and different cop movie. This is it. In this cop movie, one of the cops is dirty and dealing drugs. Wait, what did you say? That's not new? That happens in almost every cop movie? Oh, well, in this one, the dirty cop is part of the family with the good cops. Oh, that's been done too? In the words of Spaulding, "Double Turds". »»

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Who knew being a pen pal could be so dangerous? Elementary school teachers used to promote the joys of writing letters to people. They would blather on about cultural outreach and making friends in distant lands via a stamp. But they never spoke of how a simple letter can lead to a career as a drug kingpin. Charles Cosby learned the hard way when he wrote a simple fan letter. Instead of scribbling his adoration to Marie Osmond, Bea Arthur or the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, he penned a missive to Griselda Blanco, the Godmother of Columbian cocaine distribution. Instead of receiving an autographed photo, she invited him to visit her in prison. Cosby's life was completely elevated when he passed through the bars. She was smitten with the small time dealer. Would he live to tell the tale of loving the Godmother who also was nicknamed the Black Widow? »»

Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again - DVD Review

There was a glorious time in Hollywood when cocaine fueled the film industry. Stars, directors, writers and producers felt naked without a touch of white powder around their nostrils. They didn't go out of their way promote the evils of the white lines. Nobody went to rehab or detox to reform their image. They'd snorted the bottom line to make comic movies about cocaine. Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again should have a special thanks to Peru and Bolivia. The pitch for this thing was probably done over a mirror in Studio 54 with someone saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if instead of Dr. Jekyll drinking a potion, he snorted blow to become Hyde?" »»

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