Monday Morning Critic - The Puzzling Career of the Wachowskis and the Boom or Bust Potential of Jupiter Ascending

The interesting thing about the upcoming weekend in film, other than whether or not American Sniper will continue to run roughshod over a lackluster early year box office, is that of Jupiter Ascending. »»

Blu-ray Review: All The President's Men

All the President’s Men sometimes gets forgotten in the discussions of Taxi Driver, Network and Rocky over the years. When all is said and done it might’ve been the best of the four, as well. »»

DVD Review: Naked City: The Complete Series

Over half a century later, Naked City remains a top cop show. »»

Disc News: Naked City Boxed Up In November

There are eight million stories in the Naked City... this is all of them. »»

Blu-ray Review: Dick Tracy

With the release of Dick Tracy on Blu-ray, the movie finally has a chance to be properly appreciated after 22 years off the big screen. »»

Just Seen It TV Review: Luck - HBO Series Premiere [Video]

Dustin Hoffman leads an ensemble cast in this story about the world of horse racing. Taking place at a southern California race track, this show follows the lives of everyone involved, from the owners and jockeys to the gamblers who scratch out a liv »»

Monday Morning Critic - 9.19.11 - The Graduate, Taylor Lautner & Abduction

A DVD review of The Graduate and a glance at the Abduction of Taylor Lautner »»

Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs To Get 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Release

Peckinpah film to get Blu-ray treatment. »»

Kung Fu Panda 2 - Review

Energetic animation carries film over emotional sinkholes »»

Little Fockers - Review

Sequel to unfunny series of movies even less funny. »»

Teaser Trailer Smashes Online For Kung Fu Panda 2

Jack Black returns as a butt-kicking bear next May. »»

Trumbo - DVD Review

Nowadays people don’t care how much they lie to Congressional panels. Whether it be cheating industrialists, thieving bankers or steroid-enhanced baseball players, they take the oath and proceed to spread false claims or plead the Fifth Amendment. Even when they’re exposed, they don’t fear any punishment for their conduct. But in 1947, Congress had the ability to destroy a man’s life. Such was the fate of Dalton Trumbo and nine other screenwriters when they went before the House Un-American Activities Committee. They were looking to expose communists in showbiz. Trumbo is a creative documentary that details what Congress did to his career. »»

Last Chance Harvey - Blu-Ray Review

Starring some of the most beloved actors of our time, Last Chance Harvey reminds us that it’s never too late to find happiness. »»

DreamWorks Animation's Slate Through 2012

Five original projects and sequels for Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and Madagascar. »»

The Tale of Despereaux - DVD Review

While the book The Tale of Despereaux is a highly praised Newberry Award winning children’s book, the film is not of the caliber of its source material or the other films that it borrows from. »»

Last Chance Harvey - Review

Should you take a chance on Harvey? »»

Kung Fu Panda - Blu-ray Review

A lot of the time animated films can be hampered with their format, with action not really living up to a flesh and blood live action film, but this one manages to do to one better; Kung Fu Panda embraces animation in order to embellish its action, which is completely in keeping with the genre its emulating. »»

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